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Pierre Davis likes his women feisty, sexy, and a little crazy. After three whirlwind relationships, Pierre is done with trying to give monogamy a shot. Once a player, always a player. When his last girlfriend dumps him, and he loses his job in the aftermath, he moves back to his hometown, where he crashes at the guesthouse at the Davis property. His siblings are happy to have their brother back in town, but they do make one thing clear: no hooking up with any of their friends, their spouses’ siblings, or their employees. Pierre is determined to only sleep with women who don’t have ties to any of his siblings, but his libido has other plans. And his heart… Maybe one of them will end up making him want to give love another go after all.

Romance / Erotica
Goddess Hedone
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#1 Naked roommate

INFO [chapter 1 starts right after the info]

The Sweet Caroline series consists of many books. All books can be read as stand-alones, but they work best as a series. At the start of each book, I always tell my readers which book would be wise to read first to understand the past of the characters.

The series can be split into two separate series: the first generation & the next generation. The next generation is about characters that were kids in the books about the first generation.

FIRST GENERATION: 1. Sweet Caroline // 2. Slutty Shaughna // 3. Eager Annabel // 4. Feisty Francesca // 5. Twisted Thomas // 6. Chef Quiroz // 7. Caring Christopher // 8. Officer Tyson // 9. Dreamy Dylan

NEXT GENERATION: 1. Blooming Rose // 2. Jealous Jagger // 3. Needy Nia // 4. Guarded Marcus // 5. Charming Creed // 6. Thompson Twins // Playful Pierre


You can read this as a stand-alone story, but if you’re going to read my other stories as well, you might want to start with “Sweet Caroline”.

We meet Pierre for the first time in “Slutty Shaughna” as Dshawn’s 5-year-old brother. He’s also in “Needy Nia”, “Guarded Marcus” and “Thompson Twins”, where he’s in his late teenage years and early twenties. This books starts when all the other Davis siblings are loved up, having kids, and living close to each other. Pierre is 26 by now, and living a different life than all of his siblings.

I would recommend reading at the very least “Guarded Marcus” and “Thompson Twins” before reading “Playful Pierre”, but it’s up to you! I try to write it as a stand-alone, but some stuff might get confusing if you don’t know anything about the other books.



Pierre Davis likes his women feisty, sexy, and a little crazy. After three whirlwind relationships, Pierre is done with trying to give monogamy a shot. Once a player, always a player. Time to go back to his old ways. That’s not hard to do at all. He may be a bit of a dick sometimes, but women don’t seem to have any problem ending up in his bed. Again, and again, and again.

When his last girlfriend dumps him, and he loses his job in the aftermath, he moves back to his hometown, where he crashes at the guesthouse at the Davis property. His siblings are happy to have their brother back in town, but they do make one thing clear: no hooking up with any of their friends, their spouses’ siblings, or their employees. They know Pierre, after all. They know how he treats women. As much as they love him, they don’t want him to fuck up with someone they care about.

That means no sleeping with the hot nanny. No flirting with the sexy spitfire who is living in the guesthouse as well. No trying to get with Khiêm’s sisters, or Aliyah’s coworkers, or Marcus’ interns. Pierre is determined to only sleep with women who don’t have any ties to any of his siblings, but his libido has other plans. And his heart… Maybe one of them will end up making him want to give love another go after all.

I hope you will enjoy the first chapter!


Below is a “disclaimer” before we dive into the first chapter!

If you’ve read my other books, you probably know by now writing inclusive and diverse is a big deal to me. This book, I try to bring new types of characters into the mix. Of course, we already know Steffi, who is pansexual. On top of that, I’m bringing in a character with ADHD and another one who is asexual.

If you don’t know anything about ADHD or asexuality, no worries! Everything you need to know is in the book. You don’t need any previous knowledge and it’s not the focal point of the book at all. Just some new subjects I touch upon in the midst of all the drama, sex, and love.

