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Chapter 7

The next morning I woke up in Dean’s arms with Alex shaking me. When I opened my eyes I screamed and rolled off the couch. Dean jumped up and grabbed his gun.

“What the hell Alex!” I screamed covering my eyes. There standing in all his pride in only boxers with a morning stiffy. I heard Alex’s roaring laughter.

“Alex put some goddamned pants on.” Dean threw a pillow at him.

“Man I came down to find out if your gonna cook and drive me to school.”

“Yes Alex I’m gonna take you to school now for the love of hell go put pants on.” Alex laughed and walked away. When I heard his bedroom door close I lifted my head and looked at Dean I knew my cheeks were red. “Sorry bout’ that. He’s not use to having a woman in the house.” Dean scratched the back of his neck.

“It’s okay. I’m not use to sharing my space with men either.” I muttered standing up stretching. My back was kinked up from sleeping on the tiny couch. I looked to see Dean grunt and wince when he stood up.

“I’m sorry.” I smile softly. When he winced again when he stretched out.

“For what?” He asked before kissing my head and walked to the kitchen.

“Staying last night, I should have called a cab.” I sighed and followed him into the kitchen where he stood frowning. “What?” I asked.

“Don’t apologize for staying the night. I wouldn’t have let you leave anyway.” He cracked eggs into a pan. I smiled at him and nodded before calling for Sargent to go to pee. I walked around the garden with Sargent and reflected on the past 48 hours. I got molested then I had my first orgasm then the guy that molested me got his balls cut off and was killed then I end up dating the guy that gave me an orgasm and killed my molester. Shit, my life is more fucked up than I thought. I sighed when my phone rang I looked at the ID before answering.

“Hey Em.” I said while watching Sargent run around the lawn.

“Faye, I’m in trouble.” I could hear the tears in her voice.

“What’s wrong Em?” I felt a cold rush through my veins

“Oh Faye, I’m pregnant.” I almost dropped the phone.

“Em, who’s the father?”

“His name is Danny, he’s married.” I sighed.

“Em.” I whispered knowing her parents would be pissed.

“I didn’t know he was, I met him at work and things happened and we slept together and now I’m pregnant and he’s trying to force me to get an abortion. But I can’t Faye I don’t know what to do. My parents kicked me out.” She cried. Without hesitation I called Sergeant back.

“Where are you Em?”

“At that motel by the school. What am I going to do?” Her voice shook with fear. I looked to see Dean looking at me from the window concerned.

“I’m coming to get you. I’ll look after you.” I told her after a bit i hung up telling her I could call when I was close. Sargent and I walked into the house he immediately went to the small bowl on the floor with eggs in it.

“Hey baby, you okay?” Dean asked when I came in. I shook my head to stunned to think.

“Em is pregnant.” I muttered.

“Is Em the one I seen on webcam?” Dean asked. I nodded my head.

“I’m going to pick her up and bring her home.” I said looking into his eyes.

“No, you’re not.” He stated.

“Yes, I am Dean, you don’t control me. I am going to get my best friend and helping her raise her baby.”I told him getting frustrated.

“Where’s the father?” Dean threw gritted teeth

“Not around. I’m leaving today Dean, with or without your okay.” I said.

“Awe, are you having your first fight?” Alex cooed coming into the kitchen with his backpack slung on his shoulder.

“Watch your mouth boy.” Dean snapped back at him. Clearly not in the mood.

“Got your man period, big bro?” Alex snapped back.

“Enough. Go get in the truck.” Dean yelled. Alex flipped Dean off behind his back.

“Dean.” I tried but he just shook his head. I nodded mine and took Sargent and got into the truck too. We waited in silence with Alex on his phone in the passenger’s side and me in the middle Sargent had the back of it. When Dean came out he looked even more angry.

After we dropped Alex off at school I slid over to the passengers side desperate to put some distance between us. When we reached my house he put the truck in park and turned it off. I turned to thank him when he captured my lips on his. The kiss was desperate with passion when he broke away from me I was panting I looked up at him and seen something hidden behind his eyes.

“I know I can’t ask you to stay but can you please be careful?” He begged.

“Of course.” I whispered. He nodded and got out of the truck and Sargent followed close behind. I shook my head and went to my front door and unlocked it walking in and going up stairs to pack a bag, knowing I would be spending at least one night on the road. After packing and texting Chad to see if he would come over and watch Sergeant I changed my clothes to comfortable skinny jeans and a black V neck t-shirt I walked down the stairs with my duffel bag in hand. I walked outside to see Dean under the hood of my car. I opened the back seat and placed my black bag in the seat and walked to the front where Dean was checking my oil.

“What are you doing?” I asked smiling. He shifted his moss green eyes to me.

“If I can’t stop you or go with you I can at least make sure you’ll be safe.” He muttered placing the dipstick back into the slot then went to my spark plugs. I grabbed his hand before he could twist one out.

“Stop, I’ve checked everything after I got back. Everything’s fine.” I reassured him. He shook his head.

“Baby let me do this please.” Nodding I took my hands away and checked my wallet for cash to make sure I have enough for food, gas and a motel for the night. After he was done he walked over to where I was playing with Sargent, I wiped the tears from my eyes hating how I had to leave him so soon after getting him.

“How long will you be gone?” He asked his arms crossed.

