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Chapter 9

The sound of my phone ringing woke me, I looked up the clock... 4 am who the fuck calls at 4 am.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hello Faye? It’s Ann. I need you to come in for an emergency surgery. There was a dog hit by a car.”

“I’ll be right in.” I yawned and jumped up pulling on a pair of purple scrubs and my sneakers. I left a quick note on the fridge and ran out the door. When I got to the office I ran into the room like a bat outa hell. Laying on the surgery table was a large German Shepard. He was bleeding in his stomach and his leg looked broken. I scrubbed my hands up and started to stop the bleeding.

7 hours later and he was in recovery and I was sitting on the floor with blood surrounding me practically asleep. He needed a blood transfusion and I needed to stitch his stomach more. It was the hardest and longest surgery I had ever done but he made it. My phone rang,I almost didn’t answer it but it was Em.


“Hey, you okay?” Concern laced her voice.

“Mmhm.” I said fighting to keep my eyes open.

“Alright well are you coming home?”

“Yeah, I’m going to chug a large bucket of coffee then I’ll be home.” I muttered standing up and walking to my purse, not bothering to try and clean any of the blood off me, it was all dried anyways.

“Alright, I’ll see you soon.” She laughed. I hung the phone up and waved to Stacey telling her to call if she needs anything and went to my car. I turned the music up loud and rolled all the windows down as I drove home trying to stay awake. I parked the car and practically fell out. I walked in and I heard a gasp and a growl. I looked to the kitchen to see Em with her hands over her mouth and Dean looking pissed.

“Morning guys.” I tried to smile.

“Did he make it?” Em’s eyes were huge and tear filled.

“Yeah, after a blood transfusion.” I nodded then looked at Dean wondering why he looked pissed.

“Why would you drive that tired. You could have gotten into an accident.” He growled. I rolled my eyes and Em giggled.

“I’m really good at staying awake Dean. Now if you will excuse me I need a shower and a nap.” I walked up the steps and into my bathroom. After rubbing and scrubbing until the pink water ran clear I got out and wrapped my black fluffy house coat around my body and went to my bed instantly falling asleep.

I woke up when I heard the crack of a motorcycle groaning I crawled out of bed and slipped on my yoga pants and a sweater before walking down stairs. The front door opened just as I stepped off the last step. Slasher walked in slamming the door behind him.

“Um, Hi?” I said walking into the kitchen.

“Dean invited me over.” He said. He’s still here? I nodded and made a coffee when I felt arms snake around my waist I jumped.

“Sorry baby, didn’t mean to scare you.” Dean’s chest rumbled when he chuckled.

“It’s okay.” I wiggled out of his hold he looked at me in question. I shook my head and nodded to where Greyson was standing. That seamed to made Dean angry. He walked out the door but left it it open, I sighed and followed him with my coffee in my hand.

“Yes?” I asked as he paced the patio.

“What the hell?” He growled. “Why can’t I show my Old Lady any affection because Greyson is here?” I took a deep breath steadying my nerves.

“I haven’t told anyone but Em about us, Dean. I didn’t know how you would have felt if I did.” I looked into his green eyes.

“I am proud to call you my old lady, Faye. Don’t ever think I’m not.” He walked over to me capturing my lips on his bringing me in close. I relaxed into his body until I heard a low whistle. I felt Dean’s hands tighten on my body.

“You bangin’ the Prez’s daughter, Cousin? You lookin’ to lose that V.P patch?” Greyson laughed. I turned in Dean’s embrace to see him leaning in the door jam.

“Mind your own, Greyson.” Dean growled at him. Em stood beside Greyson with a scowl on her face.

“I tried to stop him but he’s a lot bigger than me.” She frowned. I gave her a small smile and nodded.

“How are you going to tell the Prez, man? He’s gonna be pissed.” Greyson asked.

“He’s more than just your president, he’s my Dad. He will understand. Even if he doesn’t he won’t take Dean’s title away from him.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“If you say so.” He lifted his hands up and turned back into my house.

“Don’t listen to him baby, he’s talkin’ outta his ass.” Dean whispered in my ear. But Greyson wasn’t I knew my father wouldn’t be happy about it. I walked out of his grasp and went to Em. She slung her arm over my shoulder and I wrapped mine around her waist.

“Let’s go swimming.” Em smiled. I looked at her as if she had 5 heads.

“In the ocean?” I asked dumbly looking back to the crashing waves.

“Yup come on. There isn’t going to be any shark’s this close to shore.” She pulled me up the steps and into my room knowing how petrified I was of sharks. I shook my head but went to my dresser and pulled out my black bikini and fish net crop top. After getting dressed and switching my glasses for contacts I went down stairs to see Em in a red bikini and white flip flops. Her stomach was still flat not showing yet.

We walked outside and passed Dean and Greyson in deep conversation. Dean’s back was to us but Greyson’s eyes were trained on our body’s walking by. Dean turned around to see what Greyson was watching and his mouth tightened to a thin line. “What are you doing?” He asked crossing his arms across his chest.

“Going swimming.” Em said as we walked down to the splashing water. I sighed before taking the crop top off my hand lingering at a nasty scar on my left side right on my ribs. Em gave me a small smile before kicking her shoes off. We walked into the freezing water screeching until we dived under when we came up the guys were sitting on the beach laughing at us. “Have you told him yet?” Em asked as we floated making sure I we weren’t to far from shore.

“No, and I don’t know if I will.” I said relaxed.

“He’s going to see the scar eventually, or see you have a panic attack. You can’t hide it from him forever.” She tried to reason. My eyes shifted to where Dean sat. How was I going to hide the scar when he held my crop top. I can’t.

