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Chapter Nineteen

I woke up to a constant beeping in my ears. I wanted to move and turn it off but I couldn’t seem to move any part of my body. It was like I was paralyzed and I had no idea as to why I was. Panic set in at this idea of being paralyzed. What if I could never move again! How was I supposed to have sex with Gio!?


The warehouse.

That’s when the real panic set in.

What if I had died in that warehouse. All I could remember was falling asleep while Gio held onto me, begging and pleading for me not to go but that was exactly what I did. I left him and now not only am I alone, but so is he. Oh god! My pops is alone now with my ma in the coma and Tommy dead. What did I get myself into!?

“Hey, baby. It’s been a month now and you still haven’t woken up. I’m starting to lose faith in you, you stupid Italian asshole,” I heard a strong yet struggling voice say from somewhere in the darkness. “I thought you were stronger than this and now look at you! You’re stuck in a stupid coma because you had to be the hero like always. Idiota.”

He did not just call me stupid! I was only protecting him! And what did he mean by ‘haven’t woke up’? Did that mean I was still alive!? Did I really have the chance to touch, kiss, and hold my little Gio in my arms again. Well, when I get all my body parts in working order.

“You said you would be okay,” he sobbed. “You said you would be strong for me.” My heart was breaking as Gio cried over me. I knew that he was hurting yet my body refused to comply with me and make him know I was awake. Or…sorta awake.

“Come back to me, Vincent. I swear I won’t complain about being a bottom anymore and I’ll even let you call me a girl! I swear baby. I swear,” I felt a hand clasp mine and a warmness went throughout my body. It was like he was anchoring me down. I felt myself slowly returning from the darkness until my eyes fluttered open and I was blinded by a bright light.

I looked down at where my hand was being held and got a head full of honey brown hair. I saw his shaking shoulders and couuldn’t take it anymore. “As long as I get to call you a girl,” I said in a under used, scratchy voice. Gio’s head popped up and I was met with a scary picture of Gio.

“Ahh!” I screamed. “You look like shit man.” Gio looked at me with annoyance in his eyes and I just grinned. “You know you missed me. I could hear it in your little speech, babe.” Gio turned a beautiful color of pink as he looked down.

“I want you to go back to sleep again,” he mumbled before all out launching at me. His arms wrapped around my neck as he crouched on the side of the hospital bed. “I’m kidding! I thought I was going to die without you, you fucking jackass! You just had to close your eyes!” I slowly wrapped my arms around him as he cried against my neck.

“I missed you so much,” he sobbed and that had me melting.

“Gio, I don’t remember anything but waking up just now, but I bet I missed you t-“ I was cut off when his lips crushed against mine. It was desperate and unorganized but I still almost melted from it. He always made me feel so hot on the inside.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked all of the boys. “Gio, we think it’s time you went home and took a shower because-“ Ralph started until he noticed me getting my face sucked on.

“He’s awake!” Angel said shocked and Sammy popped up right beside him with bags under his eyes just like Gio. I met his eyes as Gio finally separated himself from my mouth and he gave me a small smile. I smiled back before a hole lot of arms came around me.

“Guys, you’re killing me,” I said and they all just hugged tighter.

“We thought we lost you, oh fearless leader,” Leo said with a sniffle at the end.

“We were all so fucking worried, man,” Lucca said.

“I thought we were going to have to make Sammy the leader,” Georgie said with a grin. I just knew it.

“Don’t ever do that again,” Sammy said as he joined the hug. I just let them squeeze the life I had just gained back out of me until I felt nauseous.

“Why are you-“ I heard my pops’ familiar voice and looked up to see my ma and him walk in. They were holding hands and looked sad until my eyes met theirs.

“My bambino!” Ma cried and then she was cutting through all of the boys. She hugged me close and cried against me as I slowly rubbed circles on her back. It was so nice to see her up and around after having to witness her in a coma.

“I was so scared we lost you,” My pops said as he wrapped his arms around both of us. I sat in their embrace, trying to hold my emotions at bay. All the images of me shooting Alberto to death and then almost dying in gio’s arms made me feel…weird on the inside. I didn’t know whether to cry, laugh, or just stay numb.

“Baby?” Gio whispered and it was the that I noticed that my parents were gone as were everyone else in the room. Gio met my eyes and gave me a worried smile. “You remember what happened?” he asked. I nodded and watched as he climbed onto the bed with me. “Do you remember killing him?” I nodded again. “Why aren’t you talking!?”

I shrugged. That only made him growl and grabbed the back of my neck and make me stare into his eyes. “What’s the matter with you!?”

“He killed my little brother,” I said softly and Gio gasped. I saw his eyes go from angry to sad to angry again to worried. “He said he killed him because Tommy accused his pops of raping him. My pops killed his and then his ma killed herself so he ran away and promised to seek revenge and he got it! He killed my little brother, almost killed my ma, and then almost killed me. What if I hadn’t lived!? What of-“

Gio shut me up with his lips. “I love you,” he said and I watched as he straddled my lap, never releasing my face from his grip.

“Why are you saying you love me?” I asked as my hand went up his thighs to rest on his hips.

He smiled. “Because the last time I told you that, you were dying in my arms.” He hugged me and I set my head down on his chest before letting tears fall from my eyes. The tears were silent at first until he told me he loved me again and then I sobbed like a big fucking baby.

I was alive! I was alive and I had the love of my life back in my arms with my crazy ass family behind me and my boys and gio’s boy all safe from harm. My baby brother was lost in the fight but I knew he was up in heaven smiling down at me with that sparkle clear in his eyes. He was happy because I was happy and I had gotten my revenge for him and my family.

I laid Giovanni beside me and grinned. “You want to have hospital sex?” I asked with an eyebrow raised and a seductive look on my face. He just shook his head with a beautiful smile on his face.

“I love you, Vincent Alexandria Mussolini,” he said.

I smiled and kissed him right on the mouth. “I love you too, baby. Just don’t let that go to your head.” He slapped the side of my head but still laughed. We kissed and my world felt okay again. As long as I had Giovanni….everything was perfect.

“Forever and Always,” I whispered against his lips.

He smiled. “Forever and Always.”

The End

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