Chivalry .I.

By Valencia Coco Monet W All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 10

Lady Viviane moved past other attendees who were attending the opera with due haste they looked to her person questionably before continuing on with their company as she entered the ladies lavatory “how could she allow herself to be in distress over Lord Dalston Northcliffe?.. He was naught a Nobel gentleman she’d envisioned him to be the chivalrous one ...she was thankful no other ladies of the ton appearance weren’t in the lavatory with her person.

Her dearest cousin Lady Emma, had been in pursuit after her person she’ddone naught need to be consoled in this time she wished she could go back to the night adore attending the ball although impossible she would have never entered the gardens therefore never being compromised to a rake who feels no shame for his rakish engagements she reasoned more with her person. She could carry off this engagement to Lord Dalston Northcliffe, she would, crying off would cause further scandal for her and Lord Dalston Northcliffe, person were alone longer than what society dictates whilst seen in a most compromising state she would see fit to make Lord Dalston Northcliffe life Hell. (1)

Lady Olivia could naught believe the site in which performed out before her eyes her betrothed adding another scene to the prior Dalston had already established affair with his mistress in public she felt she croak of embarrassment this gossips would spread tomorrow round the town. She decided to approach Lord Dalston Northcliffe , where was the disgrace in this since the gossips would be all about tomorrow of the ton.

“You have some nerve.” ”. Dalston have you , “Naught has proper etiquettes?” Lady Olivia, was in such a fury “You have embarrassed our whole companionship with your rakish predispositions” said she Lady Olivia, her voice rose with every word she spoke she was sure other attendees of opera where listening or looking on who were near by she cared naught.

Dalston was most enraged though he hadn’t let it shown a smiled brought to his lips surely of his shone displeasure he could hear his mistress Lady Francesca, now seated at his side let off an amused chuckle. “Lady Olivia I suggest you make way back towards your seat surely you, “Will miss thecomposer’s performance.,” said he Lord Dalston pointing to where her whilst Dalston previously had been seated affair.

Prior Lady Olivia quite most displeased allowed her person to be led away further by her betrothed Estmund Northcliffe, back to their seats offering her person-reassuring words of her sisters and cousin reappearance both turned their attentions onto Le Esmeralda’s, captivating angelic voice. (2)

“The nerve of Dalson conduct “ said she Lady Emma spat … “I do naught think he wishes to even become a most amiable betrothed nor husband ..“I’m so sorry for your cousin.

“It isn’t a need cousin for you to shed tears for my person, “I will naught have his rakish tendencies effect me in this prospect however … I’d thought of him a gentleman offer.. “I do not think him one at present …“He hasn’t my respect” said she Lady Viviane “Let’s take our seats, “I’d like to see Le Esmeralda” said she Lady Viviane, her cousin’s violet eyes stared to her own bronzed ones in disbelief of the events which plagued forth previously between their social soiree.

She cared naught she would naught cower home in the carriage she would make known to Lord Dalston Northcliffe , she was nought so easily detoured by his rakish advancements. “Have you lost your wits Viviane!.. “To be seated in the presence of him whilst his mistress?”. Said she Lady Emma she did naught imagine her cousin would want to condemn oneself further in scandal in the ton’s eyes.

“No I have naught my wits are in place dearest cousin Dalston Northcliffe ought understand…. “I shall naught be so easily detoured by his rakish advancements.” Said she Lady Viviane Both women exiting the lavatory room heading back towards their party’s booth. (3)

“Why not break off this engagement love…. “I can tell you do not harbouraffections , towards her person she’s timid whilst plain in tastes “ said she Francesca with much envy. She will naught be put aside to Lady Viviane, she was filled with spite whilst rage as she saw Lady Viviane and her chaperone enter the booth taking their previous seats.

“Hold your tongue dearest “ said he Dalston Northcliffe, distant in his contemplations before his eyes caught his betrothed accompanied by her chaperone Lady Emma. Lady Viviane, unscathed she met his eyes before sitting next to his mistress he thought this most interesting Lady Viviane , was very daring indeed he’d admired this in her person.

Lady Viviane offered a proper greeting towards Lady Francesca, person before taking her seat whilst introduced herself most eyes were upon their persons watching closing this she knew she expected she waited diligently for Lady Francesca to make a scene.

Lady Emma passed her inquiring look before turning back round facing Le Esmeralda. Lady Viviane would naught take a seat next to Lady Emma, whilst Lady Olivia, whilst her betrothed Lord Estmund, she’d stay seated next to her own betrothed Lord Dalston Northcliffe.

“Quite foolish of you too have joined our party, “You are the mistress are you naught Francesca? “I am Dalston betrothed soon to be wife,” said she Lady Vivienne her annoyance emitting forth. (4)

Lady Francesca was most irritated she looked towards Dalston whilst he looked forward unaware of their conversations she had never been talked to in such a way over that harlot!. She would see their betrothal terminated.

“I will have you know… “Lady Viviane I’m most permitted to go as I desire…”I’m cognizant of your present position, although I’m sure this present position” should naught lead farther…”You need naught to concern your person with my station… “Mayhap you should feel concerned should our positions change most drastically” said she Lady Francesca most gratified. “I have naught a worry..”You are nonetheless a light skirt…”Who will always remain considered as such.”

“I’m most unmoved “said she Lady Viviane holding her binoculars near her eyes so she could get a better glimpse of Le Esmeralda perform a most fascinating high range melody, in her third act she could naught understand the vocals in which Le Esmeralda, sang fluently so in Italian the highest range she was most surprised one so small could emit such a melodious sound.

