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Life is not as similar as everyone's. It gives happiness for a few and sadness for a few. It GIVES everything for a few and SNATCHES everything from a few. Sometimes, it amazes them to give the "snatched happiness" back to them too... How does it feel it if it gives the happiness back in an unexpected way? In an unexpected situation? How do THEY feel if life gives them another chance to them those who were fed up, thinking like, everything is over? Read...

Romance / Fantasy
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Those eyes...

Part 1 Those eyes...

New Delhi

An auto stopped at the signal. A nineteen years old boy was sitting in the auto with his mother. He sighed in irritation.

“Relax, Sagar... It’s all common” The woman said.

“No mom, it’s not common. If we got stuck in this one signal, we will have to stop in the next six upcoming signals.” He said sighing.

“Six signals…?” The woman asked shockingly.

“Yeah... this signal always sucks. I experienced it many times” Sagar said.


“We have to go this side to our college,” he said showing a broad road that was on the right side.


“You never liked to come to my college…” Sagar said.

She was silent.

Delhi has changed a lot in the past twenty years... She thought. She saw the signal and had thirty seconds left to turn green. Sagar started playing games on his mobile. His mother was noticing him playing while chitchatting with him. She lowered her mask as she felt so hot.

“Mom, wear the mask properly. If you get caught, you will have to pay a two hundred rupees fine. Corona is spreading severely” Sagar said.

“No police in this signal… I had already checked.” She chuckled.

Because of Covid-19, wearing a mask became a MUST. All the Governments in the world insisted people wear masks to save themselves from Corona and also to avoid Corona from spreading. (of course, we knew that. As an author, it’s my responsibility to mention corona)

That’s when a bike came and stopped next to their auto. A man sitting on the bike was wearing a helmet and also a mask. The bike remembered us Army. Maybe, he was an Army man. He looked at the signal and then turned his head to the auto. His facial expression changed swiftly. His eyes widened with shock. His eyes tear up instantly. He gulped down hard. His gaze was on the woman in the auto who was talking with her son. He managed himself after putting in a lot of effort. His eyes fell on the bag that was beside her.

“Is she coming straight from the US?” he thought. But at the same time,

“It’s not looking so…” his mind said.

The signal changed to green. The auto started as well as the bike. The man was riding the bike, looking at her without thinking of anything. The auto stopped at the next signal as Sagar said. The bike man came close to the auto and stood looking at her. Still, she didn’t catch sight of him.

In a few seconds, she also turned her head and saw the man. She turned her gaze towards her son casually as the signal changed again. But, she noticed the same bike standing next to their auto at the next signal too. She sensed the biker’s constant gaze on her. She looked at the biker and turned towards his son.

Suddenly, something kicked her brain. She looked at him jerking. Though he was wearing a helmet and also a mask his expressive eyes were enough for her to recognize who the person is. So what if they met after a loooong? How could she forget THOSE eyes that yearned for her? Her widened eyes told him that she identified him. Both were looking at each other with shock. Both hesitated to talk.

She didn’t even hear her son who called her.

“Mom...” He shook her shoulder.


Both came to the earth. The man turned his gaze shockingly, hearing the guy calling her MOM. He gulped hard. Is he her son? Yes, the boy looks like exactly HER. His hazel eyes, thin lips, silky hair everything is looking like her. The boy looked so catchy.

“Where were you lost, mom?” Sagar asked.

She nodded no.

“I have finished the game...”

She smiled at him simply.

“Mom, are you alright?”

She nodded yes.

“No... You are not... You would have celebrated my victory by sharing hi-fi with me if you are alright...” The guy said.

The man wondered, hearing him. It seems they share a good bonding and there is a very good understanding between them. Does she get into her life so deep? Does she forget him? He felt a tug in his heart. She looked at him again. He felt her suffocating.

“Mom...” The boy called her again.

She again looked at her son.

“My head is aching…” She said.

Her voice did something in HIS heart. It chocked. Sagar got a call on his mobile.

“Mom, Madhav’s call” he attended the call.

The woman smiled at him and looked at the man. She bit her lips from trembling. With his nostalgia gaze, there was a tingling inside her stomach.

The signal turned green again. The man took a left turn and rode the bike even though he was supposed to go in the same direction as the auto. He was looking at the rear-view mirror with a little expectation whether she looks at him or not. As he expected, she peeped from the auto and looked at him until him getting vanished from her sight. A lonely tear slipped from his eye… at the same time, she also closed her eyes to let her tears go from her eyes.

How many years…! how many days they were longing to see one another…! How happy they were…! How sweet their days were…!

He stopped the bike at the side of the road. He did not feel he could ride the bike anymore. He felt his legs weaken as he felt helpless… he wanted to shout her name, KHUSHIIIIII his heart out… but she is not HIS WIFE now. She is a mother of a teenage boy. She has a family. She has life. This is his fate to live in her memories. He felt the same helplessness just like he felt twenty years ago when she was TAKEN away from him… it feels like, it happened just yesterday… her tears… her plead… her scream… her words… her shaky voice that voiced out his name… ARNAVVV… hit his brain.

He came to the reality and started the bike.

To be continued…

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