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Fated Hearts

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Sophia Stapleton was forced to move back into her family home after her parents died in a car accident. As the sole carer for her 11-year-old brother with special needs, Sophia had no time for a love life. But things changed when she met Cain Grey, the werewolf shifter who claimed she was his mate. They both initially agreed to a casual relationship, it was for the best. So why does Sophia yearn for more? Why hasn't Cain made their relationship official?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Chapter One

I stretched my arms over my head and let out a large sigh. It was almost midnight and even though I had been working for three hours I was yet to make a dent on the papers that were scattered across the living room floor.

As much as I loved my job as a schoolteacher, I hated marking with a passion and would leave it to the last minute. Do I regret it? Yes. Will I do it early next time? Nope.

I completed my PGCE last year and I am now officially an NQT. It was one of the happiest days of my life when I finally graduated, and things were finally going according to plan. I should have enjoyed the summer and made the most of it because before I knew it, it was over, and I was back in school. Being an NQT was completely different than being a trainee teacher but I knew it would be, I was prepared for that. One thing I was not prepared for was the amount of marking I had to do. I did a lot of marking while I was training but this is on a whole new level.

I had my load of marking to do and then I had my mentor’s. That woman hated me from the start. I don’t know what I did or said but ever since she met me, she had it out for me. No matter what I did she was never satisfied, she always had something negative to say and was always pushing me to do all the extracurricular activities. I couldn’t exactly object, she was the person who would decide if I successfully completed my NQT year or not and I couldn’t say no when she dumped her students’ book at my desk and told me I had to have it marked and graded by the next day.

Just a few more months and I was done, I could do this! I looked at the pile and groaned, I can’t do this. I needed a break and a large glass of wine. Or two.

I slowly got up from the floor, stretched my body and grabbed my phone. No new messages. No missed calls. Nothing. My sort of boyfriend Cain Grey had been out of town for a few days but hadn’t bothered to be in touch.

I tried not to care, I mean it’s not like we’re in a proper relationship. It was casual. That’s what we both agreed to. Well, that’s what he suggested once he found out I was his mate and I agreed. Casual works best for the both of us.

Tossing the phone back on the sofa, I stepped over the book and made my way upstairs. Slowly and quietly I opened the bedroom door and peered into the room. The night light was on so I could make out a figure lying on the bed with the duvet pulled over its head. I tiptoed into the room, careful not to step on the toys lying around, and gently pulled the duvet away slightly so it no longer covered his face.

I lightly brushed Adam’s hair back and placed a kiss on his forehead. He stirred a little and opened his eyes.

“Lee-lee.” Adam mumbled groggily as he rubbed his eyes.

“Shush, go back to sleep.”

“I sleep?” Adam whispered, settling back into bed.

“Yes, it’s sleep time now. Goodnight.”

I watched him for a couple of minutes making sure he was asleep before I crept out of his room and shut the door.

I was Adam’s carer; we lost our parents to an accident 2 years ago and I’ve been looking after him ever since. Adam was different from other 13 year, when he was a toddler he was diagnosed with global development delay and speech delay. As he got older, his speech and communication skills improved with the help of a speech and language therapist but just before he started secondary school and after seeing lots of different doctors and specialist Adam was diagnosed with Autism.

He had just started year 7 at a special needs secondary school when my parents were killed. It was tough, I didn’t know how to look after a 11-year-old child never mind a child with special needs. I moved back into my parents’ house, looked for careers that would fit in with looking after him and decided to go for teaching. Teaching was perfect as he would be in school at the same time I was working and during his school holidays I would be off too. So far things were going well and I pray it continues to do so.

I made my way downstairs and headed towards the kitchen. Coffee or alcohol? What should I choose? Maybe both and maybe some food too. I had leftovers in the fridge from the Indian takeaway we had earlier, there’s nothing wrong with having a midnight snack. The naan and curry counts as a snack right?

As I entered the kitchen, I heard some shuffling behind me. Did Adam follow me down? No, it couldn’t be. If it was Adam he would have said something by now.

Someone was in my house!

I needed a weapon so I reached over to grab the plate I had left on the counter earlier when a pair of strong arms locked around my body. I struggled and twisted against the hard body that was pressed against me but it was no use, the person was too strong.

The person released their hold on me slightly, allowing me to gain control of my arms. Just as they started to plant kisses on my neck I turned around and swung the plate.

Cain grabbed the plate before it could hit his face and chucked. “Not the welcome was expecting.”

I pressed my hand against my heart and gasped. “Oh my god! You scared the shit out of me.”

Cain laughed and pulled me in closer. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to scare you. My wolf missed you.”

Just your wolf?

I let out a shaky breath. “What about you?”

Cain pushed me against the kitchen counter and knelt down. I bit my lip as his hands slid up my legs. “Let me show you how much I missed you.” He mumbled against my leg.

I pushed his shoulders back and he gazed up at me. “What’s wrong?”

“Is Adam still asleep? Did we wake him?”

Cain cocked his head to the side and was silent for a few seconds. “He’s fast asleep.”

“We can’t do this right now, I have so much marking left to do.” I told him, trying to push him away.

“I missed you.”

Then why didn’t you call or answer my texts?

“Seriously, I don’t have time for this. I’ve got-”

“Marking to do, I know. You can do it later.” He interrupted, standing up.

“Cain.” I whispered as he turned me around.

“I need you.”

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