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Chapter 4

I woke up the next morning to find Dean gone and a note on my fridge saying lock-down was over but he would be home later. I rolled my eyes wondering why he was still going to stay at my place when lock-down was over. After making myself a coffee I decided to go outside to the backyard deck and call Em on Skype.

“FAYE!!!!” Was the first thing out of her mouth when the call connected. I grinned at my best friend. Her blonde hair was up in a messy bun and she was in what looks like a living room in very unattractive sweats and a black tank top.

“EM! I’ve missed you.” I grinned at her and closed my purple house coat over my white crop top and P.J pants I was wearing before the cool wind turned my nipples into ice cutters.

“I’ve missed you too. So how’s home life?” She asked as her cat Milo jumped in front of the webcam. I laughed as he started sniffing the computer screen.

“Hi Milo, I miss you too buddy.” I laughed as I gathered my deep red hair and moved it onto my left shoulder. “Home is good. I found a place to rent and I even got a job at the SPCA as the lead Vet.” I contemplated telling her about Matt since she went through everything with me but decided against worrying her anymore.

“Lucky, I’m still bunked up with my parents.” She sighed. “At least until I get approved for an apartment I’m looking at.” She fixed her shirt making me fiddle with mine. Em was beautiful she looked honestly like a beautiful model. She was so thin her hip bones showed but she had a C cup breast and a big ass. She always had men trying to get with her, even Matt tried while I was sitting right there. I didn’t reactant so I didn’t get in trouble.

“At least you have your job” I remarked she rolled her bright blue eyes. I sighed and looked over the computer that was sitting on my glass patio table at the view of the ocean.

“So tell me, is there any sexy man candy out there?” Em wiggled her perfectly shaped eyebrows seductively. My mind instantly went to Dean and Bear.

“Maybe a couple.” I giggled as I heard the rumble of a motorbike pass. I stiffened up hoping it wasn’t Dean yet as I was enjoying my talk with Em. When I heard the back door open I jumped and Em stopped talking about if I’d gotten laid yet.

“Faye. We need to talk.” Dean stood beside me with his arms crossed on his chest. I knew Em had seen his cut.

“Faye… You have a biker in your house.” Em whispered. I tried to hide my smirk at her wide eyes.

“Em this is Dean. He’s um kinda my roommate.” I muttered I watched Em’s mouth go slack and her eyes widen. Dean frowned and bent over looking into the webcam at Em. Instantly she snapped her mouth shut and blushed profoundly.

“Damn. You didn’t tell me their was sexy guys in boston. That’s it Faye, I’m coming for a visit. Now tell me Dean, do you have a brother?” Em asked leaning closer to the camera.

“Yeah. Faye will call you back.” He mutters and ends the call but not before I see Em’s tongue roll out of her mouth. Our code when there is a man sexy enough to eat is around. I couldn’t help but giggle as Dean sat in the chair beside me.

“That was rude.” I frown at him.

“I really don’t give a fuck, princess. We need to talk.” He grunted.

“About?” I pulled my knees up on the chair.

“The lock down is over so I’m moving out. Only if you want me too.” He took out a pack of smokes and placed a white filtered one between his lips and lit it up. I wrinkled my nose glad he has enough respect not to smoke in my house.

“Yeah, I mean, why would you stay.” I could feel the cold sweat crawl up my neck at the thought of being alone again.

“Well after last night-”

“Last night was just because I watched a scary movie and you looked like one of the killers.” I lied.

“What movie?” He snapped and I smirked.

“Wrong Turn.” He scoffed before getting up going into the house.

“Wait!” I yelled following him. He stopped in the kitchen cocking his eyebrow. “I need to pay you back for the food and stuff.” I said going to my wallet.

“No, you don’t. I’m not going to take your money.” He growled before walking out the door. Leaving me dumbfounded. He was so different from Matt and he wasn’t even my boyfriend. Then my phone pinged with a text my heart raised again I almost didn’t look at it but I’ve always been too curious for my own good.

‘You better tap that… Or I will. Damn, I wish he was my roommate. :p ;)’

The text was from Em I shook my head before going up to the room Dean was staying in. I hadn’t been in here since he started being my bodyguard in respect for his privacy. I walked in to find the bed nicely made and any trace of anyone sleeping here was gone. He must have hoped I would tell him to leave. I felt a pang of disappointment in my chest before deciding to get dressed and go out to the SPCA, I had nothing else to do today so might as well get to know my co-workers and the animals.

