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Chapter 16

Things moved in slow motion. Dean was taken straight to the hospital while I was taken to the club doctor. Again, much to my disagreements but they just fell on deaf ears. After an hour with the club doctor stitching my leg up I finally demanded Chad to take me to the hospital where Dean was being treated.

“So are you guys together again?” Chad asked as he shifted the gears in his car.

“No. But I still love him, Chad. Plus, it’s because of me he’s in the hospital anyways.” I muttered playing with my hands in my lap, wishing Chad would drive faster.

“What are you talking’ about, Faye?” He asked glancing over at me for a second before pulling his eyes back onto the road. I felt the guilt grow in my stomach.

“I made him take me to Matt. I wanted to see him before you guys killed him. Dean didn’t want me to go but I forced him to take me. I’m so sorry Chad.” My eyes were rimmed with tears as I watched Chad’s grip on the steering wheel tighten.

“So you’re the reason my Vice President might be dead?” His voice was dark. I knew it was my fault. Dean was just trying to earn my forgiveness but I was to pig headed to listen to him. I was to selfish.

“Yes, Chad it is. So you need to drive faster so I can beg profoundly for him to forgive me if he is even conscious to hear me.” I yelled at Chad. He pressed his lips into a thin white line and pressed the gas harder.

A few long minutes later we pulled into the parking lot at the hospital. Before Chad had put the car in park I was slamming the door shut and running towards the door.

“Can I help you?” An older lady with mocha skin asked me as I reached the desk.

“Yes, there is a patient here by the name of Dean Saunders. I need to see him.” I demanded from the nurse.

“Alright, are you related to him?” She asked her eyebrows raised.

“Yes. I’m his wife.” I spat out quickly.

“No ring?” She found, her voice filled with doubt.

“I was getting into the shower. Please I need to see my husband.” I yelled. I felt Chad’s hand on my lower back.

“Sure, he’s still in recovery. We are waiting for him to wake up. So for now you both can wait in the waiting room.” She sighed before leading us down the hall into a small room with a few chairs and a large TV with the sound low.

We sat there for another hour with Chad and I taking turns pacing the small room until Em and Alex walked in. Em looked like a ghost of herself and Alex had tears streaming down his face. When he seen me he ran over and wrapped his arms around me tucking his face into my shoulder. I couldn’t look at him. I was the reason for all his pain.

Just as I was patting Alex’s back muttering things to him about everything being okay the doctor walked in looking tired.

“Are you the Saunders family?” He asked holding his clipboard.

“Yes we are.” I said turning to him but keeping my arm around a sniffling Alex.

“Alright, well Dean has lost a lot of blood. The knife sliced his lung. Thankfully we managed to stop the bleeding before he drowned in his own blood.” The doctor kept his eyes glued to mine.

“Can we see him?” Alex asked him almost nervously.

“He’s been asking for an Alex.” The doctor nodded when Alex stepped out of my embrace and followed the doctor to Dean’s room.

My heart fell. Of course he didn’t want to see me. Why would be? I was a total bitch.

“I’m sorry, Faye.” Em whispered in my ear as she pulled me into a hug.

“I don’t have the right to feel like this. I was terrible to him.” I whispered back to her.

We stayed for a couple hours before Alex came out and asked Em to take him home.Chad had left an hour or so before so I was left standing in the waiting room alone. I walked back to my seat in the corner of the room and tucked my legs up to my chest. What was I going to say to him? Did he even want to see me? I took a deep breath and untangled myself before walking to the nurses station on Dean’s ward.

“Pardon me, could you tell me what room is Dean Saunders in?” I smiled at the woman.

“He is in room 148. Just down there.” She pointed to her left with a smile on her lips. I thanked her before walking down the hall. My heart stopped when I stood in front of his room door. I reached for the handle taking a deep breath and willed my hand to stop shaking as I turned the handle and stepped in.

How is it possible to still look sexy in a johnny shirt? Dean was standing at the side of his bed his ass facing me. His naked ass. He was trying to reach a remote that was on the stand at the far side of the room. He hissed a cuss word under his breath when he stumbled a little and almost fell. I bit my lip before walking towards the remote and placing it on the stand beside the bed.

“Faye.” He groaned at me. I gave him a small hesitant smile before helping him back in bed.

“I don’t think you are suppose to be up walking around yet.” I said softly.

“Yeah, well the doctors thought I needed anger management so the put a self help program on and put the remote out of my reach.” He pouted after turning the T.V on some action movie.

“Why were you giving them a hard time?” I asked placing my hand on the bed beside him. He looked deeply in my eyes before sighing.

“They wouldn’t tell me if you were here. If you were okay. If you were alive.” My heart thumped hard against my chest.

“You still cared? Even though it was my fault you were hurt?” My eyes started to water but I quickly blinked them away.

“Of course I fuckin’ care. I fuckin’ love you. And it wasn’t your fault that I was hurt. You couldn’t have made me take you there. I just wanted to prove that I would protect you from him. Even though I didn’t before.” Dean’s eyes shifted between mine, searching for something.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have been so awful to you before. I was mad but it’s no excuse. You didn’t deserve that. Please forgive me. I don’t want to lose you again. I love you, Dean.” I felt tears fall down my cheeks before I could wipe them away.

“Get your tight fuckin’ ass on this bed. Now.” The Reaper came out in his voice. Even in a hospital room, he made me squeeze my legs together.

“You just got out of surgery, Dean. I am not lying in your bed with you.” I crossed my arms across my chest and shifted my weight onto my other foot.

“Yes you are.” He grunted before, moving more quickly than any man should right after surgery, and grabbed my arm pulling me onto the bed with him. I carefully avoided his side and curled into him.

“This probably isn’t allowed, Dean.” I muttered into the scratchy hospital blanket.

“Do you really think they can stop me? Even banged up the Reaper could take any of them on.” He said with a cocky smirk playing on his face.

“Dean. You just had major surgery. You need rest.” I tried to argue.

“No, what I need is to be kissed senceless by my fuckin’ beautiful woman.” He growled as he held my face in his rough palms and pressed his soft lips to mine. I don’t know who groaned first but before I knew what was happening Dean had his hand slipped inside of my pants and started rubbing my clit over top of the hot pink lace panties I had slipped on this morning. “You’re fuckin’ soaked, Baby. Does this turn you on?” He grunted in my ear. I tried to will my body not to respond to his touch but failed horribly.

“Dean.” I moaned “You need to- to stop.” I gasped when he slid his thick finger into my soaked pussy.

“You don’t really want that, do you Baby?” He asked as his finger pumped me harder and his thumb quickened on my clit. I could feel my orgasm building, I dug my nails into the soft flesh by Dean’s neck and bit my lip throwing my head back when my orgasm raked threw me so I didn’t scream.

“Shit, that’s fuckin’ sexy.” Dean whispered when I was done and slid his fingers out of me and slid them into his mouth, sucking them clean. “Now, get under this blanket and go to sleep with me.” He smiled softly. I nodded and slipped under the covers and curled into his warm body, feeling safe for the first time in so long I almost instantly fell into a dreamless sleep.

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