Land of the Unknown

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After the death of his mother, Emiliano Quinteras is on a mission to find who his father is. He joins the Regulators, a posse that works for businessman John Tunstall for this purpose. However, Emiliano would have never imagined being part of a love triangle between three women and a war between gangs. Emiliano will face life and death situations to find who his father is. Will Emiliano find his father? If he does, what will he do? Will he kill his father or let him live? This is his story.

Romance / Action
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Laureana Quinteras


The skies were cloudy, and it was about to rain. It held a sense of irony for a young woman who was eighteen. She had light tan skin; her eyes were light brown, her long curly hair was golden brown with soft red tips. She had an average waist, and her face was youthful and held beauty but had small scars that represented her survival of the pox.

She was visiting the grave of her older brother, Tomas, who was killed when he was only twenty-three years of age. Her brother was part of the Mexican Army. The war happened between the United States government and the Mexican Government.

The United States wanted the land that Mexico owned. The Mexican Government refused, which began the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. The war almost lasted for two years, but the Mexican Government had enough of the war. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was created between the two governments.

With the treaty signed, the land that Mexico once controlled now belonged to the United States. Many Americans were thrilled with the prospect of opportunities to own land; the distraught ones were the Mexican people. Many Mexican people owned land, and when the treaty was signed, the United States government assured the Mexicans that they had the right to go back to Mexico or stay in the United States. If Mexicans decided to remain in the United States, they would become U.S citizens. However, many Mexican people have stayed longer and still did not receive their citizenship.

Meanwhile, the young woman wiped her tears away in the cemetery as she looked at her brother’s tombstone. 1"Mamá y papá te extrañan. Desearía que estuvieras aquí, pero sabemos que moriste valientemente.” She kissed the tombstone and walked out of the cemetery.

As the young woman walked into the town, many people were in shops and going with their daily lives. There were not as many of her people as they used to be. Many were afraid of the uncertainty. However, she and her family owned land that grew corn and felt they could not leave it behind.

In the city, the young woman saw many new settlers who arrived. She eyed them with disdain. 2"Gringos,” she told herself. As the woman kept walking, she could not shake the feeling that someone was watching her; it bothered her. However, she tried to ignore the feeling.

“Ay, ye’ Mexican bitch! This is our land na’! Go to Mexico! Yer na’ wanted here!” yelled out a middle-aged white man.

The young woman ignored him and kept on walking. When the white man did not get the reaction he wanted, he got mud from the ground and threw it at her, hitting her in the face. Anger filled the woman’s being and glared at the man who was laughing but kept walking away. She walked farther away from the town, and she began to get the mud off her face.

The feeling of being watched has not faded; she stilled. Laureana heard footsteps behind her. She immediately turned around. Behind her stood a man. He was about six feet tall with a broad figure. He had a handsome face. His eyes were light blue as the clear sky; his skin was light beige. Some hairs were growing on his face; his hair was black and curly. He wore a plain white buttoned shirt with some dirt and the sleeves folded. He wore dark pants and dark leather boots.

“What do you want, Gringo?”

The man raised an eyebrow but smiled. “You can speak English? I’m impressed.”

“Of course, I speak the language of your people. Now what do you want?”

“I saw what happened. I wanted to see if you were alright?” He then got a handkerchief, walked closely, and motioned it to her. “Also, I am new to this town. I am meeting a family who wants to sell me their land. Would you give me the honor to show me around?”

The young woman only glared at him and began to walk away.


She stopped.

“May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?”

The young woman slowly turned her head, stuck out her tongue, and walked away. The man stood there motionless as he watched her going farther away. He could not help but chuckle.


The young woman made it to her home. The gates were opened. Her home was decent sized, for it also had a horse stable and storage for animal food and a small farmhouse for other animals.

