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My Mafia Life

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She is strong, independent, fierce and beautiful. Brown eyes. Black hair with light brown highlights, tattoos and piercings. Hardworking teenager, who is 14 years old, and sweet but only to the people she knows, she holds back her anger at school. He is cold hearted teenager, who is 16 years old, ruthless and use women. Grey eyes. Brown hair, tattoos and piercings. What happens when he stays at her house? Slow release story .

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Chapter 1

Tanisha POV: Tuesday

I woke up dreading to go to school; I stayed up all night doing my homework. If youre wondering why cant I do my school work after I finish school this is because I am the daughter of the Indo-Fijian and Spanish Mafias Leader so I am quite busy with dealing with the gang , training new recruits and handling the club since that is my job.

A 15 year old handling business at the club yeah right, I deal with the club that I own and the gang as my dad deals with the gang businesses and the hotels he or we own. My dads name is Lucifer and my mum we dont talk about that.

Anyway, I go to my bathroom brush my teeth and take a quick shower with my peach body wash. Then I dry my body apply lotion and do my skin care routine. Get dressed into my school uniform with my Jordans retro space jams and put some make up on.

I dont really like wearing make up only when I have meeting and sometimes to school when I look tired. I just wear mascara, highlighter, tight line my eyes, some blush and some lip gloss. I grab my school bag and head down stair for breakfast. (Bag packed the day before with the book you will need during todays 5 periods).

As usual Kai is in the kitchen before me. Kai is my childhood best friend he is more like a brother to me. We do a lot of thing together like workout. For breakfast I am having strawberries, grapes and a granola bar, I have beroca with my breakfast. (Vitamin drink).

While I am eating my dad and a few other gang members walk in.

We have guest over this evening about our alliances so I will need the files from our other alliances. They will be coming at 2pm and you all should be on a good behaviour especially you Tanisha, no fighting anyone. Dad said with a serious face like he always does. No fighting anyone Kai mimics in a girly voice. Oh shut your mouth Kai if they piss me off then I will fucking kill them all and I dont sound like that.

Watch your language young lady. Sorry Xavier. Xavier helped my dad raise me when my mum left , I was 6 years old.

After I finish breakfast I say bye to everyone and head to my car. Yes ladies and gentleman I have a car. I see my black Aventador Superveloce Lamborghini and smile. This car is my baby.

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