Chivalry .I.

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Romance / Adventure

Chapter 5

1 week past

Lady Vivienne sent off to Middlesex a letter a week prior Too Lady Emma her dearest friend and cousin she had written imploring Lady Emma to accompany her to her fifth coming into season Lady Vivianne words written to Lady Emma in the letter; “Do come in quick haste for I’m to chaperon Lady Olivia I shall be most pleased if I shall have your company within this coming season “.

Your Beloved Cousin

Lady Vivianne

Lady Vivienne was in distraught she hated these dreaded coming into season whilst events why couldn’t she stay home? That of her family and the entire London ton attends these seasons or Occasions without notice of my attendance? She’d known naught.

Her mothers threats of last night laced her thoughts she wished not to marry nor be forced to marry she had no other options but to oblige to her mother and father’s requirements she sighed to herself somberly whilst she picked up her needle she set earlier on the oak plush chair and begun her embroidering to pass the time she cared not for horse riding to-day.

Lady Vivianne wished not for a husband she embroidered more meticulously she needled a sampler figures standing in the background her family estate trees that are far beyond the estate birds flowing through the air figures of the horses her sister atop one her along side a top her favorite horse laced with a border along each side.

Lady Vivianne decided when she’d finish she’d add her name along the bottom of her embroidery whilst to include the date whilst adding the year she’d embroidered one of my samplers. Her elaborately designed dresses were delivered by a footmen Emily her bulky maid had informed her of which she shall wear for her coming of the season.

Now Emily the bulky maid stood just before her a grimace on that on the maid’s face Emily’s her hair pinned back tightly in a neat bun. “What is the matter Emily?” said she Lady Vivianne quite displeased placing her embroidery down onto the oak table walking towards Emily.

“Your relation has arrived her lady-ship Baroness Amelia is in quite distress at her coming at such a time! “The coming into seasons begins to-day you must know?” “Baroness Amelia now feels it’s her obligation to secure a suitable match for Lady Emma as well seeing that she is to be staying for the season. ”What kind of gowns shall she wear? “Lady Emma simply cannot wear the ones she brought with her personally? “ The Baroness said she shan’t permit her to wear well worn petticoats.” Said she Emily as she spoke so swiftly Lady Viviane had barley acquired every word she had her maid Emily repeat everything slowly whilst reassuring her all shall be well.

She shall wear some of my new dresses inform my mother”. Said she Lady Vivianne contentedly. She could see her maid was trying to protest shaking her head abjectly Lady Vivianne knew her mother would be aghast-eyed at the prospect of Emily wearing her petticoats she’d worn or even the prospect her cousin exchanging gowns her mother would be of ill health of thought of what that of the ton gossip would bring a smile brought upon her lips as she made her way throughout the numerous empty room in search of Lady Emily.

“You look well cousin”. I had received your letter saying she Lady Emily both exchanging hugs. Lady Emily wore a pink silk taffeta brocaded with a silver thread the front open the decorative bodice a stomacher which covering the linen on her person making Lady Emily silhouette Narrower Her raven hair worn in loose curls her violet eyes lined in rogue whilst pink blush complemented her cheeks.

“I’m so glad you have come Emma! Mother and father are forcing me to chaperon Olivia about the ton to chaperon her amongst with the suitors till she will become betrothed It’s very dreadful I must say”. “I following her about like a small baby chick after the mother Hen!” Said she Lady Vivianne.

“I’m sure it will not be as debauched seeing as for now I’m to be of escort with your person this entire season Vivianne we shall dance amongst the ton as well then shall take our leave unscathed till the season ends.” said she Lady Emma with buoyancy.

That dress shall attract many of eyes possible suitors may, I ask whom was your moodiest?’ said she Lady Emma approving the pale blue sacque dress attired in that of a Lady Viviane person. A pale blue silk satin whilst brocaded with silver stitched with gold most probable fashionable in France Lady Emma thought to herself Lady Viviane’s gown was loose whilst unstructured. In comparison falling elegantly from that of her lean shoulders a bell like shape Lady Vivianne waist fitting was much closer to that of her waist only the pleats at the back remaining free from that of the bodice.

“Mother had the well-known Frenchwomen moodiest” said she Lady Vivianne “The corset fits much tight I could scarce gather breath after a time” said she Lady Vivianne. “Mayhap I shall not receive potential suitors willingly I must have my choice in suitors Mother and Father are requiring that I select a suitor or Mother whilst father shall arrange a marriage on my behalf” said she Lady Vivianne.

