Chivalry .I.

By Valencia Coco Monet W All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 11

“Where has mother gone Father. Is it true, Mum has departed now missing?’ Lady Olivia said frightened. Tears crept down Lady Olivia face she began to panic she always relied on her mother, if she was indeed gone what would she do, the wedding planning.

“Yes we know naught, for sure she has either departed of her own liberties aretaken said Governor Belekane, troubled my daughters and niece looking towards their persons said he Lord Belekane secretly had known his wife was having an on-going affair although anger at him inside he wouldn’t divulge this to his daughters nor his sweet niece Lady Emma.

Lady Viviane had naught known what to say, or feel towards her mother’s absence she loathed seeing her father so uneasy over their mother’s swift disappearance. This was very odd, Indeed to her person, her mother banishing the night afore whilst they all had been attendance at the box office, whilst her father hunting in Greenwich she had decided naught to reveal her sentiments in fear this might upset her father more so.

. “I know mother would naught willingly leave she was taken against her own will we, must look for Mother, “I shall spread the word amongst the ton “. Said Olivia her sentiments become much cheaper. (1) “Viviane you act as though your naught surprised of the mother’s absence, “Did mum divulge anything towards your person?’ said she Lady Olivia most upset her sister might know something of her mother’s whereabouts that she may naught she considered herself to be her mothers favourite.

“No I’m unaware as you Olivia “ said she Lady Viviane, she decided to get away from her sister, her father had been making arrangements to find her mother informing all of their persons he would be contacting a private investigator surrounding their mother’s disappearance. Lady Viviane had sentiments for traveling the new world yet some of Europe she thoughtmayhap, she will call off this betrothal towards Lord Dalston Northcliffe , he did naught have affections for her person, it had been clear since all he’d expressed he never would .

Viviane could never be sure of his double temperament towards her person one moment he was the chivalrous gentleman the next moment he was crude with all his rakish tendencies. She decided to practice her needlework too deter her reflections away from Dalston she couldn’t help but recall strong arms lifting her person out of the carriage carrying her person close she dissuaded this idea yet , she pondered she hadn’t recalled getting out of the carriage the night afire..Her betrothed carried her person she was bemused why would he do such a thing, if he disliked her so, she thought placing her needlework down this confounded her person he Lord Dalston Northcliffe, was difficult to decipher. (2)

Lord Dalston Northcliffe, found himself approaching by his carriage on Wensdor, the curvy Viviane laced his thoughts he could naught rid himself of his betrothed from his mind he himself thanking his coachman whilst advising him stay with the coach “I shan’t be long”. As he proceeded towards Windsorthe Belekane residence he thought back to the night afore he found it very unexpected of the Governess disappearance.

A butler allowed him entrance he stated his purpose whilst the butler leads him towards the sitting room, before going off to retrieve Lady Viviane, person he found himself after all taking a scone from a maid who’d offered his person tea and scones formally he’d wondered what was taking Lady Viviane, a person so long “Was naught Lady Viviane, informed of his arrival? He spoke such towards a frightened maid who’d offered apologizes the maid scurried off to locate Lady Viviane.

He was naught one of patience he decided since the servants were most incompetent he’d go fetch his betrothed himself… Viviane either ignored the fact of his arrival or she knew naught, of his accompany he scampered off quite furious he would inform her regardless he was her betrothed he was naught one that should be kept waiting he moved past the servants who were scurrying to get their chores done as their gazes met his own they quickly reverted their glances back quickly back to their tasks. (3)

He found himself checking the lower floors towards the left she was naught in sight he began proceeding the stairs rather quick as his anger flourished he quickly making his descent back downwards the stairs as he heard this melody of keys coming forth from that of the pianoforte. He saw her, his betrothed she was dressed most sophisticated her petticoat modestly covering her person. Naught much skin was shining from her bosom her elbows covered her wrist shown as she proceeded to press her fingers lightly against the keys whilst skillfully her hair white-blonde in a tight elegant bun he thought she looked most stunning angelic.

