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Chapter 17

“Now, Mr. Saunders the only reason the Doctor is letting you out is because you’ve promised to follow up with us every week and take it easy.” The older mocha skinned nurse glared at him over her purple rimmed glasses. “You know how important it is Dean. No lifting heavy things, no ridding that God forsaken motorcycle of yours. Understand me.” She cocked her eyebrow at Dean while setting her lips into a stiff line.

“Yes Tasha. I promise I will be a good boy.” Dean winked at the older woman from his wheelchair. I held back my giggle when a rosy blush raced across her cheeks and she dropped her eyes.

“Alright Romeo, go and and have fun but take it easy.” Her eyes shifted from him to me and softened. “Take good care of him. He acts tough, but he is really just a big softy.” I mirrored her smile and nodded.

“Hey now Tasha, don’t be giving away all my secrets.” Dean chuckled and I started to push him away from the desk. When we were almost to the elevator Dean jumped up from his chair with an evil grin on his face. I rolled my eyes, I didn’t think he would be a ‘good boy’ for very long. I sighed and pushed the chair into the corner and wrapped my arm around his waist in a weak attempt to help him walk to the elevator door.

“Breaking the rules already, Mr.Saunders?” I smiled at him as he pressed the button for the ground floor.

“Did you really expect me to let you push me around like some 80 year old Grandpa?” He cocked his eyebrow at me while keeping the smirk plastered across his face.

“No, but I did expect you to try and follow the rules until at least we got out of the hospital.” I crossed my arms over my chest as the door closed with a ding.

“You know when you cross your arms over your chest like that your tits all but pop out of your shirt. It makes it very hard to try and take you seriously when your mad.” Dean made a huge point of staring at my boobs. I rolled my eyes but dropped my arms anyways.

“No sex. Remember? That’s one rule I’m sticking too.” I raised my eyebrow to make my point. When the elevator door dinged I walked over and wrapped my arm around Dean’s waist and helped him wobble out into the lobby. Dean leaned over and placed his lips close to my ear and whispered.

“We will see how long you last without my dick.” I felt a shiver rake through my body as Dean stood straight and continued to walk as if he didn’t whisper profanity into my ear.

“Where’s my truck?” Dean asked while his eyes scanned the parking lot for the Red beaten old truck.

“Oh, uh I figured it would be to hard for you to get into it so I brought my car. Plus your not allowed to drive yet and I know you would forced me to let you drive your truck.” I said while clicking the remote I had to unlock my car doors.

“Damn it, woman. Don’t get in the way of me and my truck.” Dean growled.

“Boy, don’t make me stick my finger inside your stitches.” I rolled my eyes. He grunted but didn’t say anymore as I helped him into my car. “So I’m taking you home and I’m going to be staying for a couple of days to help with Alex and help you out. Okay?” I asked him as I pulled my car onto the street and started driving towards the ranch.

“Only a couple days?” Dean broke the silence. I glanced over at him to find him still staring out the window.

“Well, yeah. I figured you would be ready to be back on your own after a couple days to rest and stuff.” I tightened my grip on the stearing wheel. And so I can make sure you don’t go back with the gang to soon. I added silently. Neither of us said anything more until I pulled into the driveway.

“Where’s Sergeant?” Dean asked keeping his eyes out the window.

“He’s already here. He’s been clinging to Alex a lot though.” I sighed as I put the car into park. and undid my seat belt.

Dean’s POV

I walked into the Ranch house that has been passed down through my family with Faye’s arm wrapped around my hips. It doesn’t matter how much I tell her that I’m fine and can walk by myself... I know she blames herself. But it’s actually my fault, if I was here for her like I should have been she wouldn’t have gotten hurt. I wouldn’t have taken her to see that ass hole. She wouldn’t have more scars than she already has... I hate myself for letting the Prez send me away when my woman needed me the most. I will never leave her again.

“You’re home!” Alex yelled from the living room with a head set over his ears no doubt talking to his gaming buddies. I grinned back at him before sitting next to him on the couch. “It’s in the night stand drawer. Your side.” Alex whispered to me before turning his attention back to the screen with Sergeant curled up beside him. I nodded and leaned back holding in my groan my body made when I sat back into the couch. I looked towards the kitchen to see Faye moving around the kitchen like a mad woman... I shook my head and held in a laugh.

“Babe, why don’t you just order in?” I yelled out to her.

“Well.. I just figured you’d want a home cooked meal.” She placed the pot she was filling with water into the sink and pushed some lose strands of hair out of her face.

“Just order Chinese if you want and come in here.” I flashed her another grin as she picked up her cell phone off the counter and started to dial.

“You sure you’re okay with this?” I asked Alex.

“Yeah, you love her don’t ya?” He responded while cocking his eyebrow.

“I do.” I sighed as she walked back into the living room and sat on the arm of the couch.

“It should be here in an hour.” Her focus was set on the TV where Alex had just stole somebodies car. I moved over then pulled Faye down onto the couch beside me.

“Be careful Dean.” She scolded me but remained seated beside me. I felt an easy grin slide onto my face.

Faye’s POV

I was finishing cleaning up after super as Alex helped Dean walk the stairs into his bedroom. Sergeant sat at my feet on the tiled kitchen floor his grey eyes staring up into mine. I cried out a weep and sunk to my knees beside him. Sergeant laid his head onto my lap I wrapped my arms around my wonderful dog and let my tears soak his head.