For both subjects (ADHD and asexuality) I have readers with real-life experience on the matter who have answered my questions and who proofread certain scenes for me before I post anything. I do my research, like I always do. At the same time, I don’t pretend that what I’m writing is everyone’s story. ADHD is different for each individual, and not all asexual people are the same either. Keep that in mind while reading. These are just two characters, they don’t represent ALL people with these “labels”.

On top of that, I realize especially asexuality is portrayed quite stereotypical at first, and our main character Pierre can be quite judgmental and ignorant on the matter. Trust me that I will rectify his thoughts later on. If you don’t have knowledge on the matter, you probably won’t even notice. Just read, enjoy, and let me educate you along with Pierre. If you are asexual yourself, you will definitely notice it, though. Trust me that I am not trying to be disrespectful. In chapter 27 and 28, I start to change the narrative, when Pierre finally realizes that the way he was looking at asexuality might not have been the right way after all. Basically, I’m asking you kindly to give me until at least chapter 28 before you decide that I’m portraying asexuality wrong. I’m trying to show how someone with no knowledge on the matter might view asexual people, and how their opinion can change when they actually start to understand it better. I can’t do that in just one chapter. I’ll need pretty much the whole book to accomplish that.

That being said, if anyone ever feels like I portray something in a wrong or even offensive way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the comments or to message me on Instagram. I can promise you that I either did it by mistake and I’ll be more than willing to fix it, or it’s part of the story and I’ll happily fill you in on what I am planning later on. I always love readers to help me out to make my stories better and more realistic!

Okay, that was the disclaimer! Time to dive into the book now! ENJOY!

#1 Naked roommate

Natalie kicked me out. I made one little mistake, not a big deal at all, yet she seems to think it’s the end of the motherfucking world. Two and a half years of living together, and she threw me out of our place like it was nothing. Okay, sure, we got close to breaking up before, and things were far from perfect, but still.

So here I am, out on my ass. She’s so dramatic. Since I was working for her father’s company, I lost my job about five minutes after. What the fuck was I thinking? I knew she was trouble, certifiably crazy, and not exactly girlfriend material, but I let myself get sucked in anyway.

Why? Why do I always get involved with girls like that?

“At least you got some wicked hot sex out of it,” my best friend Maxim reminds me with a wicked grin, clicking his beer bottle to mine. “You always get the hottest girls to go out with you.”

I laugh. “Yeah, I do.”

I somehow always get the girls every guy wants to hook up with. Only problem is… every once in a while, I forget to protect my heart. I tend to fall in love with them, make them my girlfriend, move in with them, and get utterly and completely destroyed by them. I never learn.

“What was the first one’s name again?” Maxim asks, tapping his chin. “Valerie?”

“Valentina.” I grunt in both arousal and annoyed just thinking about my first serious girlfriend. We lasted for a full year. She was awful and amazing at the same time. I still have her number, of course. Ever since we decided to call things quits, we text each other when we’re both single and horny. She’s a nutjob, but she’s wicked in bed.

“Oh right, the Latina.” Maxim grins. “And the one after that was Lizzy, right? The one who liked public sex?”

“Yeah, but that was only three months.” Three intense months, though. I moved in with her after only four weeks. Ended with her throwing all my stuff out of the window in the middle of the night. Good times.

“And after that…?”

“Valentina again.” Yeah, not my finest moment. My brother Marcus was getting married, and I needed a date. Ended up dating her for a few months, and let’s just say it was just as hot and fucked-up as the first time around.

“Then there was Marigold,” Maxim recalls. “The one who never wore a bra. How long did that last?”

“She doesn’t count, that was only two weeks,” I remind him. Two hot weeks during which we never left her apartment and all we did was fuck. Not a relationship, though, and she didn’t leave me broken. That was just a nice way to spend my Spring Break. “If we start counting all the girls I ever slept with, instead of just the ones I was serious about, we’ll still be making this list three days from now.” My number is high, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. I’m young, I’m hot, I know my way around the female body. Why not make the most of that? “My only serious girlfriends were Valentina, Lizzy, and Natalie.”

“This is the first time you lost both your apartment and your job, though,” Maxim says, still way too amused by all of this. “You know you can crash here for a while, but it’s just a small studio apartment, so please don’t stay longer than a week. Your feet stink.”

