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Chapter 5

The sound of the door slamming woke me from my dreamless sleep still on the couch, Sargent crouched low on the couch next to me growling deeply. I held my breath as the huge dark figure came closer into the light of the TV. Knowing instantly it wasn’t Matt I calmed down a bit.

“Why the fuck are you growling at me?” Chad asked as he walked into the light. Sargent raised his hackles and stood protectively in front of me. I started patting him showing him I wasn’t scared anymore. He snuck a confused glance at me before sitting on the couch his eyes still trained on Chad. “When did you get a dog?” He asked still in the same place.

“Why are you here?” I didn’t answer his question.

“I seen your TV on so I stopped in. I also thought you had company.” Sargent must have decided Chad wasn’t a threat because he laid down beside me again. Chad slowly walked over to the other side of the couch, clearly still a bit afraid.

“Why would you think I had company at-” I reached for my phone to check the time. “2 in the morning?” I raised an eyebrow at my brother.

“There was a silver sports car sitting in front of your house but when I pulled up he left.” He was here. Matt was sitting across from my house watching. Waiting. I felt another panic attack crawl up my chest. “You okay? You look like you seen a ghost. Don’t worry about the car, it was probably just someone using their cell phone.” He smiled lazily. If you only knew how huge of a deal it truly was.

“You’re probably right.. You can stay if you want I’ve got the extra bedroom upstairs that Dean was using.” I sighed as I stood up from the couch stretching my stiff muscles.

“Only if you promise your attack dog won’t kill me.” He asked eyeing the lump under the blanket that Sargent was under.

“He’s friendly. Maybe if you’re good I’ll tell you how he got his name.” I winked at my nervous brother.

“What’s his name?” He asked.

“Sargent.” I smiled sadly as he popped his head up from the blanket wagging his tail at me. I shook my head laughing as his goofball doggie smile. I walked up the stairs with my brother and Sargent close behind.


After work the next day I drove straight home to start getting ready for the clubs party, Dad texted me to make sure I was still going.

I opened my front door figuring it was unlocked when I seen Chad’s and Dean’s bikes in my driveway when I went home. I walked in expecting to hear Sargent’s feet on the floor as he ran to greet me when I didn’t I got worried that he had locked himself in one of the bedrooms, after checking them all my heart started to speed up hoping he didn’t get out. The fear of pit bulls, especially one with scars, was huge in this area of Boston that someone might shoot first and ask questions later. My sneakers were pounding the floor as I ran through the house calling his name. When I slid the back door open I almost cried, there, laying on top of Dean, was my little black pit bull giving him kisses while my brother stood next to them looking upset that Dean was getting all the love.

“Sargent.” I breathed. His pointy ears perked up at the sound of his name. He looked over to where I stood on the deck tail wagging. He barked his hello before racing up the steps. I dropped to my knees then let my purse fall onto the wood, thankfully nothing split out, I wrapped my arms around my wiggly dog.

“You’re bringing him to the party right?” Dean asked now standing on the first step looking at me.

“I didn’t peg you for a dog man.” I smirked up at Dean before straightening up.

“You don’t really know me then.” He muttered before walking past me into the kitchen. Because you won’t let me. Sighing I asked Chad to watch Sergeant while I went to my room to get ready for this party. I decided on a black lace top with my leather pants and black ankle boots that had studded belts around them. I finished my signature black smokey eye look before grabbing my leather jacket and walking down the stairs. When I got to the bottom on the staircase Dean was standing on the other side of the island drinking his beer talking to Chad in low whispers. Chad was the first one to see me and a small smile crept onto his face.

“You’re finally starting to look like yourself.” He laughed. My eyes flickered to Dean he was wearing loose black jeans with a tight white t shirt that outlined every muscle he had on his body on top of that he had his leather jacket with the gang symbol on the back. I found myself squeezing my thighs together failing at keeping the wetness from growing inside my red lace panties. When I finally lifted my gaze to his face I seen a look of pure lust in his emerald green eyes.

