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The One and The Lonely

I was sitting at the bar area enjoying a drink --non-alcoholic-- when I spotted this guy. He was alluring with charcoal colored hair and hazel, but more green to his eyes. He notices me staring and I turn to look away. He comes and sits next to me, and I immediately start fidgeting with my drink, and he says, “why don’t we get you a drink with actual alcohol?” Now me being me --a very sassy and snarky person-- I snapped back, “What are you trying to do, get me drunk?” He snapped his mouth shut and looked at me as if I had just slapped him, which I was definitely now thinking about. He then proceeds saying, “Now what kind of a man would I be if I did try that, also I don’t take you as the type to fall for that.” My mouth snapped shut. He started laughing like he knew he was right, I mean he was, but he did not need to know that.

This arrogant, egotistical, self-absorbed jerk! “Do you mean to say you think I am a person who would fall for the simplicity of your hardly charming ways?” He freaking started laughing again! I went to stand up, but was too slow and he grabbed me by the arm pulling, no yanking down so hard it felt as though it had just been amputated. “Ow,” I hissed, still sore from the training I had done from this morning.. “You will stay seated until I’m done talking to you.” The heck I was. “No I will be going, and if I ever see you again, I will not hesitate to torture you until you are begging for a bullet between your eyes.” I made perfectly sure I said that with enough sass, but classy enough the bartender shook it off as an empty threat, which you should know by now it is definitely not.

Now I would never admit this but I was terrified of that man. He looked to be about 6’ 5” and that compared to me being 5 foot even, was scary, to say the least. I’m just thankful I got out of there. Any longer and I might have strangled myself.

--1:30a.m./Training Time--

We always asked the trusted gang members to come early to help with prep. We always finished prep around 1:45, when all the other members came. It was then during prep when I saw the same guy from last night. He acted as though he might actually belong to this criminal world, which made me feel strange, I couldn’t explain how I was feeling at that time.. I still really can’t explain how I was feeling when I saw him in that training room, supposedly a trusted member, which couldn’t be possible. I knew all the trusted members, he was most definitely not one of them. I knew I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t help it, I dragged him into my uncle’s office where my uncle stared wide-eyed. “Your back!” He leapt up with joy and hugged him. “You two know each other?” I was stunned I had to even ask, of course they did, by the way they hugged it should have been obvious. “Of course we do, he’s a family friend. Do you remember when you were nine, your father had some of his friends over, River, here was- what were you eleven? Ya that sounds right anyway, you and your father had gone off and well that was when he first started the beatings. He did it because you talked to River. River’s real father was Blade King.” I suddenly felt really dizzy and fainted, River catching me. “Easy there, we’ll see you when you regain your consciousness, huh?” And he winked.

I woke up two hours later to find training still going on and decided to join in. They were doing hand-to-hand combat, my second favorite. I walked down onto the mat to find my uncle and River talking like they were best friends, which didn’t surprise me. “Want to join?” my uncle had asked sarcastically. “ Actually, yes, yes I would.” He looked almost like a proud parent when I had said that. “Okay, then you’re fighting River.” “What?!” We both had asked, kind of yelling. “You heard me.” “Fine! I’m not going easy on you River.” “Didn’t think you would.” He replied sarcastically.

I had thrown the first punch, making him duck to the right. He swung at me landing one on the right side of my jaw. By now everyone was gathered around in a circle watching us fight. And the worst part they were all screaming and cheering for River, except my two biggest fans, Kayson and Kendall. I always knew I could count on them.

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