My best friend, ladies and gentleman…

“I guess it’s time to go home,” I sigh.

“Home?” Maxim asks surprised. “You mean… to your siblings?”

That’s exactly what I mean. All of my siblings live in my hometown. Most of them even live in houses next to each other, thanks to the rich father of one of my brother’s wives. I was always planning on moving back home eventually to be closer to them, but Natalie’s dad offered me an amazing job, so I figured… why not? Now that she and I are done, and I’m basically homeless and unemployed, it seems as good a time as any to finally go back to where I belong. The town I grew up in, where my parents are buried, and where all my siblings live with their husbands, wives, and many kids.

“Creed has told me a million times that I’m welcome to crash in the guesthouse,” I say, pulling out my phone. “Might as well take him up on that while I look for a job. It’ll be nice to be with my family again.” Nice, but also exhausting. There are so many of them, and they’ll all so fucking sappy now that they’re loved-up and have a million kids. It’s just temporary. I’m sure I’ll find a job and an apartment soon enough.

“Can I come?” Maxim asks eagerly. “I can take a few days off work and have a week-long holiday with you.”

“You just want to hit on Steffi again, don’t you?” I shake my head at him. “Dude, she’s only 20. It’s gross.” Or maybe I just think that because she’s basically family to me.

“She’s an adult,” he reminds me with a wink. “Plus, she doesn’t look nor act like she’s six years younger than us. She’s hot as fuck.”

“And her father will fuck you up if you even so much as look at her the wrong way with him around.” Steffi is the daughter of Aston, who is my half-brother Dshawn’s half-brother. Yeah, complicated. I used to call him Uncle Aston before we found out he and Dshawn had the same deadbeat father. Nowadays, he’s more like yet another older brother to me. I’ve got too many siblings, that’s for sure.

“Then I will make sure he’s not around when I look at her the wrong way.” Maxim grins. “Your sisters are hot too, but they’re both mommas, and I’m not into that.”

“Plus, Nia is happily married and Aliyah is very much in love with her boyfriend,” I add, rolling my eyes at him. “You’re so gross.”

“Like you’re much better. You fuck anything with boobs and a heartbeat, you dog.” He takes a sip of his beer. “Then it’s settled. Text your brother. Tell him you’re coming home and bringing your hot Russian friend.” He fakes a thick accent. “Buff Russian comrade coming in hot.”

“That is wrong on so many levels.” Sad thing is, I’ve seen him seduce women with his fake accent many times before. His name might be Russian, and his birth parents were, but he was adopted when he was 2 by an American couple, and he doesn’t even speak more than three words of his native language. Maxim is a lot of fun, but he’s also the kind of guy you don’t want your sisters, cousins or nieces to date. He’s every parents’ worst nightmare. Luckily, my sisters are already loved-up, so I don’t have to worry about him prying on them. And Steffi might only be 20, but she could eat him alive, and not in a fun, sexy way.

“Okay,” I decide, drafting a quick text to Creed. “I’m going home.”


We arrive at my hometown way later than planned, thanks to my lovely ex-girlfriend. I went to my place of work to pick up my personal items, and her goddamn father made me wait around for three hours before allowing me into my own office for all of ten minutes, all while the security guards watched my every move. What did they think I was going to do? Attack someone with a stapler? I’m an accountant, for crying out loud, not a criminal.

Then I tried to pick up some stuff from the apartment I got kicked out of, but the shrew already had all the locks replaced. After pleading with her over the phone for half an hour, she grudgingly agreed that I could come by next weekend to pick up my stuff. That means I’m arriving at my siblings’ guest house with nothing but the bare essentials that I took with me the night she decided I was no longer fit to be her boyfriend. All over a stupid text from Valentina. Women… so dramatic.

“Hey man!” My brother Creed gives me a hug and smacks my shoulder. “Good to have you home. Nice to see you too, Maxim.”

My best friend puts two fingers to his temple and salutes my brother. “Thanks for having me. I could really use a vacation.”