The sun’s morning day radiance reflecting onto her person her bronze eyes, staring off forward she had naught notice his presence at all his betrothed was so engrossed in her melodic pianoforte he never witnessed such an alluring sound. He found all his previous rage dissipated he was delighted in such a melodic sound, in which her fingers fashioned he stood silently watching her play the pianoforte, till she finally stopped after discontinuing. He was in awe he smiled to his betrothed when she turned about whilst met his eyes she gave him a perplexed expression before her expression changed to furthermore for one of aggravation.

“How long have you been, Watching me person Lord Dalston?” said she Lady Viviane, She was unnerved by how long he may, have been observing her person. “Why are you, here more importantly Lord Dalston?” she tried to ignore the flutter within her person she wondered what the cad could be doing here could he have come to Wensdor to cause further scandal to her whilst her family namesake?” she thought. (4)

“You are quite the rude, the obnoxious hostess, “I come to see my betrothed, I inform your servants to fetch you, “should I say, “our most incompetent. Dimwitted even!” “I’d been waiting for your appearance, too greet me I’ve checked your pendulum, “I arrived at Nine this is now half past twelve “I’m animpatient man furthermore I’m your betrothed I will not tolerate this behavior”.

“You will naught order me about, “I have an intellect of my own. Furthermore, “I’m naught a trained hound!” “ Spat Lady Viviane. Standing her ground hands places on each her hip before Lord Dalston , she showed no fright she could naught believe he had the audacity to think… He could do as he pleased whilst order her person about. Dalston was enraged flew back upon his person as quickly as it had gone over,“How could these women flare his anger so, how could she make way under his skin? He could feel his anger mounting he could scarcely control the words that permitted from his mouth next “I see in your conduct, “how your person has remained a spinster throughout your four previous seasons Miss Belekane”. Said he Lord Dalston Northcliffe. (5)

“How dare you! Lord Dalston,”How dare you make, such implications of my spinsterhood, “I have remained as such, of my own accord, rather then be married off to the likes of someone such as you , “What sense you have! “To come in, Wensdor to spout such folly! Spat she Lady Viviane. Lady Viviane had never shouted so much in her life this man deeply infuriated her throughout her limbs in every way probable. In which how could she be betrothed to such an unpleasant gentleman.

“What is the meaning of this?” said he Governor Langford Belakane, looking towards both parties crossly. “Father I wish this” she pointed towards her person whilst Lord Dalston Northcliffe, person. “Betrothal to be carried off, “I will naught tolerate being betrothed another fortnight to a person such as himself” spat Lady Viviane.

You two, “Will ruin what’s left of both of the family’s namesake’s whilst reputation, “You my daughter , “Will be scorned from society in every which way by, that of the ton”? Spathe Sir Langford Belakane.

Governor Langford Belekane, could see the air about his daughter whilst Dalston person rather thin between the two parties, he wishes naught to have his beloved daughter shun from society nor to have her person, too endure spinsterhood for the rest of her years.

“You two, “Will remain as you, are now being amicable in the least by the others presence for appearance sake, I’m sure you too, will grow nearer over a duration of time your fondness will grow he heard the two party’s produce angry banters at one another whilst unpleasantries. “I believe you both, in terms will come, to be the perfect match,” said he Belekane , Lady Emma whilst Lady Olivia both appearing slightly in agreement at this proclamation. (6)

Lady Isadore was seated in one England’s elaborate coffeehouses, for only conversation sake whilst social interaction in which the ton gladly provided whilst taking part in the newly emerging coffee consumption habits of this time. She heard of The Governess disappearance, she pegged Amelia, was naught taken at all, she thought her to be gone as of her own free liberties, why she knew naught of her disappearance at this time neither none of the women of the ton knew naught or had naught caught sight of Amelia.