“Two days, maybe three. Depends how everything goes.” I said Dean pulls me into his arms. “Is my big bad biker going to miss me?” I giggle when he nods against my shoulder. He lifts me up and I automatically wrap my legs around his waist.

“I want a call when you get there and every time you stop.” He demanded his eyes begging me not to argue. I nodded my head agreeing. “I even want you to call me if you hit a squirrel.” He lifted his eyebrows. My phone dinged with a text. I struggled to take it out of my pocket

Hey sis, can’t watch Sargent goinona run. Ask Dean? Luv u b careful.’

I sighed and laughed at his awful spelling. “Would you be able to watch Sergeant for me? Chad can’t-”

“Because he’s goin’ on a run. Sure baby.” He kissed me once more before placing me back on the ground.

“Thank you Dean. I’ll be back before you can even miss me.” I laughed as I walked to my car and passed him a spare key to my house.

“All of his things are in there. I can pick him up when I get home.” Dean nodded at me and pulled me into a kiss he ran his tongue across the bottom of my lip asking for entrance when I denied he put his hand under my shirt and pinched my nipple I gasped and he plunged his tongue into my mouth and our tongues started dancing he pulled me closer and ran his finger across the top of my jeans when I moaned against his lips he pushed his hand down and started to play with my clit. I tugged his hair and he moved his mouth to my neck and started to suck and nibble then he took his hand that was wrapped around me and lifted me up setting me on the hood of my car. I spread my legs farther and he moved his fingers inside of me pumping me with his finger and his thumb rubbed my clit until my legs started to tremble and I started whimpering.

“Let it go, baby. Let them hear how I pleasure you.” He growled in my ear then moved his thumb faster. I moaned loudly and threw my head back and screamed when he sent me over the edge. “There you go baby.” He moaned as I creamed his fingers. I lay against him when he brings his fingers out of my jeans and puts them in his mouth and sucks my orgasm off like it’s his last meal. I moan at the sight.

“I-I need to go.” I whisper he nodded his head.

“I know.” He moved back and I jumped down. He pulled me into a hug and kissed me one last time I felt him slip something into my back pocket. I pulled back and frowned at him and pulled out a huge roll of twenties and shook my head.

“No, Dean I have money, there has to be at least a thousand dollars here.” I argued.

“1500 actually, it’s only for an emergency. Please don’t argue with me.” I stared into his eyes for a while and finally nodded. He kissed me again and I bent and kissed Sargeant’s head and got into my car and pulled out of the driveway and onto the road.

22 hours later I was parking in front of room number 5 where my best friend was falling apart inside. I was dark and I was exhausted but I pushed through. I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Dean and Chad that I made it. Instantly my phone dinged back with a message from Chad

K, rest easy. Luv u.’

I rolled my eyes and told him I loved him too and grabbed my bag from the back seat and walked to the door and knocked 3 times before I heard the chain slide across and Em opened the door. Her face was puffy and swollen I frowned at her and pulled her into my arms. She had always been an ugly crier.

“I-I don’t know what to do. She cried when we sat on the bed.

“We will figure it out hun, you’re not alone. I have two extra rooms for you and the baby.” I rubbed her back eventually we snuggled in the double bed and watched Practical Magic until my cell phone rang on the nightstand I looked at the caller ID and Em looked at me in question I just blushed and told her I’d be right back.

“Hello?” I answered.

“I told you to call me every time you stopped.” Dean’s voice was dark and dangerous.

“I’m sorry, Reaper. I thought it was the same” I whisper huskily. I heard his deep growl in his chest. Making me clench my legs together in the small bathroom connected to the room. I hoped Em couldn’t hear me, I didn’t want to explain my relationship to her.

“It’s not. You could have been ’napped and they would have texted and I would never know.” He growled back keeping his voice low.

“You’re right Reaper. I’m sorry.” I smiled to myself.

“You’re gonna’ have to be punished” Dean’s voice purred through the phone my blood ran cold flashbacks from Matt’s punishments flooded my mind. Images of him burning my skin with lighters, slapping me across the face, kicking me in the ribs so badly Em needed to rush me to the hospital and lie to the doctors as they wrapped my cracked ribs. “Baby? You still there?” I could hear the concern in his voice.

“Yeah, sorry.” I croaked.

“What’s wrong?” He asked on full alert.

“Nothing, everything’s fine.” I cleared my throat and tried to calm my heart down.

“You sure? Do you need me to come up there?” He asked me.

“No Dean, you can’t come up here. You have Alex and Sargent to look after.” He signed on the other line.

“I know, Darlin’, I just hate the thought of you being out there all alone and I’m home.” He sighed.

“I know but I’ll be fine I’m going to rest for a bit before hitting the road back home. I’m hoping that we won’t need to stop anywhere and will make it home.” I smile.

“As much I want to see you again, don’t drive tired. I’d hate for your old man to have to ID your body while I kill who ever hit you.” He said it as calm as if he was talking about the weather.

“Alright then, I should go. Em is sitting in their all alone.” I sighed.

“Okay baby, be safe and call me before you leave tomorrow.” He said with a hidden threat.

“I will, good night, Reaper.” I purred his road name.

“You’re killin’ me woman.” He groaned and I laughed. “Goodnight, Faye.”

I hung up and walked out of the bathroom to see Em asleep in the bed. Smiling at her I went and closed the blinds and locked the deadbolt and slid the chain across and climbed into the bed with my best friend and fell asleep with thoughts of Dean.

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