We shall see about that Lady Viviane..”I will naught let you invade what is already mine “ said she Lady Francesca she refused to be threatened by one such as Lady Viviane, nor have a doubt haze over her person Dalston,wouldn’t turn his back on her person. (5)

“Quite the contrary Dalston, was certainly not to be yours Lady Francesca, “Was a proposal ever made to your person?” said she Lady Viviane.

“I hate to be deliberated as though I’m absent .. Naught of presence “ said he Lord Dalston Northcliffe. Both Lady’s turned their attentions on his person. “I shall marry whom .. I choose whomever..” I shall marry shall be of my own accord. Said he Lord Dalston Northcliffe.

“She’s naught of competition towards me, Dalston” said she Lady Francesca assuredly she will become his spouse she was most certain he would be her consort she hadn’t fretted.

“Leonardo the hour grows near you must, be off before Langford arrives, ” said she Lady Amelia quite forlornly she wished him nought to leave her.

Lady Amelia did naught know when they shall have time in one another’s company once more. Her Italian lover pulled her face close with his hands caressing her face once more whilst looking over her person as he always had when they met Lady Amelia , took his hand in hers moving his hand atop her belly. (6)

Surprised etched across his dark handsome Italian features , Leonardo looked to her for more conformations she nodded. “ A babe” said he Italian she could comprehend it, he’d exchanged new vocabulary each time they met. “Come to Roma With me”. Said he he’d hoped she agree he was sure it was his babe she was caring. “I’m of wealth” said he Leonardo.

Amelia felt herself being whisked away by Leo in his foreign land she felt love for him more than anyone shed felt for in her life this was naught, that she could naught love her children she’d realized her love for Governor Belakane, was more of a necessity for the wealth he was benevolent to her person therefore he would be towards their children she reasoned.

Prenderemo questa sera port ail Mio amore said he Leonardo he began helping her pack her elegant gowns promptly. (7)

The carriage ride was a bumpy one the horses progressed their hoofs on the cobblestones with haste the carriage ride was a silent one Lady Olivia, was most unnerved of tonight’s events mother would be most seethed she thought if gossiped leaked to her mother’s ears.

Lady Olivia gladly accepted she’d gotten Estmund as her betrothed she may grow to love him overtime possibly she’d given into that idea. She rested her head on his shoulder before she began to nod off.

Lord Dalston thought of Lady Sarah, his sister through all his selfishness he could naught ruin her chances at coming out next season his reasoning began to form, although he dared to try to ignore his half-sister was a soft spot in his cold heart he practically raised her since his mother Baroness Isadora, refused whilst his Father the Baron Edwin Northcliffe rarely round.

Eldest brother what is on your mind?’ said he Lord Estmund Northcliffe he could gather when his brother was in thought the lines on his forehead would crease his hazel eyes became more distant as if he wasn’t there at all he was unsure if his brother regarded him in the least.

“Lady Sarah” spoke he Lord Dalston. (8)

Lady Vivianne giving both Dalston whilst Estmund a most inquisitive look “Might this be one another of Dalston many mistresses?” The way he spoke her name urged something more between him whilst this Lady Sarah. None gave an explanation too who this Lady Sarah, might be to each of their persons she noted how Lord Dalston, gave Lord Estmund a look of warning. She looked back towards Lady Emma, even her most baffled with their bestowing behaviors.

She watched as her sister still slept most serenely supporting her head along Lord Estmund, person his arm round her waist supporting her person. Lady Viviane, thought he whilst Olivia complimented another person well “A match fit” she stammered.

“Can’t you agree we shall become amicable in one’s presence we are to be wed” said she Lady Viviane trying her best to escape a yawn which she could naught evade she found herself blinking more so to stay attentive rather she felt some envy her sister betrothed was all she had naught she rid the envy away from her reflections .

“Sleep If you will.. ”I see you are weary Viviane” said he Lord Dalston Northcliffe, both Lady Emma, whilst Lord Estmund Northcliffe, directed curious glances toward his person his swift change in temperament. (9)

Lady Emma as chaperon was herself barely able to keep her eyes opentoday’s events took a hardship on her person, she missed her mama whilst papa her brothers and sisters in Middlesex. Her mind wondered about what they could be undertaken now she hadn’t spared time to write each of them a letter on her arrival to London. Thought she Emma would return soon her father whilst mother including brother and sisters was farmers they reapedfrom all the land they’d grown.

Lady Emma knew their busiest tasks were reaping enough food to last them throughout the winter she knew others considered her family poor she did naught think that so

Lord Estmund, called out softly towards Emma they’d arrived at the Belekane Estate Wensdor she nodded sleepily carefully making her exit out the carriage the footmen offered his hand. Lord Dalston carried a slumbering Lady Viviane, in his arms she seemed to be snoozing he found this most humorous he let off a silent chuckle.

He noted Estmund likewise holding his betrothed most securely to his person as they approached Wensdor. A footman answered the door Dalston giving orders for his betrothed whilst lady Olivia to be taken to their chambers each of the betrothed handed their sleeping persons over Lord Dalston, felt most agitation to this he felt however he knew naught why he dismissed this feeling of being parted from his betrothed.

Lord Belekane appeared disheveled the two brothers were in puzzlement atthe Lady’s Belakane manor. “My wife has… vanished”. Said he Governor Beleklane.

“Uncle art thou sure?” said she Lady Emma most worriedly.

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