“What do I do Sarge? I will never be able to forgive myself for his injorys. I’m the reason for his pain.” I wept with my eyes closed pressed ageist his head.

“You’re also the reason for his happiness.” I jumped and looked up to see Alex standing beside the island watching Sergeant and I closely. “Before you Dean was stuck. All he cared about was the gang and making enough money to keep the ranch going. Now? He’s home a lot more, he smiles. Not the sick smile he gets when he’s beating someone around but a true smile I haven’t seen since we were kids. No matter what you say or do, he loves you.” Alex crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Do you really think he could love me even after what happened?” I asked while rubbing the tears off of my glasses.

“I know he does. Now go up and watch whatever sappy movie he picked out for you.” Alex shrugged and walked into the living room probably to continue whatever game he was playing. I took a deep breath to try and clam my nerves before giving Sergeant one last pat on the head and standing up.

I followed Sergeant out of the kitchen and went upstairs while he curled up beside Alex on the second bean bag chair that he dragged out of the closet for him and Sarge.

I opened the bedroom door and gasped. there Dean stood wearing a pair of jeans and his leather cut draped across his muscular chest. Surrounding him were a whole bunch of thick white candles. “What’s going on?” I whispered as I took another step into the room.

“We’ve been through so much in such a short time. You’ve been napped and almost died. I left you then came back and almost died. We’ve fought through so much in such a short time more than any other couple has ever gone through. I think if we can get through that we can get through anything. Even if you’re extremely stubborn and a bit crazy. But Faye, I love you with my whole fuckin’ heart. I would take a thousand bullets for you and live with the pain. Dying for you would be to easy, I would live my whole life with the worst pain imaginable if it meant you could just live one day without any. So Faye, will you marry me?” He asked as he knelt down on one knee and pulled a black velvet box out of his vest and opened the box with a click. There nestled into the silky fabric was a beautiful ring that had a diamond settled in the middle of rose shaped silver, the band stretched out with tiny diamonds shaped into leafs. I felt the tears fall down my cheeks and I dropped to my knees in front of Dean. I cupped Deans face between my hands and nodded while bringing my face to his and giving him a long hot kiss. “Say it baby, say you will be mine.”

“Yes, Dean I will marry you.” I cried out. He grinned then slammed his lips onto mine.

5 Years later.

I stood in front of the full length mirror in the most beautiful gown I could have ever asked for. It had an open back with a sweat heart neckline that hugged my body just the right way before flowing out at my feet that were being held by white heels with little diamonds all over them. I smiled at Em as she placed my hair into the lose bun on top of my head.

“You look beautiful, Auntie.” I smiled down at Em’s daughter. She had bright blue eyes and blonde hair.

“Thank you, Rennie. So don’t you.” She stood proudly in her lavender colored dress.

“Alright sweetie, are you ready?” My Mom asked me from the chair in the corner. She already had tears in her eyes.

“I think so.” I took a deep breath before taking a step towards Em and placed a hand on her swelled stomach. She smiled a sad smile at me before getting behind Rennie. Dean and I had tried to get pregnant but the trauma I faced when I was taken by Matt had made it almost impossible to get pregnant. I shook the thought out of my mind then nodded my head to my mom as Em passed me my bouquet of flowers. Mom opened the door to the club house and my Dad walked in with tears in his eyes.

“You look beautiful baby. Dean is a lucky man.” He wrapped me in a tight hug and I smiled back at him. The music started and the wedding planer gave Ren the signal to start walking. Then it was Em’s turn then it was just my parents and me. I took a deep breath to stop my hands from shaking. I ran my fingers over the picture of Bear that was in my flowers. Bear died last year when the club was taken bu surprise by a rival gang in a raid. Bear and a few others lost there lives, Bear was the one that pulled me out of the hole. He was there for the worst part of my life, it’s only right that he’s here for the best moment of it too.

“It’s time Faye, are you ready to see your husband?” The wedding planner asked me with a smile on her face.

“I’ve been ready the past 5 years. Let’s go.” I smiled at them. My Dad chuckled beside me then took my arm and started walking towards the makeshift isle we made outside. Standing at the end of it was my world, my reason for living. Dean stood in his best black jeans and black t-shirt with of course his cut on top of it all. I smiled when I seen him brush a tear away from his eye. I sent a silent thank you to Em for making me wear the water proof make up when a tear fell from my eye. When my father passed me to Dean he whispered something in his ear that made Dean’s eyes grow hard. Dad wasn’t exactly thrilled about me falling in love with Dean but when he realized that nothing was going to happen to us he started to be okay with it. Or so I thought.

“Do you Dean Saunders-” The guy from the club that had his marriage licence started the ceremony. It felt like forever until he told Dean to kiss me, and I promise you it was the best kiss of my life. Dean took me into his arms then put his hand into my hair and pulled my hair out of the bun in a quick movement then he wrapped my hair around his hand and pressed his lips to mine until the crowd stopped hooting and hollering.

“You, Miss. Saunders are mine. Only mine for the rest of your life. Do you understand?” Dean growled into my lips.

“Yes Mr. Saunders.”


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