She took a sip of the liquid the first sip scolding her tongue she began to be caught up in the daily gossips as of recently they discussed popular fashion whilst current events. She heard the gentleman of the ton strongly debating, debates in which revolving round various philosophy whilst the natural sciences

She saw more patrons ordered whilst consuming the drink of the new world greedily for the price of just for a penny patron, indulged in coffee whilst a Relative equality existed amongst the patrons of the coffeehouse despite one’s own station. As one could participate in the conversation regardless of class, rank, or political leaning she decided to take her leave after a few cups whilst bidding farewells to her social gathering. (7)

Isadore might I ask ,”Why you have come Wensdor?’ said Sir Langford Belekane, a bit flustered at Isdore, style of dress he pried his eyes away from her protruding bosom her arms barley covered in modesty he stifled a cough.

“Langford you know why, “I have come “. Said she Isadore most sarcastically she wasn’t one for common banter, she’d finally gotten what she desired what was hers all these years had passed in which Langford, had been snatched away by Amelia.

“Baroness I suggest you, “Take your leave from Wensdor , “Governess Amelia, is away, “I very well, know of your intent in which you express ,whilst suggest bodily I, do not attend to provide this for you.

“Langford you know, I’ve always harbored strong affections for you I, know you harbor strong affections for my person as well”. “You were stolen away from me by that she devil, I once called a companion. Baroness Isadore Northcliffe, had naught received a response from Langford, she thought he’d finally trust Isadore, words which had spouted the truth she knew, herself naught to be disagreeable her hair was still rather dark, only a few strands of silver she received flattering comments daily she knew this naught to be the problem. She sniffed and began to sob. (8)

Lady Vivienne whilst Lord Dalston Northcliffe , were in Bushy park, Lady Viviane , quietly admired the small ponds scattered all about the park this she did, naught lets her betrothed know. Lady Viviane, had been relishing her outing because she did naught enjoy her betrothed he was rather big headed . She spied looks towards his person from time to time. Found she could naught hide her enjoyment awe! “The swans aren’t they the most beautiful of creatures don’t you think?, Lord Dalston Northcliffe?”Said she Lady Viviane.

”Viviane you need naught to address me so… formally I am your betrothed..”I see you temperament has changed Vivienne it compliments you quite well,” said He Lord Dalston. “I shall try, too address you as such, “Why thank you”. Said she Lady Viviane, still on guard of her betroth temperaments he acted as if he, were two different gentleman’s at times towards her person she knew naught to make of it , he said very few words whilst they sat on the bench in one another company in silence.

Would this be how her arranged marriage, is to the best of her betrothed? . This inescapable silence, he’d hardly spared glances towards her person naught, even on their carriage ride over she tried to act unbothered by her betrothed conduct. She decided before they marry, she’d take off her sister would be married off to Estmund, while she maker her way out, of London by any methods necessary. (9)

Dalston, realized he had not given his betroth attention, he noted her beauty in which complimented the sublime natural beauty, by that of branchy park, surrounding them how was he to be trapped in this betrothal to a woman who infuriated him in every manner He wondered if the Governess Amelia, would turn about amongst the ton, he felt pity for his betrothal , he could see lines of unhappiness about her face. “Does the Governess vanishing trouble you Viviane?’ said he Lord Dalston Northcliffe inquisitively.

He watched her person she was unaware of his glance he had been watching her a person of interest he noted her figure to be more voluptuous she resembled her mother in all aspects other then her eyes her eyes, wherebronzed naught pale green , in coldness as her mothers or sister, she had an air about her person as she looked out admiring a large variety of birds.

“No, I’m not bothered in the least, quite the opposite of my sister sentiments “ said she Lady Viviane. She decided to have a closer look at the swans. Lady Viviane thenceforth decided she take a walk in the Duke’s head pass, she had naught asked her betroth to guide her although she sensed footsteps nearby.

She began to feel herself taken over by fear she knew naught why the trees shaded her person, as she began to proceed farther within the Duke’s head passage. Lady Viviane was naught surprised in the least her betroth, hadn’t prevented her from walking alone she felt strong hands grabbing her person pulling her person farther within in fear she screamed as much as her lungs would permit She knew this naught to be her betroth memories of the ball when advancements were almost made fully upon her person those arms tightened more so round her person losing oxygen each time she struggled to be free from her captor she’d only hope Lord Dalston, rushed towards her aid. (10)

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