“Sorry that I’m the only one to welcome you. We were expecting you hours ago, so everyone is already in bed.” Creed shrugs apologetically.

“It’s barely even past midnight.” I roll my eyes at him. “Are you guys that old?” Creed is only four years older than I am. If I’m this lame at 30, I hope Maxim will agree to kill me.

“Yes,” he replies unashamed. “Old, married, with kids. Just wait until you’re in the same position, Pierre. You’ll be so glad to go to bed at a decent hour.” He yawns for good measure. “Let me see you to the guesthouse.”

“I know where it is. Just hand me the keys and we’ll be on our way.” I don’t want to keep my brother from his beauty sleep, after all.

Creed disappears into his house for a moment, coming back out with a set of keys. He throws them at me, and I catch them with ease. Right when I turn around, I see a girl walking across the yard. She’s in a tight black dress, and she’s holding her high heels in her hands as she walks to her car that’s parked at one of my sibling’s houses.

“Damn,” I can’t help but say, staring at her ass. “Who’s that?”

“The nanny.” Creed sounds annoyed. “You’ve met Joy before, Pierre. And don’t get any ideas. She has a boyfriend, and even if she didn’t, she’d be off-limits to you.”

“Too bad.” I’ve still got my gaze trained on her juicy ass. “But fine, no fucking the nanny.” That won’t be too hard since she’s taken. I’m sure I can find another girl to get on top of so I can put this whole Natalie debacle behind me. Nothing fixes a broken heart like a wicked one-night stand. It’s been almost three years since I fucked anyone but Nat. It’s about damn time for a change.

“No fucking anyone,” Creed says sternly. “If you see a girl anywhere around here, you check with me first, you hear me? If she’s anyone’s sister, cousin, friend, or whatever, she’s be off limits to you.” He moves his narrowed eyes to rest on Maxim. “Same goes for you.”

“Of course,” Maxim promises, even though we both know he’ll be all over Steffi Johnson starting tomorrow. If she so much as looks at him, all promises to Creed will be forgotten.

I’m annoyed as I say goodbye to my brother and make my way to the guest house. Forbidding me from sleeping with anyone… Who does he think he is? My father? I never should have confessed that Natalie dumped me because she thought I was cheating on her. Or that Valentina and I are still in touch. I also never should have admitted to him how high my number was when he asked a few months ago when we were at a bar, catching up. His eyes almost popped out of his head when I said I wasn’t sure, but it was close to a hundred.

I don’t get the big deal. I truly didn’t cheat on anyone. Flirt? Sure, that’s harmless. Lots of people still text their exes. Hell, my brother Dshawn has two kids with his ex-girlfriend’s best friend, and the three of them are still friends. No one thinks that is weird. Aston has slept with way more people than I have, yet no one acts like he’s a loose cannon, out to break girls’ hearts.

I open the front door, surprised to see that there’s a light on in the living room. Is anyone else staying here? I call out so we won’t startle them, but there is no answer. Maybe Creed turned the lights on so we wouldn’t have to walk into a dark house? Seems a little overbearing to me, but hey, he’s a dad now, and he’s changed a lot since we were kids. He’s a total sap.

When I push open the door into the living room, I only make it two steps inside. Because holy mother of all that’s sexy, there is a girl in there.

And not just any girl. She’s half-naked, in nothing but red lacy panties and a matching bra. She’s got legs for days, smooth dark skin, luscious red lips, messy curly hair, and her boobs are spectacular. My dick is already twitching in my pants. For some reason, she’s standing right next to the dining table, her hands on her hips, boobs pressed forward and ass tilted back. Her eyes are closed, and she has absolutely no clue we’re gawking at her.

“I call dibs,” Maxim mutters from behind me.

“Shut up.” I take a tentative step forward, cleaning my throat. “Erm… hello?”

No response. Is she deaf or something?

“Hello?” I call out louder. “Can you hear us?”

Still not a single hint that says she knows we’re in here with her. After a long tense moment, she finally opens her eyes, sees us standing in the doorway, and… screams. She screams bloody fucking murder.

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