“Took you long enough.” His voice was husky and deep, my pussy tingled almost painfully.

“Sorry.” I whispered hoarsely. I grabbed my purse and Sargent’s leash off the table, he was sitting right in front of Dean so when I bent over to clip it onto his collar I heard Dean suck a breath realizing I was giving him a full view of my cleavage I shot up straight avoiding his eyes.

“Let’s go.” Chad said completely oblivious. He slung his arm across my shoulders and walked Sargent and I out to my car. I could feel Dean’s hot stare on my back but when I turned to look at him his eyes were trained on my ass. I felt a hot blush rush to my cheeks.

When we got to the club house the party was already in full swing. I got out of my car feeling a bit nervous but once Sargent drug me into the mass of people I started to relax. These were the people I grew up with and I was safe here I kept repeating these words in my head, trying to convince my heart to stop racing.

When I was sure Sargent wasn’t going to bite anyone I unclipped him from his leash and instantly he ran to Dean. Even my dog can’t help but be attracted to him. I rolled my eyes deciding I needed a drink I went into the house.

“Faye.” I smiled when I seen Bear behind the bar.

“Hey Bear, what’s up?” I asked as I sat on top of the bar stool.

“Working, I didn’t expect to see you here.” He smiled popping the cap off a beer and took a swing.

“I’m the daughter of your president.” I state knowing that’s all the explanation I needed to give. “Can I have a shot of whiskey please.” I rested my head in my hands. Bears eyes went huge before pouring my shot, asking 3 times if I was sure. I got my high tolerance for alcohol from my father whereas Chad got piss drunk after 4 beers.

I was talking to some of the girls I use to know before I left when I felt a pair of arms sneak around my waste. I turned around to see Snake, my high school boyfriend and now the Sergeant-of-arms in my Dad’s gang.

“Hey beautiful.” He smiled the same grin that made me fall in love with him.

“Hey Snake.” I sighed lifting my arms and hooking them around his neck. My smile was easy with him, he felt like home.

“When’d you get home?”

“Last week. Right before the lock down.”

“I’ve missed you.” He muttered.

“I missed you too, Snake.” But before I could pull away his lips were on mine. He forced my mouth open with his tongue and I could taste the alcohol on his breath. My stomach turned. He’s not Matt. I kept chanting in my head but as I was trying to push him away his hand dove into my pants and started rubbing my clit over my panties. I tried to shove him off but I wasn’t strong enough and to anyone else it probably looked like we were just making out. Snake pushed my panties away and started rubbing my clit wishing my body would stop reacting as if I wanted it I finally got my arm free and drew my fist back and punched snake in the side of the head with all I had. It must have been enough to stun him because he stumbled back and fell over. I felt tears sting my eyes but only when I brought my foot back and channeled all my years of playing soccer in school to kick him in his nose did the party became deathly silent.

“What the hell is going on?” Dean’s voice thundered through my body. I felt hands on my arms I turned to see Chad looking very pissed off. Dean moved beside me and looked down to Snake who was trying to stop the bleeding from his nose. Good.

“Crazy bitch just started flipping out at me.” Snake growled as he stood in front of us he was the same height as Dean.