“Then I shall be of help in finding you a suitable match that both Aunt Amelia whilst Uncle Langford Belakane shall approve of “said she Lady Emma most joyfully her silky pink skirts flared whilst rustling with her person she could see Lady Vivianne had been distracted lost in her thoughts.

“Olivia my daughter you look exquisite” said he Baron Langford Belakane walking into the pale blue drawing room. I’m sure you will most assuredly gain a prosperous match in that of your first season no less”. The Baron knew his youngest daughter was a bit of a conceited he’d spoiled her with all.

“We shall see” said he The Baron Langford Belakane exiting the sitting room without much word before he spoke something which could be harmful to his youngest daughter.

“Thank you, father for your most amiable sentiments! “I hope to achieve just as that I have my eye on a particular gentleman of the ton he’s indeed wealthy”. “I intend for him to become my betrothed “. Said she Lady Olivia deliberately with a crease in her brow.

Lay Olivia watched her father exit the sitting room, he wasn’t ever much for words no matter she thought she knew she would be most successful in attaining Lord Dalston Northcliffe favor she’d expressed many times to that of her friends Lady Victoria whilst Lady Jane of her prospects.

Both seemed not accepting firstly of her proposal to be compromised by Lord Dalston Northcliffe the notorious rake of the ton till they oblige lessening the scandal by agreeing to be of assistance to Lady Olivia.

Lady Olivia had been called upon by her mother to make haste her sister Lady Vivianne whilst cousin Lady Emma and father were amongst them footmen. The footman held the carriage doors ajar she placed one foot inside while another afterward her mother whilst father were inside the carriage first lastly her sister and Lady Emma.

Lady Olivia wore a Mantua almost similar to that of her mother and sister with sleeves over her arms cut a one piece whilst had a back and front whilst pleated a top her shoulders that fell to her waist area a decorated sash held in place.That of the sash which folded back in likeness to a bustle like shape whilst worn over a matching petticoat the color of her petticoat green silk a damask with floral and type of foliate pattern which was brocades with polychrome consisting of a mixture of silk whilst gold metallic file matching heels adorned her small feet.

The carriage ride was silent she had thought they’d would never make it for her first coming into season she felt herself growing quite anxious moving her foot about back then forth. Hearing the carriage wheels touch the cobblestones of London the two horses hoofs leading with much agility the footmen leading the carriage towards off to their destination.

“Why so quite Olivia have you grown Ill? Said she Lady Vivianne curiously her sister had never been quiet, not even an entire day so she was quite curious whilst Lady Emma was wondering the same about Lady Olivia

Baroness Amelia turned her attentions from her husbands to Lady Olivia giving her a look over “Olivia this season you are not permitted to miss attendance place a smile onto that handsome face of yours you’ve inherited you shall feel well my daughter… this not what you complained about that of your sisters coming into season of not being of attendance is it naught?” Said she Lady Amelia crossly.

Before Lady Olivia could answer properly Lady Emma happily interjected glad to relieve the tension between the Baroness whilst Lady Olivia.

“The carriage has stopped we’ve arrived!’ said she Lady Emma most chipper.

“Finally “ said she Lady Olivia is making her way vastly out of the carriage by the aide of the footman that she accepted. Lady Olivia is Quite anxious to have words with Lady Victoria whilst Lady Jane as planned between each of them.

Her sea green pale eyes hand placed above that of her eyes blocking the sun she was in search of Lord Dalston Northcliffe her future spouse to her dismay she saw other guests making their way from their carriages into the Ball of the new season and fine dresses whilst fine gentleman however she did not see Lord Dalston Northclife appear amongst the guest of the arrivals of the ton.

Lady Olivia party made their way inside to the Ball she waited seconds more each carriage she’d seen shed had but a light of hope whilst quickly diminishing once she saw the faces of all only not Lord Dalston Northcliffe. Till she thought it best to join the ton inside the ball before gossip spread throughout the ton a notable gossip Lady Anne of London society could say “ I witnessed Lady Olivia awaiting her lover and they would share a kiss of many when no one would be watching” her reputation would be ruined and that of her family name would be of ruined she’d be considered a light skirt

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