Afar from the house were the fields that her family owned, and in it worked many Apache people. Before the United States government bought all the land, many of the Native people were considered Mexican citizens under the Mexican Government. In Mexican law, many indigenous people could own land and have rights. However, many Mexicans and native people lost their land with the United States in control. For the young woman and her family, they still had their land and kept the native workers safe, for now.

As the young woman entered her home, an older woman, who was sixty years of age, with black hair with many gray hairs combined, her skin was medium tan, her eyes were black, and there were wrinkles on her face and her arms and hands. “Hello, my child.”

“Hello, Etka.”

“Your mother wishes to speak to you.”

The young woman named Laureana looked at the older woman who looked to be worrited. “Ekta, did something happen?”

“I do not know, child. Your mother was full of distress. She and your father were speaking privately, and your mother came out with so many tears. She only informed me that she wishes to speak with you.”

“Where is my mama?”

“She is in the gardens.”

Laureana ran towards the gardens, and nervousness filled her being with every step she took. She tried to shake it off and tried to be positive, but it was pointless. When she arrived in the gardens, filled with many beautiful flowers that brought peace, whoever dwelled within it, now brought feelings of sadness and contempt.

The young lady walked to the center of the gardens. She saw her mother sitting on the dirt. Her hair was in disarray; her long prairie dress had some mud.

Laureana ran to her mother. 3 “Mamá, ¿qué pasó?”

4"Ay mija! ¡Hemos perdido nuestra tierra!”

So many thoughts went through Laureana’s head. Her heart was trying to pound out from her chest. Her mind was filled with confusion. 5"¿Cómo?”

“When the United States took control of the territories, the Government wanted proof that this land belongs to us! This land has belonged to your father’s family for years! They wanted proof! Your father has been in debt to keep the land and has no money left!”

Laureana’s eyes became wide. “Why wasn’t I told?”

6"¡Es el orgullo de tu padre!”

The young woman shook her head. She thought that she was going to cry, but no tears formed. All she felt was anger.

“Th-There is more.” Laureana’s mother took a deep breath. “Since your father is in debt and does not have money left. He has no other choice but to sell the land.”

“S-Sell the land!?

The older woman glared at her daughter. “We need money, foolish girl! How will we live without money!?”

Laureana looked at her mother, looking down at the mud, motionless. The young woman had always seen her mother as a strong woman, but seeing her in such a manner, made Laureana feel helpless.

“Someone has an interest in our land and is willing to buy it. Your father has invited the man for dinner!”

Laureana stood on her feet. 7"¡No puede ser verdad! Father can’t do this!” Before her mother could respond, Laureana ran out from the gardens and went towards her father’s study. Once there, she did not knock on the door. She instead entered without her father’s permission. She stilled once inside.

Her father was sitting by his desk, serving himself whiskey and drinking in silence. Laureana’s father, who always took pride in his appearance, looked terrible. His black hair, which was straight and well-combed, was in disarray. His light brown eyes looked dead to the world. His bow tie was undone, his clean white buttoned shirt had some whiskey stains.

When his daughter entered his study, he did not look or respond.

Laureana walked towards him. “Papa, is it true?”

“Your mother told you.”

“Of course she did! I would have known eventually!”

Her father let out a grunt.

“You invited the person who wants to buy our land!? How could you even think such a thing!?”

The older man then looked at his daughter. “We need the money; the man is willing to pay the price I am asking for.”

Laureana glared at her father .“I would rather have left everything than having the mere thought of that gringo sitting with us at the dinner table.”

The older man slammed his hand on his desk, making Laureana flinch. 8"¡Mocosa mimada! You will not speak to me in that manner! You will not question my decision! Now get out and prepare yourself for tonight’s dinner!”

Laureana’s body shook in rage, but she did not question her father anymore and got out of his study. Once out, she saw Ekta standing in the hallway, carrying a tray. Her eyes were wide as if she had seen a ghost. The older woman looked at Laureana. “Dear child, is it true?”

Laureana kept on walking from her father’s study, with Ekta in toe. As she got to her room, she fell onto the floor and began to breathe heavily. She began to pound the floor.

