Forever and a Day

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A story that ended too soon. We met in Autumn. And I lost you in Summer.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

We met in autumn.

I was there to see someone else but the nurses were talking to you.

Your curtains were pulled back and I could see you.

Everyone else had flowers, balloons and loved ones around their beds.

Except you.

I thought you looked sad and alone, like a faded star- so I went to say hi.

When I spoke to you that very first time, I had no idea what your name was. I didn’t know how much you would mean to me. And I didn’t know they only gave you one more year.

But even so, you stayed on for a year longer.

Every passing day I spent with you made you shine brighter and brighter. Everyday, I thought to myself that I loved you so much but I never told you because I was afraid.

You were so strong in a body that was so weak that I stupidly thought we would have forever and a day together.

But our forever ended too soon.

I lost you in summer.

I was there to see you, with flowers and balloons.

You smiled at me and said thank you.

I held your hand but even though I held on so tight, you slipped away.

I never told you I loved you because I was afraid of this moment.

But if I could turn back time, I would tell you that I would love you for forever and a day.

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