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Chapter 15

A week of being home and I felt almost completely healed. Physically anyways. I refuse to go upstairs. Em needs to bring my clothes down to me when I want to wear something new. Greyson is over pretty well everyday but I don’t mind. This house has become more theirs than mine anyways. So today I convinced Em to let me go for a walk on the beach. We argued for half an hour until Greyson told her to let me go. It was nice being able to get away for the first time since everything happened.

I clutched my phone in my left hand as Sergeant ran in and out of the water. I didn’t feel like a wild mustang I felt like a scared teenager. Dean hasn’t once tried to call me or anything since I’ve been rescued. I was about to give up, I didn’t blame him though. He probably found a nice girl where he was and was planning to stay with her while Greyson ran the ranch. I took a deep breath, ignoring the sharp pain my ribs gave me, and opened Deans contact. I stared at his number for what felt like hours I took a final breath and deleted his number. No more temptation, no more heartache. Just me looking after myself. I felt tears burn my eyes as I watched the sun start to set the sky blushing with pinks and purples. I smiled to myself as I wrapped my sweater tighter around my frame and walked back to my house with Sarge following close on my heels. I walked around to the front deck and sat on the wooden swing that was bolted to the roof. Sergeant jumped up and laid down beside me as we rocked back and forth. Life could be simple and easy. Just me and my dog but no matter how much I try I keep feeling the disappointment I felt when Dean wasn’t the one that saved me from Matt. He said he would protect me but yet when push came to shove he wasn’t there. I should have expected that though. I was damaged, worthless. At least to him and probably every other guy out there, but as long as I had Mr. Purple I would be okay. I laughed at that thought.

“Yeah, we’ll be okay.” I muttered to Sergeant just as someone cleared their throat behind us. I jumped and Sergeant lifted his head teeth fully bared.

“Can we talk.” The voice sent shivers down my spine.

“There’s nothing to talk about, Dean.” I kept my body turned towards the road. I didn’t trust myself to not break down.

“There is a lot to talk about Faye. You we’re napped and I wasn’t the one to save you. Bear was. I promised to protect you and I failed. I hurt you, so I don’t blame you for hating me but I want a chance to explain myself.” I heard his footsteps walk around to the side of the swing Sergeant stopped bearing his teeth but he was still stiff. Ready and waiting to attack at the first sign of danger.

“I don’t want to talk to you Dean. I was taken over a month ago. I called you constantly and you never called me. Never picked up your phone. How did you think this would have gone? I’ve given up. I’m done.” I felt the tears fill up in my eyes but I refused to let them spill. I was done letting guys make me feel weak.

“I didn’t have a choice. I had to leave your father made me go. He made me get a new number and leave my phone at home. It wasn’t my fault.” Dean growled. That pissed me off I snapped my head to him.

“You could have said no. You could have picked me over the club, but you didn’t you’re no better than any of the other guys I’ve ever known. You’re weak. You let my father control you, I could have been dead but you decided to leave me to go to god knows where.” I felt the water slip past my eye lids.

“You’re right. I let him control me, I let him pull me away from you. But it was only because I wasn’t helping anyone find you I was only in the way. I needed to know you were safe I needed you.” He said softly.

“You left me Dean. You didn’t care enough to stay. No one ever cares enough to stay. You’re no different.” I was fully crying now all the emotions from the past month came back in full.

“I do care damn it, Faye. I love you. As soon as I heard you were back I came right home. Bear showed me the place that he kept you. He told me he-” Dean’s eyes went black and his voice went dark. “He raped and tortured you. I’m going to be the one that ends him, Faye. Please believe me when I say that I care more than you know or will ever know.”

I was shaking. Matt was still alive? I thought my Dad killed him by now. I lifted my eyes to Deans. “Take me to him.”

“What?” He stood in front of me with his mouth flapping open.

“Take me to Matt. If anyone is going to end him it will be me.” I stood from the swing my legs a little shaky.

“Faye, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” Dean crossed his arms across his chest.

“Good thing I don’t have to listen to you.” I snapped back before pushing past him and walking towards the house to grab my car keys.

“Faye, wait. You don’t even know where he is.” Dean turned his body to face mine.