“You son of a bitch. You really haven’t changed. You’re still the biggest pussy I know.” I glared at him. He made a move to come at me but Dean jumped in front of him throwing a punch I heard the crunch knowing that Dean broke his nose. When Snake fell to the ground I stepped in front of Dean and leaned down grabbing the patch that said ‘Sergeant-of-arms’ and ripped it off. I heard a few people gasp. Technically I wasn’t allowed to demote anyone of the club so what I just did was a huge deal. I even felt Dean stiffen. “Piece of shit.” I spat in his face before going into the house. I seen Sargent sitting in the kitchen with Bear eating so I left them and went to where my old room was. Chad had told me before that Dad wouldn’t let anyone take it or use it. I closed the door and sunk to my knees onto the floor in front of my bed. I curled into a ball and inhaled a shaky breath and let out a scream. I rocked back and forth trying to control my screams,silently thanking Dad for the thick walls, but it was like my body went on autopilot. I didn’t even hear Dean come into my room and almost didn’t hear him mutter a curse before sinking to the floor beside me, taking me into his arms and pulling me onto his lap. He didn’t say a thing, he just held me tight and let me cry. It had been so long since I had be comforted I almost didn’t know what to do. When I was calm enough to talk I pulled away but refused to look him in the eye. I uncurled my fist to see Snake’s patch wrinkled and damp from my sweat.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. Dean gently tilted my face to his making me meet his eyes.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Faye.” He moved the hair out of my face. Knowing my make-up had run and I looked like a raccoon I bowed my head again. “Hey, look at me.” Dean’s voice almost sounded harsh so I did as I was told and lifted my blue eyes to his. “You’re fucking gorgeous, so don’t ever fucking hide your face from me ever again.” I nodded suddenly thankful I decided to wear my contacts so I didn’t have black streaks of mascara on my glasses. Dean put his hands on my hips turning me so I was straddling his waist. I placed my hands on his shoulders and watched his eyes flick to my mouth. He raised his hand and slowly rubbed his rough thumb across my bottom lip making me sigh slightly. He moved his hand to behind my head so I couldn’t move away and brought my face to his and softly kissed me. I instantly felt butterflies in my stomach his kiss became more desperate when I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue against mine, I had to hold back a moan. He moved his other hand to the small of my back pulling me against him. I moved my hips and let out a deep moan when I felt his throbbing cock on my hot core. Dean must have took that as his go ahead because after he stood up not breaking the kiss for a second and me softy placed me on the soft bed and laid on top of me keeping most of his weight on his forearm beside my head. I latched my legs around his hips and started grinding my pussy on his dick. His groan vibrated my mouth, I moved my hands to his pants and started to undo his belt when he broke the kiss and stilled my hands. I looked up into his lust filled eyes in question. Did he not want this? As if reading my mind he shook his head.

“I’m not going to fuck you after what that ass hole did to you.” He muttered as he let his head fall into my tits. I felt myself nodding but when I tried to get up Dean pushed me back down with a mischief look in his eye. I was about to ask what but he lifted my shirt and started placing hot kisses a long my ribs causing me to moan. He lifted my shirt off my body before running his hand across my lace covered breasts and whispered “So fucking beautiful” under his breath. He reached behind me and unclasped my bra letting the straps fall down my tanned arms exposing my hardened pink nipples. Dean clasped his hot mouth around my nipple and started licking and sucking. I threw my head back in a moan and gripped the bed sheets when he lightly bit the sensitive skin I held back my scream of pleasure. His hands started to peel my pants off leaving the red lace panties as he kissed my stomach. When his face was in front of my pussy it was already dripping and I was wiggling trying to contain myself. Without uttering a word Dean kissed my clit which was still protected by my panties. I felt my legs shake with delight.

“You ready baby?” Dean lifted his eyes to mine, I bit my lip nodding. I watched Dean take my red lace in his mouth before ripping them off my core. I felt myself tighten with pleasure I felt a gasp leave my lips but when his tongue finally touched my clit I was screaming. Matt had never made me feel like this. I pushed his face more into my pussy with my hands as my eyes rolled in the back of my head moaning. He abandoned my clit and went to my pussy and sucked my juices sticking his tongue inside my pussy and thrusted it in and out until I couldn’t contain myself any more and I released myself on Dean’s tongue I was shaking in delight with my first orgasm. Dean collapsed beside me bringing me close.

“So that’s an orgasm.” I whispered sleepily. I felt Dean laugh before he put his hand over my pussy again.

“Shh and go to sleep.” He kissed the side of my head and stroked my pussy until I fell asleep.

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