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Class FanFic Ships

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~~~ This is a list of our class fanfic ship ideas. ALSO, THIS IS A JOKE PLS DON'T COME AFTER ME 🤯 😰 🥰 ~~~

Romance / Adventure
Mitski Stan
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This is a Joke :p

Hey hey! I found our class fanfic ideas! The ones that are capital are real and you can use these to make fanfics. (added a "few")
Christian x Cooper
Javi x Jason
Javi x Keanna
Hailey x Ur Mom
Evan T x Nicholas
Christian x Amanda
Khloe x Emily
Felix x Christian
Hailey x Hailey
Abby x Amanda
Khloe x Ur Mom
Hailey x Nicholas x Evan T
Evan T x Evan D x Nicholas x Rhett
Evan T x Evan D x Nicholas
Evan T x Evan D
Evan D x Rhett
Emily x Rhett
Christian x Ian x Felix
Alexander x Olivia
Alexander x Ian
Javi x Cotton
Javi x Geo
Javi x Ola
Javi x Javier
Javi x Seb
Javi x Cooper
Javi x Isaac
Javi x Noah
Javi x Seb x Coop x Noah x Isaac x Isaiah
Isaiah x Ola
Noah x Christian
Noah x Isaac
Desi x Hailey
Ola x Keanna
Keanna x Abby
Olivia x Logan
Olivia x Vanessa
Vanessa x Angie x Samantha
Vanessa x Angie x Samantha x Olivia
Evan T x Nicholas x Ian x Elias x Christian x Logan x Felix x Bryan
Amanda x Keanna
Ola x Amanda
Amanda x Ola x Abby x Keanna x Christian x Isaac x Noah
Ian x Ian's Dad
Ian x Y/N
Ian x Reader
Ian x Mesopotomias
Ian x Christian
Ian x Goku Power
Abby x Maya
Keanna x Maya
Abby x Olivia x Keanna
Abby x Olivia
Keanna x Olivia
Abby x Keanna x Amanda x Ola
Keanna x Ola x Amanda
Christian x Bryan
Javi x Keanna x Christian x Amanda x Ian
Emily x Desi x Hailey x Khloe
Keanna x Ur Mom
Ian x Ur Mom
Christian x Ur Mom
Christian x Javi
Christian x Jason x Javi
Christian x Jason
Emma x Emo/Goth Girl
Ian x Javi
Ian x Magic Eraser
Ian x Gay
Felix x Leah
Feliz x Felix
Olive x Olivia x Logan
Man x Old x Abs x Kean
Bryan x Jay
Bryan x Felix x Ian
Felix x Richard
Christian x Rhett
Elias x Christian
Ian x Roblox
Abby x Ola x Keanna x Amanda x Emma
Olivia x Felix x Abby x Keanna x Angie x Vanessa x Samantha
Amanda x Reader
Abby x Keanna x Amanda
Ola x Olivia x Elias x Christian x Logan x Isaiah x Isaac x Noah
Ola x Noah x Isaac
Amanda x No one
Amanda x #Single4Lifers
Abby x Keanna x Amanda x Buzzfeed
Sofia x Logan x Olivia x Cooper x Evan T
Ian x Christian x Keanna x Javi
Abby x Keanna x Reader x Y/N
Khloe x BBQ
Ian x Elias
Elias x Emolias
Ola x Noah
Ian x Christian x Pablo
Noah x Isaiah
ok bye lol
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