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Faye is the daughter of the most feared MC leader in the states, everyone knew who her father was so when Faye went to collage to become a vet she told no one of who she really was. "You don't know me Dean, you don't know what I've been though. So don't pretend to be my knight in shining armour you can't swoop in and try and save me, I'm too fucked up and too far gone." I spat at him before getting up and jogging away with Sargeant at my side. I felt Dean's hand on my arm spinning me around his green eyes were wild. "We're all fucked up Faye, every single one of us. Stop pushing me out I'm not the one that hurt you. I'm the one that will show you how to love if you let me. And maybe, just maybe you'll show me how to love too." He yelled at me at this point I had tears in my eyes. I grabbed a hold of Dean's cut and pulled him to my chest pressing my lips to his. He's not Matt. **getting published**

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

“Congratulations you are all officially Vets” My professor yelled while clapping her hands. I felt a small smile crawl onto my face, I did it after 7 years of veterinary school I am a Vet. Which is not only my greatest achievement but my families too, see my father is the president of the most dangerous MC gang in the state of Boston, I wanted to go to Vet school because I needed to get out of the gang life. My brother was in jail and my mom was lonely. Besides I loved animals so graduating from veterinary school was not only a huge goal for everyone for me, but my saving grace

“We did it” My best friend Em yelped shaking me with excitement. We both made it on the honor roll but only Em manage to get a job fresh out of college here in Minnesota but me I am on my way back to Boston, back to the family I left.

“We did it” I smiled back at her giving her and a hug then fixing my glasses.

“I cannot believe you’re not staying I am going to miss you so much” Em pouted at me as I placed the last box into the back seat of my Dodge Dart I bought it for a great price four years ago that’s going to carry me for 22 hours back home.

“I’m going to miss you too Em but we will Skype every day and I’ll visit you” Em quickly wiped her cheek so I wouldn’t see the tears we had been roommates and best friends the past 7 years she was more like my sister. Em didn’t know about where I came from or who my parents were even though a few of my dad’s gang cases came up in class I just played dumb who would want to be friends with the most feared man’s daughter?

“So this is goodbye?” Em asked sadly I nodded with tears running down my face.
I sobbed before giving her my final hug I climbed into my car and shifted it into gear and starting my journey, after 18 hours I stopped at a 24-hour Starbucks and got a large espresso and a cinnamon bun after I paid I jumped back onto the highway and activated my built-in Bluetooth recited the number that I had been calling since I was 3


“Hey Mama” I smiled Softly at my mom’s voice the shock and excitement clear as day through my speakers. Nervously I tucked my naturally deep red hair behind my ear. “Yes Mama it’s me and I have some good news” I say as I watch a silver Honda Accord switch lands in front of me.

“Well what is it Faye?” I giggled at my mother. She always had a kind soul that’s why I didn’t understand how she could be with my father after all the awful things he’s done. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Daddy’s girl through and through but he is still a bad person.

“I’m coming home, traffic was better than I thought so I should be home in the next hour or so.”

“Oh my god Faye, I can’t believe it what about school? ” My face fell a bit.

“I graduated yesterday, Mama” Silence met me on the phone.

“Why wouldn’t you have told me?” The hurt clear on my mother’s voice.

“Well I didn’t think it would have been a good idea for Dad to be there.” I smiled when I crossed the state line into Boston.

“I suppose that’s true. Okay sweetie drive safe I love you.”

" I love you too, Mama.” After she hung up I turned up the music flowing through my speakers and drove through the town that my father runs, the place I called home for so long. Nothing feels the same even the air tastes different.

I turned down the street that as a child I played I would pretend I owned it but now I felt like a stranger. As I pulled up to the curb and let the car idle in park as I stared out the window at my childhood home. The house was simply beautiful. It was huge with three stories the siding was white with black shutters there was a large underground pool my father installed when my brother and I were young it didn’t sound like a gang leader would live here but my father didn’t get all this from his legal car repair business.

I got out of my car and walked up pass the Harleys parked in the driveway. I ran my fingertips over the worn leather of my father’s bikes seat. I walked around the corner and seen a cluster of men and whores. Some I recognised but most I didn’t. I walked further into the party suddenly realising I haven’t felt as safe in the past 7 years as I did then.

“Faye? Is that you?” I turned around to see Chad my older brother standing behind me. My heart stopped. I had known he was home but I couldn’t believe how much he has changed. His once long brown hair was now cut short into a crew cut he was a lot more filled out and his bright green eyes were now dull and almost lifeless.

“Chad.” I sighed. My brother and I use to be as thick as thieves but as we grew older he followed in my father’s footsteps and joined the gang were as I was more like my mother.

Chad moved closer and engulfed me in a tight hug. “I didn’t know you were coming back.” He put me at arm’s reach and looked me up and down. I knew I looked different my red hair was long and wavy I had lost weight and I got new glasses a year ago. “Wow sis.What happened?” I knew what he was referring to but I would never tell him. I use to be outgoing and fun. Now I was shy and reserved.

