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Chapter 13

I don’t know how long I’ve been down here, but I knew Matt was growing tired of having me. His beatings we’re starting to get smaller. He was bored. I wasn’t proving to be as fun and enjoyable as he expected me to be. He hasn’t fed me since he took me, once and awhile he throws a bottle of water at me. I don’t think his intention is to kill me but I feel like death is growing closer. I don’t feel cold anymore I’m barely even hungry, just tired. I’m always tired.

I curled up on my side making sure my legs were tucked under my ass, bugs have been having an all you eat buffet on my body. I’ve started to give up hope on anyone finding me though my thoughts often drifted to Dean and the life we could have had on his farm. I felt my lips turn up into a ghost of a smile. It’s just a dream, I’ll never feel his lips on my skin or feel safe in his arms again. Matt made sure of it. My eyes started to get heavy when the cellar door banged open. Matt’s booted feet clumped down the cement steps into the dirt. I could barely lift my head to look at him but when I did he had a sick smile on his face.

“Faye, we are going to have fun tonight.” He laughed. I didn’t react, I didn’t show him my fear I just laid there with my eyes trained on him dull and lifeless. When he moved closer I saw he had zip ties in his hand, for an instant fear crawled up into my gut. He put the ties around my wrists and tied my ankles to my hands. My most private parts were open for him to see. I instantly knew what he was going to do but I was to tired to fight him.

Matt pushed my face into the dirt making sure my knees were bent so my ass was sticking straight up in the air. I felt his hand caress my behind, when he spread my lips open I started to soundlessly cry. “Get wet for me Princess” He growled at me but when my body didn’t respond to his command he punched my ass instantly it went numb, just like the rest of my body. “Do you like it when I touch you like this?” He asked me while stroking my sex. When I didn’t answer him he slapped my opening I felt the sting travel up to my core. “ Answer me.” He growled in warning.

“No.” I rasped, my voice didn’t even sound like my own. Matt growled then I heard his pants becoming undone. I started to cry harder, there was nothing I could do to fight him off. He was going to rape me and I couldn’t stop him. My mind went to Dean again how even if I did get out of here alive would he still want me? I was more damaged then I use to be. I had more scars from the beatings, I’m sure more than one bone was broken and now I was going to be raped. No one would want me.

I felt his member press against the dry soft folds of my sex. He wasn’t as big as Dean but when he pushed into me I felt a new pain rake through my body. When Matt pulled out it felt like he was ripping me in two. I did something that I haven’t done since I was a child. I prayed. I don’t know who I prayed to but I prayed for death, I wished that I could die so that I didn’t have to feel Matt grow close to his release as he pounded into me, I prayed that I could be taken to wherever you go once you’ve died. When he was done blowing his load deep into me he pushed me over and left without saying a word I cried as hard as I could until I ran out of the salty water. Then I just laid in the dirt where I was violated wrists and feet still bound together, becoming a live corps of myself.

Matt has come back every day to rape me. By the third day I stopped crying and wishing for someone to save me. I’ve given up, made peace that I was going to end my life in this hell hole. Until Matt was in the middle of raping me again when I heard the scratching on the wood door, it sounded like an animal. Matt didn’t hear it, or he ignored it as he kept going searching inside of me for his release, when the door busted open. A bright light blinded me I squeezed my eyes closed tightly.

“What the fuck!” Matt growled and he ripped himself out of me. I opened my eyes when I felt a cold nose on my swollen face. My eyes met Sergeant's grey eyes. I yelped out a cry when he laid down beside me and howled. I looked around and seen 5 guys dressed completely in black so I couldn’t tell who was who but one of them pulled a silver switchblade out of his pocket and cut the zip ties off my hands and feet. Instantly I felt the blood rush back into my limbs. Crying I pulled Sergeant into my arms and buried my face into his soft fur we stayed like that until I felt someone’s hands on my arm I flinched back and tried to push myself into the dirt. Sergeant growled deeply at the person.

“Faye, we need to go. You need a doctor.” I lifted my eyes to watch the man pull off his ski mask. Bear’s boyish face calmed my nerves and I nodded. He held a black fleece blanket out to me. Shakily I wrapped it around my legs and he lifted me into his arms. Sergeant stayed so close to Bear’s side that Bear almost tripped a few times. When we got out of the cellar the cool night breeze danced across my skin I took deep breaths in glad I was finally out of that hole. Bear carried me to a black SUV with tinted windows.

“H-how long was I down there?” I asked my voice shaky.

“A month.” Bear said softly before laying me down on the seat. Sergeant jumped in the back with me not letting an inch of air between us. Dean wasn’t here. I was right he didn’t want me. I reached my hand down to rub Sergeant while we drove. Bear and Mouse were sitting in the front while I took up all of the back seat. I felt tired but I knew I couldn’t sleep. Images of what Matt had done to me haunted my dreams.

We drove for almost an hour before we pulled into the club house. My stomach was tangled in knots with the idea of seeing Dean. As soon as we parked the back door was ripped open and I jumped back but relaxed instantly when I seen Em standing on the other side her face swollen and wet from crying. “Thank god.” She cried and crawled in pulling me into a hug while we cried. I was safe, I wasn’t going to die. We stayed like that until my Dad and Chad walked to me and helped me out of the SUV keeping the blanket tight I held each of them letting them cry until my mother ran to me and smothered me in kisses and tears. This happy reunion didn’t last long because the clubs doctor told everyone I needed to be looked at now. My Dad lifted me from where I barely stood and carried me to the doctors office. Em walked beside me with Sergeant on the other side of us. When we got to the office Em pushed the door open and Dad laid me on the cold table the doctor told Dad and Em to leave but I insisted that she stayed. I wasn’t ready to be in a room alone with a man yet. Em sat beside me and held onto my hand while the doctor got to work cleaning and stitching all my cuts from Matt’s knife he used. I looked down at my body and felt water well up in my eyes all over again. Most of my pale skin was now black and purple with bruises. The doctor rolled me over and Em gasped.

“H-he t-tazed you?” She sobbed I just nodded. I turned my eyes to the doctors.

“He raped me too.” I said softly surprised that I didn’t stutter. The doctor just nodded and went to a shelf and passed me two small white pills.

“They’re day after pills. Take them and in a few days we will test to see if you’re pregnant.” He said. I could hear the sympathy in his voice. I nodded and put both pills in my mouth and drank some of the water Em passed me. After a few more hours the doctor had given me a pill for pain and sleep. He left the room but Em stayed beside me silent petting Sargeant.

“Em?” Her head shot up to me I seen the haunted look in her eyes. I’m assuming my eyes held the mirror look.


“Where is Dean?” I said softly.

“Oh honey. He got to angry about your kidnapping that he wasn’t helping anyone so your Dad relocated him until things calmed down.” She said softly. I felt my heart drop. He was gone.

“Oh, what about Alex?” I asked.

“Greyson has been taking care of him.” I nodded my head. The sleeping pill finally kicking in I fade away from consciousness.

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