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Chapter 6

When I woke up the next morning I smiled down at the lavender bed sheets. As I expected Dean was gone but Sargent had taken his place under the blankets. I almost fell back asleep when I heard yelling and something smash. I instantly stood up and went to my closet and threw on old shorts bra and tank top before running out into the main area to find my mother with her hands wrapped around Snake’s neck and my brother trying to pry her off. I looked to my father to find him laughing and Dean stood beside him with a ghost of a smile on his face. I stood their shocked with my Mother. But when Snake brought his fist back and punched my Mother in the face sending her flying to the floor was when I seen how my father got his road name. Slayer. He gripped Snake by the back of the head and started delivering blow after blow to his face. Blood sprayed every wheres. When Dad took the knife I had gotten him for his birthday when I was 16 out of his pocket and flipped the blade open. The outline of a Harley danced on the handle, I wish I could have closed my eyes and turned away but I couldn’t I watched my father rip Snake’s pants off, Dean walked over and held Snake still as Dad cut his dick and balls off. His scream’s brought a smile to both Chad’s and Dean’s faces. I felt bile rise in my throat but when Dad forced Snake’s jaws and shoved his genitals down his throat I felt a scream get stuck in the pit of my stomach. Snake looked over to me and his eyes smiled and he spit one of his balls at me it hit my chest and rolled down the inside of my shirt before falling to the floor at my feet. Snake didn’t even hear my ear piercing scream before Dean snapped his neck letting his body fall to the floor. Another scream tore through me my mother ran over to me and took me into her arms and held me. I don’t know who was shaking more me or her. My father told the prospects to clean up the mess and walked over to us. He took my mother in his arms looking at the red mark where Snake punched her. He looked at me I just shook my head and backed away from him. This is why I wanted out of the club, why I became a Vet. I went to my room and changed into running sneakers and snapped Sergeant’s leash on his collar. We slipped out the back door and went for a long run. I needed to think. When we stopped we were at the harbor that I use to visit as a kid. I sat on a bench beside the wall of rocks and put my head between my knees music blasting through the headphones in my ears. I don’t know how long we sat there when I felt Sargent tug at the leash I lifted my head to see a tall man standing in front of me smiling. Weirdly I took out my headphones and smiled up at him .

“Hey, sorry to bother you, I just had to tell you what a beautiful dog you have. Pit bull right?” His voice was friendly, he ran a large hand through his blonde hair nervously.

" Yeah he is, thank you.” I smiled down at Sargent who sat calmly at my feet.

“I’m Rick. Is he friendly?” He asked.

“He is, I’m Faye.” Rick came closer and knelt down to Sargent’s level and stroked his face. “And this is Sergeant.” I laugh when Sergeant leaned into Rick’s legs.

“Faye is a beautiful name.” His blue eyes gleamed up at me.

" Thanks.” I grinned. It felt good to have a normal conversation.

“Look’s like he’s had a rough life.” Rick commented referring to the scars on Sarge’s face.

“He has. I adopted him from the SPCA, where I work. But his life is better now.” I sighed. Rick opened his mouth to say something when a loud exhaust caught out attention. A red S10 pulled into the parking lot Dean got out of the truck looking pissed.

“Someone’s in trouble.” Rick muttered seeing Dean’s rage.

“Yeah, me.” I sighed. Rick’s eyes got huge and he stood up fast looking scared.

“Beat it kid.” Dean growled.Rick looked at me then back at Dean before practically running back to where his car was probably parked. Coward.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Dean asked me his voice full of anger.

“I went for a run Dean, can you please stop with this body guard shit?” I glared at him wondering how he was so sweet and gentle last night and not even 12 hours later he snapped someone’s neck.

“Don’t look at me like that, Faye.” He snarled.

“Like what?” I asked as he crossed his arms.

“Like you’re better than me. Like I’m the scum on the bottom of your glass slipper.” He snapped. I looked down at my beat up sneakers. “Your old man only did that because he loves you.” Dean muttered sitting next to me on the bench and started rubbing Sargent’s head.

“I know why my Dad did it, Dean. But why did you kill him?” I looked into his green eyes searching for my answer. The wind blew my red hair around my face and Dean sighed.

“I seen how tore up you were last night, Faye. It killed me to see you so afraid.” Dean ran his hands through his black hair.

“You don’t know me Dean, you don’t know what I’ve been though. So don’t pretend to be my knight in shining armour you can’t swoop in and try and save me, I’m too fucked up and too far gone.” I spat at him before getting up and jogging away with Sargent at my side. I felt Dean’s hand on my arm spinning me around his green eyes were wild.

“We’re all fucked up Faye, every single one of us. Stop pushing me out I’m not the one that hurt you. I’m the one that will show you how to love if you let me. And maybe, just maybe you’ll show me how to love too.” He yelled at me at this point I had tears in my eyes. I grabbed a hold of Dean’s cut and pulled him to my chest pressing my lips to his. He’s not Matt.


Shortly after our moment at the harbor I got called into work for an emergency c-section on a cat. After 4 hours and 13 babies later I walked out into the cool night to see Dean in his truck sitting in the parking lot with Sergeant in the front seat. Smiling I walked over and got in.

“What are you doing here? I told Chad he could pick me up.” I smiled at him and gave Sargent a kiss.

“I know but I wanted to show you something.” He said with a small grin. I nodded and fastened my seat belt.

20 minutes later we were in the countryside I frowned my brows wondering what was out here. Dean finally pulled his truck into a driveway of a ranch. There was a huge house and a barn with 20 or so horses. I grinned at Dean when he put the truck into park.

