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Chapter 3

The text sent chills to my core. He had to have been close to hear Dean call me that. I franticly looked around to see if I could spot his black hair over the mass of people. He was 5′9 and he always kept his hair short. Dean put his hand on my shoulder snapping out of my frantic search.

“Faye? You good?”

“Uh yeah. Let’s just go in...” I mutter and start walking towards the door. Dean walked ahead of me I made sure to stay close so I wouldn’t get lost. As soon as we entered the doors I could smell the sweat dripping off the fighters in the ring. It was raised up so you could watch the fight no matter where you stood. There was a tall man walking around yelling asking people if they want to bet on the ‘Reapers’ match whom ever that was.

“Are my parents here?” I yelled to Dean.

“Yeah they should be in the VIP box in front of the ring.” I nodded as we walked over towards where I presume the VIP box was. After standing in the same spot for 5 minutes with me yelling excuse me and the group of people not moving Dean yelled and I quote ‘Move the fuck outa my way before I lay the smack down on your candy asses.’ They moved in a hurry. After we moved through the people I tapped on Deans shoulder and motioned him to come down to my level so I didn’t have to yell.

“Have you been watching wrestling?” I say in his ear.

“What?” He yells to me confused.

“You told those people you’d lay the smack down on their candy asses. You stole that from the Rock.” I gave him my best doe eyes. Dean simply rolled his eyes and murmured something about those guys being pussy’s and that he could take them before placing his hand on my lower back and pushing me through the crowed.

When we finally got to where my parents where sitting my mother looked pleasantly surprised to see me there.

“Faye, baby you came!” She yelled in shock. When I was 16 I came to a fight with my Dad and Chad. I vowed to never return when a guys tooth that was fighting landed in my iced tea and I almost drank it.

“I didn’t exactly have a choice.” I glared at Dean.

“I’ve gotta go get ready Prez.” Dean ignored me and walked back through the crowd and I walked up the steps of the platform to the seat beside my father.

“So how’s Dean been?” My mother asked with adoration in her eyes.

“He’s a royal pain in my ass.” I replied then averted my eyes the the pair fighting in the ring. One was wearing my fathers gang logo on his shorts and the other was wearing a red pair. The guy from my Dads gang was winning and my Dad looked impressed. Soon that match was over and the guy came down to stand in front of my Dad. Mom passed him a towel to wipe the sweat and blood off his toned body.

“Not bad kid. Not bad at all.” He praised him.

“Thanks, Prez. He was a bitch to take down.” The guy grunted.

“Faye this is one of the Prospects.” My Dad said before sitting back in his seat. The Prospect sat in front of me on the platform.

“I’m Bear.” He reached out his hand to me I bent over, probably giving him a nice view of my cleavage, and shook his hand.

“Why Bear?” I asked. Knowing all the men got a nickname for a reason.

“My Ma was an Indian and it means courage or somethin’” He grinned at me. It was his real name... My cheeks flamed with embarrassment. Before I could make anymore of an ass of myself the announcer came in the ring.

“Now is the time all you crazy mother fuckers have been waiting for. In the left corner presenting BEAST” He yelled a huge man maybe 6′3 his arms were bigger than my legs and very tight abs. I felt sorry for his opponent. ” And in the right corner please welcome our champion 20 and 0 The REAPER!” The man growled into the mic. My eyes widened when Dean came on the stage he wasn’t much smaller than Beast but what he lacked in size I knew he made up for in cockiness. I looked to my father to see he had a smug smile on his face. Was I the only one worried that Dean was going to be killed? I must have looked horrified or maybe it was the fact that I was shaking my knee up and down my mother gave me a reassuring smile and told me to just watch. Who was she and what did she do with the woman that rushed me to the hospital when I was five and scrapped my knee when I fell out of the tree in the back yard and demanded the doctors give me stitches.

The bell rang and my worries vanished. Dean was a tank to put it lightly. He started by dancing around Beast and would dance back every time he took a swing at him tiring him out but when he did hit him you heard it. I don’t know if it was the sound of his jaw dislocating or bone on bone but it made the crowd scream louder. I think it enraged Beast more that the crowd became louder when he got hurt he swing around and hit Dean in the mouth then again in the eye before he could get his hands up. I found myself biting at my nails watching Dean get hurt but before I could yell for my dad to do anything Dean started fighting back he got a few good hits in when the bell rang for the round to be over. Beast stumbled over to where his trainer was yelling at him to keep his hands up and to look for weak points but I honestly don’t think Dean had any weak points. Before long the fight began again and I don’t know what happened but Dean let his guard down and started taking hits only raising his hands to block a few. I leaned over to my Dad when I seen his eye already starting to swell. “Do something he’s going to get himself killed.” I yelled I knew my eyes were frantic.

