Chivalry .I.

By Valencia Coco Monet W All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 17

The wedding commences thus taking place most traditionally the safest season by far for two parties Lord Dalston and Lady Viviane it was decided during the harvest time. Viviane had been directed months afore leading to this established date with her mother prior to her wedding, she mustn’t allow her married name to be used before the wedding has taken place or it could never be. Viviane Knew this to be folklore though it might be women who were of the Ton and of stations did not permit their married names to be used for fear the wedding will not take place.

" Viviane take this Decorative horseshoe, carry it on your wrist ” said Lady Amelia reading her daughter’s features who mirrored her own in much likeness. “Horseshoes are rarely real, now place it carry on your wrist” said she Lady Amelia softly remembering her wedding towards the Duke many years ago.

“This horseshoe is of light weight, is this specifically made for weddings?” inquired Viviane curiously.

“It is so, for good luck this horseshoe will bring you”. Replied Lady Amelia

Lord Dalston and Lady Viviane exchanged traditional vows by an Anglican priest who had pronounced them man and wife. Before the wedding they were directed two sign spousal’s a particular act in which Lord Dalston the groom whilst Lady Viviane the bard stated their vows in a present tense per verbal de prasenti their marriage as many other members of the Ton had been accompanied with some church ceremony banns in front of all of the ton whom been invited.

Honoria gave Viviane a reassuring smile and wave others acknowledged the marriage whilst engaging in good natured conversation.

Wheat had then been cast on Lady Viviane Northcliffe as she and the groom had come from the church. She never felt more anxious what her life would entail as a Newly married woman to Dalston Northcliffe a once known prominent rake who’d over time air’s produce chivalrousness he Dalston still holding her hand as they made their exit from the church all those surrounded them wished them well with their happy life as Husband and Wife.

Amelia and Lady Isadora it had been observed had been exchanging and polite conversations for their children’s sakes even putting aside past disagreements tears flowed through the mother’s eyes their families had been reunited establishing a wealth of both parties. Though neither wanted nor cared for a public event though the church decreed that weddings be performed in public by a priest before many witnesses. It would bring about much gossips if they’d eloped in a haste quickly married off.

Amelia recalled earlier softly love playing almost none at all such marriages were rare. “Marriage is to be considered a serious factor”. She confided more ” If love could grow over time however”. Now watching her eldest child with her newly husband she knew without a doubt theirs’s would be a love filled marriage.

“I must confess I never thought my affections would grow for you Viviane though they have, I am most honored it was I who had been in a quite compromising with you that night at Lady Anne’s Ball” whispered Dalston to Viviane kissing her holding her close once more to him.

“Nor could I and if there is any Gentleman or Rake, I’d had rather be in a compromising position it couldn’t have been anyone, but you said Viviane with much adoration for her newly husband he a rake now her Chivalrous Dark Night.

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