“Where are we?” I asked knowing my eyes were full of awe.

“This is where I live with my little brother.” He smiled and got out of the truck grabbing Sergeant’s leash. I shook my head at him.

“The big bad biker is secretly a farm boy?” I laughed.

“Shut up.” He laughed and kissed my head. We walked up the stairs to the large front porch with a swing and two rocking chairs. He opened the door and stepped into a huge kitchen with stainless steel appliances and an island over the sink was a picture window that had a view of a field with horses grazing. Smiling I followed him into a living room that had a huge TV and green couches that looked so comfortable. There was glass french patio doors that led out to garden and stairs on the other side.

“Your house is beautiful.” I whispered smiling.

“I’m glad you like it.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to his chest and bent his head to kiss me. Our lips barely touched when we heard a voice.

“Um?” I jumped and Dean chuckled.

“Hey Alex this is Faye.” I looked up at the steps to see a boy with brown eyes and brown hair he was only a few inches shorter than Dean and not as broad.

“Hi.“I smiled nervously at him.

“So this is the pussy that’s kept you so busy.” Alex scoffed and walked down the stairs. I gasped and looked at Sargent that was curled up in the chair beside us. When I heard the sound of bone hitting flesh my eyes shot to them Alex was rubbing his arm and Dean looked pissed.

“I shouldn’t be here. I’m sorry, Alex.” I gave him a small smile that didn’t reach my eyes and walked out of the house. I heard yelling but I walked down to the Barn to see the stalls were still not cleaned so I found the scoop and wheelbarrow and started cleaning and talking to the horses. I’ve always loved horses and barn work. Though Dad would never let me get one I use to volunteer at one of the horse rescues.

" What are you doing?” I jumped scaring the horse I was in the stall with too. I turned to see Dean smirking at me.

“Cleaning. It’s the least I can do. Alex is right I’ve kept you from him you know because of the lock down.” I frowned.

“Get that shit outa your head right now. Alex is just moody. He’s always been touchy since our mom left us.” He said as he stroked the horse’s head. Since I was done with this stall I left and moved to the next one. A grey mare with black spots freckling her body. Deans eyes went wide and he went to grab me but stopped when I locked the door and started petting the mare.

" Holy shit.” He whispered. I frowned at him confused. “That’s Sage. My old man’s horse before he died. She always attacks Alex or I if we try to go near her.” He explained I frowned and looked at her. I was currently doing something called T-Touch on her head to relieve stress. I shook my head.

“She’s fine Dean.” I smiled then started to clean. When I was done I stepped out and Dean wrapped his arms around my body.

“I’m sorry about Alex. But I’m not letting you go. So no more running.” He placed his forehead on mine. He was more at peace out here away from the club. I nodded and that was enough for him to pull me into a kiss that took my breath away we stayed like that for awhile until we heard footsteps I pulled away from Dean. We turned to see Alex standing in the door of the barn a look of shock on his face.

“You did the barn chores?” He asked Dean.

“Actually I did.” I said pressing into Dean more. Alex nodded looking around.

“Thank you.” He said looking me in the eye. I nodded.

“Did you get your homework done?” Dean asked sounding like a father while we walked towards the house.

“All but the science. That shit’s confusing.” Alex mumbled kicking the dirt.

“I can help you if you want.” I offered. In high school I was in all advanced classes. Chad use to make fun of me calling me a nerd and shit.

“Uh sure, if you think you can.” Alex nodded. Before we walked in the house my phone dung I pulled it out amazed I got service out here and read the message.

Where oh where could my little Faye be, is she at the clubhouse or the SPCA. I’ll find you princess. Better hope Dean’s not there or else....BANG.′

“You okay babe?” Dean’s hand cupped my face and I looked up to see him and Alex looking at me. I nodded and slip the phone in my pocket and went inside the house and helped Alex with his homework while Dean made super. It felt normal.

After we ate Dean sent Alex to bed telling him he had school tomorrow and curled up with me on the couch I laughed when Sargent followed Alex to his room for bed.

“You look happy.” Dean muttered into my hair. I closed my eyes loving the feeling of his hot breath on my skin.

“I am.” I sighed and let my head fall onto Dean’s shoulder. His fingers ran up and down my arm mindlessly.

“I could get use to this.” He muttered. Looking down at me.

“What?” I asked while listening to the crickets and frogs outside.

“You in my arms, on my couch, in my house, helping my brother with his homework while I make the meals.” He sighed pulling me tighter to his chest almost like he was afraid I would slip away.

" I could too, eventually. Do you really want to be lied down with an Old Lady, Dean?” I asked. Turning a bit to look at him. He looked down at me and placed a kiss on my nose.

“I’m 28 years old, it’s time I settled down with an Old Lady but only if that Old Lady is you.” He said with a small smirk.

“You’re serious? You want me to be your Old Lady?” I asked with a frown on my face. I know how most of these men treated their Old Ladies and I’ve been through that once. Not again.

“I want you as more than my Old Lady baby, I want you as mine, my woman, my girlfriend. Whatever you want to be I’ll take you.” He said with worry in his eyes. I smiled and nodded my head of course I would be his girlfriend.

“Yes, Dean ‘The Reaper’, I will be your girlfriend and Old Lady.” I smiled his eyes lit up and he placed a light kiss on my lips and brought me in tighter into his chest. I felt safe with Dean, here at this place away from the club and real life problems.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch that night with an old movie playing on the T.V wrapped in the arms of my knight in shining armor.

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