“Where’s Mom and Dad?” I asked him rubbing my arm.

“There at a fight. Dad’s new V.P is fighting he’s 20 and 0. That’s where we’re going, you wanna go?”

“No, that’s okay. I’m going to call around for a place to rent. Thanks though Chad. Have fun.” I gripped his large bicep as I walked pass him smiling at all the guys that I remembered I slid the glass door to the house open quickly closing it. I breath quickly became labored and my hands were shaking. After a few minutes I was okay enough to go to the phone book and call my old landlord. Thankfully he had a whole house that was up for rent it came with all the furniture and WIFI hooked up. Since I rented from him before he told me I didn’t need a security deposit. So an hour later I was standing in front of a two story house with a garage and a view of the ocean.

“It’s beautiful Mr. Henderson. Thank you.” I gave the old man a huge smile.

“Your welcome sweetie, you tell that mother of yours I said hi.” He winked at me as he got into his black Dodge Dakota and backed out of the driveway. Sighing I walked up the two steps that belonged to my huge wrap around porch. The house had a beautiful mixture of old and new. The kitchen had dark wood cabinets with a island that had 3 bar stools lined under the edge. I slipped my boots off and walked into the living room that had a grey L shaped sectional with a white rug under it. above the stone fireplace was a large flat screened TV I turned to look out the huge picture window. Pulling my iPhone out of my pocket I walked out to the back of the house where a screened in sunroom was. I curled up on the sofa and called my mother.

“Hello?” My Mom’s cheerful voice sounded weird among the yelling and screaming in the background.

“Hey Mama. I’m home.” I sighed as I watched the waves crash against the sand.

“Faye honey, yes I know your brother told me. Have you settled in?”

“Well Mom, I called Mr. Henderson and he had a house that was for rent so I’m living there now. It was all furnished. ”

“That’s amazing baby, is it the one on the beach?” She asked. Mom knew Mr.Henderson when she was a little girl.


“Your father and I will come visit soon, Dean is about to fight then we will be over. After I clean him up anyway.” Mom giggled. She was a retired nurse, I don’t know how many times Dad tried to get her to quit her job but Mom insisted that she needed to do good with him doing so bad. After hanging up I started to bring my boxes in from my car and putting them within the four rooms. The master was amazing with a bathroom and a walk in closet. There was also two spare bedrooms and an office on the main floor.

When I was done I called in for Pizza and hooked my laptop up to the TV and watched Netflix until I heard a banging on my front door. Instantly my heart stopped and I couldn’t breath. Not knowing who it was I slid onto the dark hardwood floor and crawled into the kitchen keeping my phone in my hand. I reached up onto the counter and grabbed the biggest knife I had I walked to the door just as the knob twisted and the door opened.

“Hey sis.” Chad smile dropped when he seen my face and the knife in my hand. “What the fuck Faye?” I yelled while taking the knife from my trembling fingers.

“Chad. You scared me.” I released a breath that I was holding.

“No shit. What has you so freaked out?” He pulled me into a hug.

“N-nothing.” I pulled away and fixed my glasses. “What are you doing here?” I asked him while I followed him to the kitchen.

“I wanted to see where my little sister was living.”

“Mmhmm.” I crossed my arms across my chest.

“Also Dad wanted you to meet Dean.” He mumbled.

“Who’s Dean?” I asked as I pulled my pull over tighter around my small frame.

“Dad’s V.P. He’s just outside finishing up his smoke.”

“Oh...” Inside I was freaking out.

“Chad?” A gruff and scratchy voice called out from my front door.

“Yeah, in here.” I looked up to see a tall man with short black hair and a busted up face that made him look even better. He was broad and strong. He wore black pants and black shirt with his cut over it.

“You must be Faye.” It wasn’t a question. My heart raced a bit more and I almost screamed when I heard my phone go off with a text in the kitchen.

“Excuse me.” I muttered keeping my head down as I retrieved my phone.

“You sure she’s your sister?” Dean laughed and Chad laughed. I opened the text from an unknown number and stopped breathing. The text read

‘Got bodyguards now Princess? Smart. But I’ll still get you. xoxo’

I felt my eyes water. No. How did he find me. I looked up to see Chad and Dean staring at me.

“You okay?” Chad asked. I’m sure I looked like a ghost.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I put my phone in my pocket.

“Alright well I guess I will see you tomorrow. I’ve gotta go. Your coming to the BBQ right?” Chad asked while walking to the door.

" What BBQ?” I tucked my hair behind my ear

“The one at the clubhouse tomorrow.” Dean said from the other side of the island.

" Oh um maybe.” And with that Chad was out the door with Dean following him. As soon as they shut the door I locked the deadbolt turned off all the lights and shut the curtains. Using the flashlight on my phone I went under the sink to retrieve the tin can that I haven’t opened since I was 16. I popped the cover and wrapped my fingers around the cold metal of the black hand gun my father had given me. It felt heavy in my hands but if Matt knew where I was then it was necessary.

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