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Chapter 14

A week of being kept in the make-shift infirmary the club had made and the doctor had told me I could go home as long as I promised to take it easy. Em and Sargeant never left my side they were always in the room with me… Much to my fathers and the doctors demise.

I looked into the mirror as I slowly slid my shirt down past my shoulders. The bruises have turned a deep purple and my ribs were still wrapped. I stared at the many raised thin lines that peppered my stomach. I wasn’t ashamed of them like I thought I would be, I was proud instead. My scars showed people how much I had gone though how much hell I was put through just to be able to take a breath today. I went into that hole a scared weak little girl and came out a strong warrior that has proven that I’ve been though hell and made it.

“You almost ready?” Em’s voice sang through the closed door. I gave myself one last look before pulling down my clothes and opening the door. Em’s stomach was huge. she was about 5 months now and she was definitely showing. She still lived in our house but Greyson was looking after her. Making sure she got to all of her appointments and was eating right. Dean still wasn’t home though. My father said he had some lose ends to tie up before heading home and didn’t know when it could be. I’ve tried to call him but his phone was always off. When I had started to worry that Dean realized that he didn’t want someone as screwed up as me Em would tell me just how worried he had been when I was taken and how much he loved me. My stomach was still in knots worried that maybe Em was wrong and I was right but I tried to push those thoughts down.

“Yeah, I’m more than ready. I want to go home.” I sighed to her.

“Good, Greyson has already loaded your bags up in the car.” She slid her arm around my waist and helped me walk. I was still a bit shaky on my feet but the Doctor said it will all come back in time.

“Where’s Sarge?” I asked when we walked out the front doors. I smiled at Greyson standing beside my car.

“We took him home earlier.” She said while Greyson opened the back door so I could slide in. I held my breath as I tried to sit down so I wouldn’t scream in pain as my ribs shifted. When I was completely into the car and was as comfortable as I could be Em slammed the door and climbed into the passengers seat. Em tried to carry on a conversation with me but I was to tired and was aching for my bed. A few more minutes of my silence and Em gave up. She sighed in defeat and Greyson placed his hand on her lap rubbing gently, Em gave him a small tired smile. I knew this must have been hard on her but I wasn’t exactly ready for things to go back to how they were.

A few minutes later we pulled into my driveway and I felt all the stress from the past few days evaporate. Sergeant was bouncing in the front window barking his head off. I smiled softly at him. Greyson helped me out of the car carefully and carried my bags into the house for me. Some wheres deep down I was hoping that Dean would surprise me at my house but that little flame of hope was extinguished when I walked into my living room finding it empty. Em had made me a bed on my couch because the doctor said I couldn’t walk stairs yet so I had to choose up or down stairs. I chose down. I was just lucky that there was a full bathroom down here.

After settling in on the couch Em called for Chinese take-out and put Netflix on my T.V after saying goodbye to Greyson Em curled up under the blankets with me we stayed silent as we let Bones capture our attention. A while later the doorbell rang. I jumped instantly looking for Sergeant. Em placed her soft warm hand on my curled leg.

“Shh, hun. It’s just the food. I’ll get it.” She gave me a soft smile and walked to get the money out of her purse from the island to pay the delivery guy. When she opened the door and a blonde kid with glasses came into my view did my heart stop pounding and the urge to sprint away leave my gut. When Em placed the food on the large square glass coffee table in front of the couch I smiled at her softly.

“I’m sorry. Something as small as a doorbell shouldn't send me into a panic.” I looked towards the T.V I was never good at apologies.

“Do not be sorry. None of what happened was or is your fault. You never asked for him to do any of this to you.” Em’s voice was filled with passion and furry but not aimed at me.

“But I dated him for two years, Em. I knew what he was doing every time he hit me but I never left. I stayed because I thought he loved me and that the abuse was my fault. That I deserved it, that I asked for it.” Em opened her mouth to try and reason with me but I put my finger up silencing her. “ People warned me of him, of the way he treated his girlfriends in the past but I didn’t listen to them. I thought I would be different. That I would be the one that would change him. But I couldn’t instead I was the one he beat the worst I was the one that almost died because I thought I loved him. But I didn’t love him, Em. I think I loved the idea that people thought he was dangerous, that maybe the bad boy could be sweet for me. And he was. At least for a little bit but when he wasn’t I held on to the guy that showed me the sweet side, the side that made me feel beautiful. I was a fool and look where it got me? He almost killed me twice he made me into this weak little girl and I don’t remember how to be strong anymore.” When I was done I had tears streaming down my face.

“You listen to me Faye, and you listen good.” I lifted my eyes to Em to see a spark of fire lingering in hers. “You are the strongest woman I know, you’ve gone though hell and back and for some unknown reason you can still stand on your two feet and put your warrior face on and face the world. He made you think he loved you and you’ve always tried to fix misunderstood animals. Look at Sergeant. Pits have the worst rep that I know of and you have one and he’s the biggest soak I’ve ever known. Matt was the ‘bad boy’ on campus and you being you thought you could fix him because you give everyone a chance to be better. You don’t let people tell you who others are you let a person define themselves to you. That is an amazing thing. I can only wish to be as kind hearted as you are. No matter how much he has has tried to hurt you he can’t. You’re like those wind mustangs we learned about in class. Ranchers tried to tame them and turn them away from their roots but yet they survived. That’s you. You are a survivor.” By now we both have tears rushing down our face and Sergeant was whimpering beside us not knowing why we were crying. We giggled at him then I took Em into my arms.

“Thank you for being here for me. Through everything. You are truly more than my friend, you’re my sister. My guardian.” I whispered into her hair.

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