“No baby, he’s just feeding the Reaper. Just wait and you’ll see why he got his name.” My Dad patted my leg reassuringly. How the hell can he be so calm his VP is about to die! Just when I was about to yell at someone to do something, anything I learned why Dean’s road name is Reaper.

He came back with a superman punch to Beasts jaw knocking him down on the ground but Dean didn’t stop there, he kept delivering punch after punch until Beast was knocked out cold. Even then they had to pull Dean off after the bell rang, but honestly I don’t think he heard it his eyes were almost animistic. At that moment he was not Dean, the man

that supplied me with all of my food and cook wear. No, he was purely the Reaper.

I was in shock when he got out of the ring and swaggered over to us he looked like he could take on the world and still win. Though his face was pretty beaten up and his knuckles were bleeding he was smiling his cocky smile that I’ve grown to love.

“Hey boss.” He smirked at my Dad.

“Reaper. You didn’t take as long tonight to unleash the ass kicking.” Dad chuckled as my mother smacked his arm.

“I was already irritated when I got into the ring.” Dean laughs.

“That was awesome man.” Bear smiles at Dean.

“You weren’t to bad yourself, kid.” Bear’s grin got wider. I knew he looked up to Dean. But me? I couldn’t look him in the eye with the pool of wetness between my legs. You would have to be blind not to see how sexy Dean was when he was fighting and my guess is that he knew it too.

“Faye, let’s go. Bear’s going to take you home” Dean’s deep voice startled me. When I finally looked over at him he had a blonde hanging off his arm. Knowing perfectly well what he had in mind I nodded and said my goodbyes to my parents before following Bear out to surprisingly his car.

“Where’s your bike?” I asked as he unlocked the doors with his remote.

“In the shop getting fixed. Some asshole ran over it in the parking lot.” He said before climbing in his blue newer Ford Focus.

“Is he still alive?” I asked bluntly. Bear chuckled and nodded his head.

“Yeah only because he automatically said he would pay for the damages and it turns out he is loaded and bought me this baby to get around in.” Wow, I forgot how much fear even prospects held in this town.

After giving Bear directions to my house I asked him to come in for a bit. I enjoyed talking to him he didn’t anger me like Dean did.

“PS3 sweet. Got Black Opps?” Bear asked me excitedly practically bouncing on my couch. I shook my head laughing at him as I brought in popcorn and two beers to the living room.

“Actually yes I do.” Chad dropped off a copy while Dean and I were out the note said because I’m boring and Dean need’s something to do.

Bear popped the disk in and set it up while I opened our beers. When he handed me an extra controller I looked at him with wide eyes but before I could object the match had started.

As it turns out I was pretty good at the game. After spending two rounds spinning in circles shooting at anything that moved I figured out my technique. Bear on the other hand completely sucked. He spent most of the game hidden behind me while I protected him.

“FAYE HE’S GOING TO KILL ME” Bear yelled from the couch.

“Quit whining like a little bitch and shoot him.” I sighed as I tried to hurry my player to where he was hiding in a bush. That’s right a bush. I left him in the beginning of the round telling him it was time for him to fend for himself. He has killed no one but died 15 times. Where as I was in first place out of our team.

“What’s going on here?” Deans voice scared both of us causing Bear to scream and tackle me to the floor. He later said he didn’t scream he yelled an old Native war cry before sacrificing himself to save me... Soon after Dean kicked him out telling him to quit being a pansy ass.

“Was that really necessary?” I asked Dean as I cleaned up the split popcorn and empty beer bottles.

“He’s only a prospect.” He shrugged as if that meant Bear as any less of a human. I shook my head and put the bottles in the recycle before joining Dean on the couch. He passed me my controller telling me to pick something. I scrolled through until I found Prison Break. Dean scoffed when it started to play.

“What?” I frowned.

“Prison is nothing like that. This show is bull shit.” He gunted.

“You’re just jealous that Micheal is smarter and oh so much sexier than you are.”

“He’s a little bitch that can’t fight.” He came back.

“He doesn’t need to fight he’s smart.” I yelled at him.

“You need to fight in prison unless you want to become someones bitch.” He sighed.

