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Chapter 11

I woke up the next day with an empty bed… Well Sargeant was sleeping at my feet, but Dean was missing. Stretching out my sore muscles I stood up and grabbed my gym bag and slipped on the pajama shorts I brought and a white tank top. Finger combing my hair I walked out into the hallway just as Greyson came out of Em’s room in only his boxers.

“Oh god.” I yelled. I should have been used to seeing men half naked sneak out of Em’s room but usually I’m the one that kicked them out.

“Shit.” He hissed covering his crotch, evidence of a boner still stood alert. I covered my eyes and waited until I heard a door slam when I peeled my eyes open Em stood in the doorway of her room in only a long t-shirt that I had no doubt was Greyson’s. I lifted my eyebrows at her.

“We didn’t have sex.” She stated. I grinned at her flushed cheeks.

“Then why was he in your room?” I questioned crossing my arms in front of my chest.

“We- um- well it’s complicated…” She ran her hands through her hair. I laughed again.

“You got him all hot and bothered then turned him down?” I guessed and she nodded her head. She did this a lot when she was stressed, she thought she wanted it then decided not to in fear of acting to hastily. I shook my head smiling softly at her. I walked down the stairs hoping to find Dean but when I didn’t I let Sergeant outside and he ran to the horse barn. I shook my head and ran after him but stopped in my tracks when I seen Dean and Alex throwing large bales of hay into the covered part by the barn.

Dean was shirtless with low hanging jeans that showed his V-line off very well. He was hearing gloves and sweat glistened on his abs in the morning sun. I felt my jaw go slack when his muscles tensed and untensed as he lifted the hay off the back of his truck. Like he felt my eyes he turned to me and smiled. He said something to Alex and walked over to me putting an extra sway to his old time biker swagger.

“Hey baby, sleep well?” He asked with a cocky smirk on his lips. I felt my cheeks redden and averted my eyes.

“Yes, did you?” I asked sneaking a glance up at him.

“I did.” He grinned before ducking his head and kissing me until we were both breathless. his gloved hands snaked around my hips pulling me closer into his wet chest. I giggled and pushed him away.

“So do tell me, why do you have so many horses?” I smiled while watching them gallop around the pasture.

“My great grand-dad built this house and ranch. He would train and sell the horses and take in rescues, when he died he passed it down to my grandfather and he did the same then when he died he gave the ranch to my Dad, Dad was following the tradition but when he died he didn’t have the chance to teach me how to train them. But I can’t get rid of them.” He said his eyes looked far away. I bit my lip debating if I wanted to say anything.

“Um Dean, I don’t want to overstep but I know how to train horses.” I looked up at his face turning to surprise.

“You do? I thought you were just a Vet?” He asked.

“I use to volunteer at a horse rescue. I was an assistant to the rehabilitation and training so they could be re-homed.” I explained glancing up at him.

“Damn, you really are the whole package.” He laughed. I smiled.

“And maybe if you could sell the horses you could quit the club.” I suggested quietly. His face turned from easy to stone.

“I’m the V.P of the club. I will be president when your father steps down. I’m not quitting the club, Faye. I thought you of all people would understand that.” His voice was dark again.

“You know I think that’s why I don’t understand. I remember when I was small watching my mother cry hysterically when she thought Chad and I were asleep because Dad would go on a run and she didn’t know if he was alive or dead.” I growled back at him. I wasn’t going to be his old lady when all I would be doing is worrying. I watched my mother do it for years, I wouldn’t put myself or any future children through it.

“You knew who I was when you said yes to being my old lady, Faye so start acting like it. I’m not going to change who I am because you’re being a Princess.” He spat before turning his back to me and walking back to Alex. I turned on my heel and walked back into his house, stopping when I seen Greyson and Em on the couch.

“Em, can you watch Sergeant for me?” I asked while picking up my car keys.

“Um, sure? You’re going out in your pajamas?” She asked glancing down to my shorts.

“Yup.” I snapped before going to my car. Sargeant was down with Alex so I wasn’t worried about him following me. When I started my car I heard Dean’s voice yelling at me but I ignored him driving down the driveway into the street. Just because I was his old lady does not mean I’m going to let myself be talked to like that again. I drove until I pulled into my house I quickly got out of the car making sure to look around for Matt’s car before slipping in the front door and locking it behind me. I rolled my shoulders and climbed the stairs when I got to my room I stripped out of my clothes and turned the shower on. I stood there for what felt like hours just letting the pressure of the hot water work on my sore muscles. I stayed there until my water went cold when I stepped out I wrapped my towel around my body as I walked back into my bedroom. I opened my dresser to get one of my hoodies when I froze. Standing behind me in the mirror was Matt. My breath hitched and I spun around.