“I’ll find out. Bear, you know the one that actually saved me, will tell me where he is.” I shot back my anger burning hot in my veins.

“Damn it Faye. Fine, get in the fuckin’ truck.” Dean growled at me. I gave him a small smirk and walked to his truck and hopped in, Sergeant went into the house through the doggie door Greyson installed. Shaking his head Dean followed suit, grumbling under his breath. I stayed silent the whole ride, thinking about what I was going to say to Matt.

We drove for about 30 minutes before we pulled up to an old warehouse. Dean put his truck into park and turn to me. “Are you sure Faye?” He asked his eyes filled with concern.

“He can’t hurt me Dean, not anymore.” I sighed softly.

“No he can’t. Not with me around.” The Reaper slipped into his voice causing me to squeeze my legs tighter.

“Let’s just go.” I muttered opening the truck door I stepped down hearing the gravel crush beneath my boots. Dean walked to the front of the truck his eyes watching me intently. A cold sweat broke on my neck. I can do this. I am stronger. I took a deep breath and started walking towards Dean.

“Are you sure?” Dean said his eyes held a hidden rage behind them.

“I haven’t been more sure about something my whole life.” I held his stare not letting the fear I felt show in them. Dean sighed after a few minutes and nodded his head.

“Fine, let’s get this done.” He growled and slowly started walking towards the warehouse. I folded my shaking hands in front of me and took a calming breath before following behind him.

The guys standing in front of the door nodded at Dean with respect before stepping aside and letting us in. The building smelled of rusty metal and grease. Dean told me it use to be a junk yard before the Devils took it over. We walked down some stairs and into a basement that looked like it came straight out of a horror movie. All along the hallway there were lights hanging by a single cable about three feet apart. We walked to the fifth door and Dean knocked once before opening the door to show two men and Matt. Fear pumped through my veins when Matt lifted his dead brown eyes to meet mine. Then he grinned like the sick fuck he was. Dean growled before marching up to him and punching him in the stomach. Matt groaned in pain and doubled over then laughed. Dean motioned for the other two guys to leave. When the door closed Dean pushed the table full of torture tools to the corner. Matt was tied and sitting on the cold cement floor. He was stripped down to his underwear and he had clearly been beaten, his nose was broken and had blood dripping from his ear.

“Did you miss me, Princess? Do you want me to stick my dick inside of you?” He laughed until Dean kicked him in the head.

What was I doing here? I’m not ready to see him. But before I could turn around and leave Matt sprung up from the floor ropes falling loose from around his wrists and ankles. Before Dean could grab his gun Matt berried a knife into his side. Dean gasped his eyes wide before falling into a pool of blood at Matt’s feet. The scream got caught in my throat but the tears flowed freely down my face Dean’s name a ghost on my lips. Matt turned his attention to me I stood frozen behind Dean’s lifeless body. Matt walked slowly towards me, the knife still in his hand. I curled my hand into a shaking fist. I waited until I could see the joy hidden in his eyes before drawing my fist back and listening to my Grandfather’s voice in the back of my head If you’re ever being attacked Boo, you hit the guy in the nose. His eyes will water and he won’t be able to see. You run Boo. So that’s what I did. I could feel Matt’s bone crushing even more under my fist. He stumbled back enough for me to rush to Dean’s bleeding body.

“Dean, oh god Dean. No. Please open your eyes.” I whispered my hands hovering over his body.

“You’re going to pay for that, Bitch.” Matt growled walking towards us. My eyes grew huge. I reached inside Dean’s jacket, getting my hand covered with blood and quickly grabbed the cold metal of his gun. I quickly clicked the safety off turning my body and fired just as Matt shoved the knife towards me. I don’t know how many shots I fired at him. But I know I screamed. I also know Matt’s lifeless body fell on top of me driving the knife into my thigh. I didn’t feel it though. I reached my hand over and applied pressure to Dean’s side. Just as five men pushed through the door guns raised.

“Get Dean out of here. He’s hurt.” I screamed at the men. They stood there dumbfounded until Dean groaned. In a blur. Dean was lifted out by two men and the other three stayed with me getting Matt off. That’s when I felt the knife.

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