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Devil's Saints MC: Admirer

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Chapter 2

Elliot “Trigger” McKay

“Damnit!” I cursed aloud as the wrench slipped and I sliced open my fingertip.

Grabbing a semi-clean rag from the stack, I wrapped it around my finger and applied pressure. Working as a mechanic was hard work, both mentally and physically. My days in the Corps. prepared me well.

“Ya good?” my MC brother, Axe, popped his head up from the bike he was working on.

“Yeah. Fine.” I grumbled

The truth was that I’d been out of it lately. I’d been stateside for almost 2 years after deciding not to re-up, and I still felt off. Even though I had the MC, The Devil’s Saints, and my job at the shop, I still felt like an outsider in a lot of ways. I was lonely.

On top of all of that, a good friend of mine was in the hospital. She’d taken a nasty fall and I’d been the one to find her and take her to the ER. Sylvia was stubborn, that was for sure. She reminded me a lot of her. Same kind, hazel eyes, and sharp angular nose.

“Yeah, I’m not buying that.” Axe said coming over to stand by me, “Is it about Miss Sylvia? She’s going home soon, right?”

I nodded, “I’m bringing her home tomorrow. She called to tell me that she found someone to stay with her while she recovers. I’m damn glad to hear it, that way I don’t have to camp out in her driveway like a creep to keep an eye on her.”

Axe rolled his eyes, “I will never understand y'alls relationship.”

Hell, I didn’t either. After the history I have with her, Sylvia should hate my guts. Instead, she’s like the mom I never had. I feel responsible for looking after her not only because I care about her, but because I feel like it’s a way to repent for the heartache I caused back when I was younger and stupid.

“You boys out here gossiping like a bunch of schoolgirls?” Blaze yelled from the door

The young gun was starting to get on my last good nerve. I was two seconds away from ripping his head off, and I knew Axe felt the same way. As if anticipating a fight, Tank rounded the corner. As one of my oldest friends and an enforcer for the club, he almost had a sixth sense about these things.

“He’s not worth it, Trig.” Tank said heading straight for us

“I know, I know.” I shrugged

Axe produced the first aid kit and I slapped a band-aid on my cut.

“Distracted again?” Tank inquired

“Definitely.” Axe coughed

I glared at them both, “Why don’t you two fuck off?”

“Is it Sylvia that has ya worried or does another Rivers’ woman have ya in knots again?” Tank raised an eyebrow at me.

Damn. His words hit me square in the chest, and he knew it too. He always could read me like a book. I flipped him off knowing full well that my voice would give me away if I tried to lie to him. He smirked at me, knowing he was right.

“Listen Trig, I know you’re hung up on her. I get it, I really do. I remember what you two were like together. But it’s been a long time, you’ve gotta stop punishing yourself. Either grow a pair and go get’er or move on and find someone else.” Tank continued

At the mention of finding someone to take her place, I growled and glared at my friend. He put his hands up, palms facing me, in surrender.

“Someone really should fill me in,” Axe grumbled and I saw Tank pat his shoulder.

“I’m just telling ya the truth,” he said to me with a shrug

I knew he was right, I did. But that didn’t make it any easier. So instead of making a decision, I deflected and changed the subject.

“How about you then? Make any headway with that librarian?” I smirked

“Fuck off,” he muttered, looking at the ground.

“Why don’t we get back to work?” Axe suggested, noting the tension

“Good idea,” I grunted and turned back to my work

Axe left my side to head back over to his project and Tank turned to leave the garage.

“Just think about it, Trig, ok?” He called as he exited through the open door

Tank had a point, I either needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and go after her or find a way to get over her. The problem was that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do either. So many years had passed since I’d last seen her, and while it didn’t change the way I felt about her, it did mean that there was a lot about each other that we didn’t know. But the thought of finding a way to get over her, of finding something new made my stomach turn.

I set my thoughts aside for now and got back to work. I was pretty sure my customer didn’t give a damn about my personal life - he just wanted his bike fixed on schedule. As I continued to work, my thoughts drifted back to our first date all those years ago:

Elliot (Summer between 9th and 10th grade)

I was so nervous that my palms were sweating. I couldn’t believe that she’d said yes when I asked her out last week when she’d swung by the store. Summer jobs sucked, but the extra cash was about to come in handy. I walked up onto her front porch. The door swung open before I had the chance to knock, and I was stunned by the sight before my eyes.

She was completely and utterly breathtaking.

Her long blonde hair was down and falling into loose waves around her face. She wore a cotton summer dress and her favorite worn converse. Her gorgeous hazel eyes were bright and happy, a smile playing on her lush pink lips. I was the luckiest 16-year-old ever.

“Hey Eli,” she said shyly as she stepped onto the porch to join me.

“Hey, Gwen.” I said lamely

Her parents appeared at the door.

“You’d better have her back by curfew, young man. And no funny business. Ya hear?” her dad said sternly

“Yes Sir,” I replied meeting his serious gaze with one of my own.

He nodded in approval.

"Come now Clarke, let the kids have their fun." her mom chided him, sending me a warm smile.

I nodded at Miss Sylvia gratefully. Her husband grumbled but lumbered his way inside. I reached out and laced Gwen's fingers with my own and her mom's smile got bigger.

"You kids go and have fun now." she said starting to close the door, "but not too much fun." she shot me a brief glare before closing the door.

"I'm so embarrassed," Gwen said burying her face against my arm.

I couldn't help but chuckle at how adorable she was, "It's fine. they love you."

I pulled her into a tight hug to reassure her that I didn't mind, and then we went off to our favorite diner. It turned out to be a perfect night - one that ended with our first kiss on her parent's front porch.

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