“Micheal is nobody’s bitch. He’s more of a man than you are. He got his toes chopped off.” I smirked.

“He cried.” Dean laughed.

“It takes a real man to cry in front of the girl he likes.” Dean just mumbled something I didn’t understand before getting up off the couch and walked outside.

I shook my head at his stubbornness when my phone dinged. Sighing I took it off the table and opened the message. Matt.

‘Remember when we were that happy? xoxo’

Then he send a picture of him and I at a hiking trail. His arm was wrapped tightly around my waist my arms were snug around him. Huge smiles we’re painted on both of our faces. Yes I did think I was happy and in love when weren’t fighting, which was rare. I finally let my memories take me back...

“I don’t want you to go see her.” I yelled as I paced the dark wood floors at his parents house. They went away for a while so he was house sitting. That’s when I found the messages on his computer between him and his ‘best friend’ who was known to be a whore.

“I could really care less what you want, Faye. I’m going it’s her son’s birthday. She always wanted me to be like an uncle to him and I haven’t been. Because of you.” He yelled clearly frustrated as he curled and uncurled his fists. “Just trust me. I’m not going to fucking cheat on you.” He growled out to me.

Trust you. That was a lot easier said than done. You’ve hidden things and lied to me, you’ve pushed me away then brought me back at the last second for no good reason with only one word or action.

“You’ve done this before, Matt. Remember when you went to Lindsey’s house for the night? On the day of my Grandfathers death?” I argued. I usually don’t do this but he owned my heart and I couldn’t lose him to her.

“I’ve told you we only cleaned out her fridge, stop being such a bitch. You don’t own me I will go if I want too.” He barked out as he walked back into his room to play Grand Theft Auto on his Play Station 4.

“I’m sorry. I’m just scared of losing you.” I muttered and I tried to contain the pain in my side that came every time we fought.

“You will if you keep it up.” He didn’t even look at me.

“Matt, Ple-” I tired.

“Shut the fuck up, Faye. Before I shut you up.” He shot his eyes at me, they held pure fury and a small promise. I did as I was told and slipped quietly out of his room and walked to the bathroom just outside of his kitchen. I opened the door leaving the light off. I locked the door and sunk to the floor. I removed my glasses placing them on the counter top and as quietly as I could sobbed until I couldn’t breath. He hated it when he could hear me cry and would usually yell at me more. I cried so much that I ended up puking what little I had in my stomach. I had all but stopped eating a few weeks ago. I just wasn’t hungry and couldn’t force myself to eat. Em was worried about me and pushed me to see a doctor. But I assured her I was find. I had seen way to many doctors in the past few years.

“You done your fucking crying yet?” Matt's voice thundered through the door. My breath stopped and my heart sped up. I could feel myself shaking. “You know what? Get out. NOW.” I yelped and came out of the bathroom tears staining my cheeks and my eyes swollen under my glasses.

“M-matt please, don’t do this. I’m sorry for crying.” I plead. I couldn’t lose him.

“You should have thought of that before. Now get your shit and get out.” He scoffed.

“I’m not okay with you going Matt.” I whispered as I grabbed my purse and keys off the breakfast bar.

“I. Don’t. Care.” He simply said before pushing me out the door.

“I love you, Matt. Please.” I begged as he slammed and locked the door.

I opened my eyes to find Dean staring at me like I’ve gone insane. I blinked and felt a tear fall down my face.

“Faye?” Dean said slowing as if not to scare me.

“Yeah?” I wiped at my face finding it soaked with tears. I had PTSD. After our relationship ended I started to seek help for the pain and panic attacks I would have randomly if someone dropped something or even as small as bumping into someone in a store I would freak out thinking someone would yell at me for my mistake. I didn’t trust any male for a very long time. Even now I have troubles.

“I’ve been calling your name for the pass 10 minutes but you’ve completely zoned out crying and shaking. You kept repeating the words no not again over and over again I almost called Trigger to snap you out of it.” He looked genuinely worried about me. “What’s goin’ on?” He placed his huge rough hand on my knee and I jumped back my heart squeezing in fear.

“N-nothing, I’m sorry Dean. I’m going to bed. Night.” I rushed up the stairs and into my bedroom. My breathing was labored and stomach was flipped. Not again. I’ve come so far I’ve suppressed those memories. I thought I was better now, thought I could deal with men but I was wrong. Matt still had his tight grip around my brain and I don’t know what I could do to stop it this time.

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