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Chivalry .I.

By Valencia Coco Monet W All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 1

Lady Olivia reads the letter many a times before showing her eldest sister Lady Viviane, shed known she will not deny her of this request. “Viviane my dearest, the eldest sister,” “I have received a letter!” Lady Olivia shouted in a very UN-lady like manner she’d usually had kept in mind all that Lady Eleanor had taught her in becoming the utmost proper respectable lady of English society in becoming one of the ton. Her petticoat sassed along with her in search of her eldest sister. Questioning the servants in search requesting if they’d seen Viviane or known of her sister’s whereabouts.

Lady Olivia rushed in whilst out of each room available trying to catch her breath till finally she came upon her sisters person. Lady Olivia let out a delighted squeal of delight she entered the Family Library where Lady Viviane sat next to the window reading one of the many lengthy volumes within the family’s Library.

Lady Olivia could not fathom her tastes for literature Olivia often observed her eldest sister whilst only sister more interested of whichever the fairy tales of the latest book she found more likeness of literature than social gatherings which were hosted for the benefit of Viviane’s person in finding a suitable husband. A most suitable match.

Olivia nor their poor mother who’d tried to have her first daughter Lady Viviane, courted whilst married off at her first season depute into society her mother Lady Amelia , assumed. Governess Amelia had been most insistent to have a suitable match for eldest daughter Viviane, now considered a Spinster of the Ton of Two and Twenty. Five coming out seasons to have a wealthy Englishman of status secure her hand. Lady Olivia was all but very doubtful of her eldest sister being betrothed she showed no interest of the ton England society whatsoever her sister Lady Viviane rather stay attached to her fondness of various volumes of literatures

“You have something of highest importance you must tell me live?” said she Lady Viviane, stood up from her favorite wooden chair by the window her book propped open now resting upon the oak chair. Lady Viviane could see her youngest sister observing her person when she looked up before those sea green eyes examining her she wondered what could her sister Lady Olivia come here for she had such strong distaste literature in all Viviane’s, life she had not once caught her sister reading or so much as picking up a book or so much as turning her eyes towards a book.

Viviane spied a neatly folded piece of paper in Olivia’s hand clutched to her person securely. “Sister You Must, “Do , Consent and say yes , “once you’ve read over this letter before,“I hand it over to you. “You musts’t decline,” said she Lady Olivia persuasively. Lady Olivia nervously stood by her sisters side loose strands of her brunette hair had fallen out of place Olivia had a sudden impulse to find her maid Margaret to pin her hair back in its proper position where the brunette strands became undone astray she would see to finding her maid after she attained from her sister Viviane.

Lady Olivia watched Lady Viviane, brown eyes burrow over the letter that had been addressed to she Lady Olivia. Delivered early Mid Morning her sister Viviane’s white–blond hair was pinned at the top of her head styled elaborately her make up somewhat heavy the style of the ton.

“Well Sister?’ Lady Olivia grew impatient the letter had been brief whilst quite short she could not see what Viviane had been searching for whilst everything was before her person.

“No “ Lady Viviane said simply handing her sister the letter. Lady Viviane moved to exit the room before she could be of any further Olivia desperately pleaded her case Olivia insisted “She must become her chaperone!” she did not want that Old bat Lady Eleanor! , Chaperoning her person about around the ton attending social gatherings and such she would surely embarrass her furthermore she expressed to Viviane.

“I shall speak to Mum and Father of My request ,“They shan’t deny me” said she Lady Olivia storming out in pursuit of her Mum and Father before leaving the room .“I am not embarrassed of the ton of my first season”. Said she Olivia


Lady Viviane would not have chaperoned , if her Mum and Father hadn’t forced her to chaperone her younger sister Olivia.

“Viviane My daughter You Must Chaperone said Lady Amelia for your sisters sake whilst our namesake!”

Lady Amelia scowled at her husband Sir Langford Belakane, when no words had been spoken upon the discussion at hand. His brown eyes held worry quickly before the matching fury at the prospect of one of his daughters taken Ill.

He would prevent this outcome altogether. His wife who his beloved daughter Viviane, shared the same white-blond hair she inherited from her mother while his brown eyes alone she inherited from him while his dearest Olivia inherited his deep brown hair while her mothers sea green eyes his Olivia is very petite to her sister Viviane who’s curvy. Sir Langford, will not have his daughter become taken Ill.

“Viviane you will chaperone your sister at her first coming into season”. “Till she has become betrothed”. “Your mother and I , worry for her Health”. He said firmly’ he said exchanging glances between his wife whilst Viviane. Lady Amelia smiled dearly at her husband giving her husband a confirming pat on his knee. Governess Amelia had plans for both daughters being wed , if not both in this season she would have Olivia courted. They won’t be gossip towards her household if two shall be married hurriedly off.

Lady Olivia smiled pleasurably while Lady Viviane, hadn’t been too taken by this decision. Viviane knew her mother would not give up on her being betrothed to a gentleman of the ton of status Lady Viviane , told herself she would not be easily wed off she was quite alright with becoming a spinster no gentleman of the ton had attracted her person. Her only concern was Olivia finding a proper match so she will not become a pawn in her mum’s game.

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