Ekta closed the doors, leaving them two alone. She knelt beside Laureana. “I heard everything, Miss Lauraena.”

“My father is too prideful to admit his wrongs. How could he invite the man to take the lands that belonged to my family for generations? I would rather die than do so.”

“Dear child, please do not say such things.”

“If Tomas were alive, father and mother would have listened to him. My brother was always the apple in their eyes, and now that he’s gone, they pretend that I don’t exist.”

The older woman gasped and put her hands on the young woman’s arms. “Miss. Laureana, do not say such things; your mother and father love you dearly! They are going through such a troubled time, for everything has been lost. They did not tell you, for they did not want you to worry.”

Laureana looked at Ekta, the woman who raised her. Tears began to form and dripped from her eyes. She laid her head on Ekta’s knees. “It is not just that, what of our workers? We have known them for so long. I see them as family; now that we have to sell the land, I worry what is going to happen to them.”

Ekta touched the young woman’s hair in a motherly manner. “You must not worry about us; our people have survived many difficult trials, we will survive yet again. You and your family have done so much for us, and we are forever grateful. Now you must worry for yourselves.”

It was silent between the two. “I wonder where we will go.”

“That question is for another time; you must prepare yourself for tonight’s dinner.”

Laureana could not help but flinch and slowly stood on her own two feet. “I cannot stand the thought of him sitting with us!”

Ekta also stood. “Pride must be set aside, my child. You have seen what pride can lead, do not fall to the same path, be better.”

The young woman stilled as she looked at her reflection from the window, watching the Native people working on the fields. She took a deep breath and let it out. “You are right. I saw that my father and mother have lost, but I refuse to lower myself like them.” She turned to the older woman and smiled. “Can you help me prepare my bath?”

“Of course.”


The skies were filled with darkness, thunder was heard throughout the night skies. Many people were in their homes.

Laureana and her family stood by the house entrance, awaiting their guest to arrive. Workers were no longer in the fields, for they went back to their homes. However, some in the household prepared dinner and made the house presentable. The three family members wore their finest clothing. Laureana stood behind her parents. She wore a big light brown dress with white poc a dots and a white ribbon tied to her waist. Her hair was loose, and she wore a bird feather on the right side of her hair and wore a native necklace and bracelet that she made herself, with the guidance of Etka.

No one said a word as the sound of thunder was heard.

9"¿Porqué le está tomando tanto tiempo?” asked Laureana’s father.

10"Cálmate, él llegará. Ellos siempre lo hacen,” his wife responded.

Laureana eyed her parents as they were whispering to one another. She mentally rolled her eyes. The young woman wanted to speak out but told herself that it was not a good idea. She did not want to make her parents’ nerves even more.

Then, the door opened; a middle-aged native man entered, holding luggage with both his hands. 11"Señor y Señora Quinteras, su invitado ha llegado.”

Footsteps were heard. A man entered. He wore a bowler hat, black trousers, dressy shoes, an unbuttoned black jacket, a white shirt with a black necktie, and a light brown vest. His face was nicely shaved.

Laureana’s became wide opened as the man came forward. The man stopped as all eyes were on him. He took off his bowler hat and gave a slight nod. “Good evening, sorry I’m late. I got lost on the way. The name is Luke Bixby.” Then, his eyes landed on Laureana, who was filled with shock. He saw her pointing at him.


Thunder was heard again, and then droplets of rain came after.


1. “Mom and dad miss you. I wish you were here, but we know that you died bravely.”

2. Gringo: someone that is considered a foreigner; a white person

3. “Mom, what happened?”

4. “Oh, daughter! We have lost our land!

5. “How?”

6. “It’s your father’s pride!”

7. “It cannot be true!”

8. “You spoiled brat!”

9. “What is taking him so long?”

10. “Calm down, he will come. They always do.”

11. “Mr.and Mrs. Quinteras, your guest has arrived.”


(How she would look like)

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