“H-how did you g-get in?” I stuttered. I wasn’t ready to see him yet.

“Faye, you know I hate it when you stutter. It makes me angry. You don’t want to make me mad do you?” He asked slowly walking towards me. I felt my hands shaking trying to keep my towel around my body.

“N-No.” I widened my eyes when his calm expression turned furious he lifted his hand and brought it down over my face sending me flying to the floor. The towel slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor beside me. I reached for it but Matt stepped on my fingers hard. I cried out hearing them crunch under his weight.

“What a good little whore.” He purred in my ear I brought my head back and slammed it against his face. I grinned like an idiot when I heard his nose crunch. I kicked my legs throwing him off of me and grabbed the hoodie and put it on as I ran out of the room and towards the steps. I almost felt relieved when I his hand grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled me back down to the floor causing me to scream. I looked up at him blood now covered his face his brown eyes were deadly.

“Matt, please I’m sorry.” I begged careful about my words. I wasn’t strong enough yet.

“To late Princess.” He growled before giving me a kick to my face. I groaned and covered my head but he gave me one final kick to the head causing my vision to spot and blacken.

Em’s POV

As soon as Faye left I jumped up from the couch and stormed outside with Greyson hot on my heels. I seen Dean by the pasture I stormed over to him and slapped him. Everyone stood shocked. Greyson froze beside me, Alex covered his mouth and Dean stood with a shock clear in his eyes with his cheek growing red.

“What the fuck, Em?” Dean snarled at me.

“What the fuck did you do to Faye.” I hissed back standing my ground. My Daddy had been a police officer he taught me all kinds of self defense so Dean did not scare me. I can easily take down a 300 pound man.

“I didn’t do anythin’ to her. She got pissy when I told her I wasn’t quitin’ the club.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

“No, more happened. Faye wouldn’t have gotten that mad over something so stupid.” I knew Faye better than anyone and I haven’t seen her that shaken in a long time. “ What exactly did you say.” I took a step forward.

“I told her that if she was going to be my old lady then she needs to start acting like it instead of a Princess. So what?” I shook my head seeing red.

“You fucking idiot. Even after she told you about Matt?” I shook my head feeling the urge to hit him again.

“What does Matt have to do with her being my old lady?” He asked getting more frustrated.

“NO. It has nothing to do with that, Matt used to call her Princess when she and him were fighting. You hurt her, dumb fuck.” I growled. “Come on Dean, let’s go.” I locked my jaw so I wouldn’t snap at him.

“Where?” Greyson asked.

“We’re going to find Faye, so he can apologize.” I walked over to his truck and got in.

“We don’t even know where she is.” Dean said but still he walked over to the truck and got in.

“You don’t. I do.” I said glaring at him but quickly looked over to see Greyson opening the door and motioning me to move over. When we were all loaded in we started driving.

“So where is she Em.” Dean snapped.

“She’s home, Dean. She always would go home and shower after a Matt problem.” I said my mouth in a grim line. When we got to the house Faye’s car was sitting in the driveway.

“You need to apologize. So go in there and beg for her to forgive you.” I demanded crossing my arms over my chest. Dean rolled his eyes and walked into the house.

“Um, Greyson I need to tell you something.” I said while watching Dean’s back disappear in the house.

“What?” He asked turning towards me.

“I’m, um, I’m pregnant.” I said in a low voice. “I’m telling you because I’m very attracted to you and I want to make sure you know the baggage that comes with me if you’re still interested that is.” I looked away from him blue eyes.

“Where’s the father.” He said I felt his intense glare on my head. I knew I shouldn’t have told him.

“He wants nothing to do with the baby.” I muttered.

“Piece of shit.” Greyson said under his breath. “I don’t care that you’re pregnant. I still want to get to know you and see where this goes.” He said softly. I was about to say something when Dean ran out of the house looking extremely pissed off but before I could ask him anything he yelled for Greyson to call the president.

“Why?” I yelled back.

“Faye’s been ’naped.” He growled. My stomach dropped.

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