“I know. He already has seen a couple panic attacks. They are getting worse, I can’t stop them anymore.” I felt the sting of tears develop in my eyes I push them away and float in the now warm water.

When the sky started to darken we got out I tried to keep my arm over the scar when we got to the spot that the guys now stood.

“D-d-did y-you b-b-r-ring towels-s? Em asked her teeth chattering. I shivered beside her when Dean passed me my crop top. His eyes shifted to Em telling her no and I took my chance and slipped it over my head masking it.

“Come on, let’s go in, you guys get dressed and we will go over to my house.” Dean suggested and I smiled. I loved his house. He said since he had a few spare bedrooms to pack a bag. I giggled when Em asked Dean if Greyson was coming too.

Pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a large hoodie and packed a few things in my duffle bag.

When I parked my car beside Dean’s truck. I gave Em a small smile and got out of the car. I knew she was excited to be spending an evening with Greyson. I felt my bag being lifted out of my arms and looked to see Dean smiling down at me. I smiled when Greyson took Em’s out of her’s she turned to me her eyes huge. I stifled a giggle while we walked in the house Sergeant hot on our heels. As soon as we made it in he took off up the stairs probably to find Alex.

“Your house is beautiful.” Em said to Dean. He thanked her and told me to put a movie on the T.V while he started supper. Greyson stayed in the kitchen to help.

“How lucky are you to have a man that can cook?” Em asked me while I flipped through Netflix.

“Just think you could be just as lucky.” I winked at her and she blushed. I settled on Guardians of the Galaxy when the guys came in with plates of food. Greyson sat beside Em on the couch and Dean sat next to me on the love seat and he yelled up to Alex. Soon after he came running down without saying a word grabbing his plate and ran back up to his room muttering a thanks. I looked at Dean with frowned brows. He just shook his head and continued eating.

Once the movie ended the guys took the dished and went to the kitchen. I passed Em the remote and she searched the titles and just clicked Magic Mike when the guys came back in. Dean settled beside me and pulled me onto his lap snuggling in close.

“What’s playin’” Greyson asked sitting with his arm slung over Em’s shoulders. Her cheeks were blood red when she told them. Their groans made us laugh as the first strip scene happened. By the end of the movie Em was leaning into Grayson’s side.

“Well I think we’re going to bed. Ember, your room is the one next to ours. Greyson, you can have the other one.” Dean said getting up pulling me with him. We walked up the steps and into a huge room painted grey with a black steel bed with black blankets and clothes beside the hamper in the corner. There was a few pictures on the dresser but I couldn’t get a good look because Dean picked me up and threw me on the king sized bed. He hovered over me with a wicked smile on his face.

“You’ve been drivin’ me crazy ever since I seen you in that bikini.” He growled. He smiled when he lifted my baggy hoody off my body and seen I was naked under it. He started to kiss around my collar bone and moved down to between my breasts. His bedroom light was still on so he had a perfect view of my body my lips tingled begging to be kissed Dean started kissing the right side of my ribs and then went over to my left. I held my breath as his kisses stilled. His back went rigid. He pulled back with furry in his eyes.

“Where did that scar come from?” His fingertips lightly traced it.

“That’s a long story.” My voice was hoarse.

“I want to hear it.” He said sitting up on the bed. I sat up too and took a deep shaky breath. I pulled my hoodie back and laid it over my body.

“While I was in college I was dating this guy, Matt. We dated for a few months and everything was good. I was a virgin and he knew, our relationship started to get rough so I asked him. If we had sex would it make things better. I was so naive” I took in a breath feeling tears sting my eyes again. Dean placed his hand on my leg and traced small circles. “He said yes, so a couple weeks later we had sex and things didn’t get better they got worse. Some times he was amazing, but most times he was yelling at me telling me I wasn’t good enough. I could be better. I was stupid. My favorite one was Don’t eat so much, you’ll get fat.” Dean’s hand stilled on my leg. “I wasn’t allowed to cough, because it made him angry. He didn’t get physical until he was sure I wasn’t going to say anything. The first time he punched my leg but I hit him first but he acted like he felt bad so I had sex with him so he would talk to me. The next time we were dog sitting for my grandparents on my mom’s side. Because they don’t know anything about the MC, and he started beating one of the dogs. So I threw myself in front of him, he didn’t hit me but he shoved me into the counter. I still fought to be with him though.” I felt the tears flow freely down my face now. “Then he started to really beat me. Almost every day. Em helped me cover the bruises. Every single day she tried to convince me to leave him.You want to know what I told her?” I paused whipping the tears. “I told her ‘His good moments make up for the bad.’ How pathetic is that? He was beating me one night outside of the apartments at 3 am. It was the worst one yet. I don’t even remember what I did to deserve it that time. But I he had steel toes on and he was kicking me and punching me even while I was screaming on the ground. Em heard me and rushed out with her taser and threatened to taze him if he didn’t leave. After he was gone she called an ambulance. I died for 3 minutes, until the brought me back my scar is from the doctors having to cut me open to relieve the pressure on my lugs where I had internal bleeding. Without that scar I wouldn’t be alive now.” Dean was shaking with rage, but I continued.

“I didn’t leave him until he went to his ‘Friends’ house and cheated on me. Even then he was in control. He told me that He wanted a change in life. That was it.” I finished and Dean pulled me into his arms and held me tight. He was crying silently into my shoulder. When he was finished he pulled away and looked at me in my eyes. His was full of rage and a promise to kill.

“No one will hurt you again, baby. I promise.” Then his voice became deep. “I will find Matt, and I will kill him.” The Reaper came out in his voice. I nodded silently.

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