I dressed in my light blue skinny jeans and white flowy blouse and ankle boots deciding to do a light white and black smokey eye and I left my hair down and wild.

When I got to the SPCA I noticed my car was the only one in the front parking lot. When I walked in there was the same small woman sitting at the desk who’s name I remembered as June. Explaining why I was here the day before I actually started work she smiled and moved me along telling me my ID was done she passed it to me I was a simple plastic card that had my picture on it and a bar code so I could open the doors. Apparently they had a break in a while back and someone stole the drugs and a hamster. So since then they upgraded to the same kind of security as hospitals have. I stopped and seen Ann on my way back letting her know why I was here, she simply smiled saying she was glad to have made the right choice.

When I went into the area that they held the dogs my heart broke there was so many sad faces most were older dogs only a few puppies. One of the lead caretakers came up to me with a small smile.

“It’s hard to see isn’t it?” She asked following my eyes.

“I don’t understand how anyone could just ditch their pets” I sighed. She began telling all about every single one of their stories, most were just abandoned tied to the post in front of the sanctuary or left on the side of the highway not a care if they get hurt or not. We made it to the last kennel and Stacey sighed.

“This is Sergeant. We call him Sarge. He has the worst story I’ve ever seen. He almost died.” I could hear the emotion in her voice. “He was fight dog used by Mitch VanDerbog. He was in the middle of a fight when investigators got him out. He was bleeding out but it was him that was winning the fight. The other dog punctured his lung and it was filling up with blood.” At this point I had tears falling down my face as I looked at the healthy looking black pit bull with piercing grey eyes. “ You wanna know the most amazing part?” She asked and I nodded not trusting my voice. “He doesn’t have a problem with anyone. You can walk him up to any dog and he won’t so much as sniff them the wrong way he just want’s to play. And he loves people even though a human put him through hell he doesn’t hold a grudge.” She sighed. I knelt down and the dog wiggled over to me with his tail wagging so much I thought he was going to fall over.

“How long has he been here?” I asked while scratching him behind his soft ears.

“2 years. We estimated him to be around 5 years old.” She smiled at him.

“Why is he still here?” I asked her with a frown. He was an amazing animal.

“No one wants a dog with such an aggressive background.” She said sadly. I didn’t even have to think about it.

“I’ll take him.” I stood quickly. He was a wounded soul, just like me. Only difference is his battle will soon be over.

“W-what? Really?” Her eyes were huge and I could see the joy in them.

“Yes. I don’t have any other animals and it’s just me in a huge empty house. Why not share it with an amazing man.” I smiled at her. She was the one with tears freely flowing down her face. Knowing he meant a lot to her I silently promised to bring him back often to see them.

We went to see Ann so I could start filling out the proper paperwork. She was even more overjoyed than Stacey was I found out she was the one that pulled him off the other dog. After we filled out all the paperwork we went to the back to get him. When the door of his kennel opened up he instantly ran to me. I smiled as he wiggled and gave kisses until I needed to push him off so I could stand up. When Stacey passed me the leash I felt whole. I knew this was the best choice I could have made.

After a long goodbye Sarge and I finally got to leave and because he was there for so long and because I now worked their I didn’t have to pay the adoption fee. After we left there we went to the closest pet store and Sarge and I went in deciding after the hell he’s been through in his life it was time to be spoiled. We started with the dog food, it took all of two minutes for Sarge to find the one he wanted. Laughing at him placing his paw on top of the bag I placed it in the cart and tried to ignore the stairs of people whispering about the scars all over his body. If only they knew how much of a fighter he was…

We ended up with about 50 toys for him treats 4 large dog beds (One for my office, the living room, my room, and outside. What? he needs to be comfortable too), food and water dishes and a coat for him. Ben one of the employees there needed to help me fit everything in the car I smiled at him after he was finished then we went home I unleashed him and watched him race around exploring his new home I put all of his things away but when he finally laid on my couch for a rest I knew he was exactly where he needed to be.

Later that evening Sergeant and I curled up on my couch and watched T.V while he was asleep I couldn’t help but trace the three small scars on his face. One below his eye one on his muscle and one on his cheek. My heart hurt when I found my finger lightly touch the one that almost killed him on his chest where the other dog had punctured his lung.

“You’re safe now baby, rest easy.” I whispered as I wiped a stray tear from my eye.

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