Reverend By Sin

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Aulia is a mass server who falls in love with a fellow mass server who is also her best friend, sebastian. She had a crush on him since first grade but they go way back. Sebastian has feeling for her, feelings that make him go wild every time he sees her but there's something stopping him, stopping them from bieng together.

Romance / Other
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Becoming A Reverend

Is it wrong to fall for a reverend father?? Well technically hes not really a father but he's the best mass server in the church.

"Psss........psss.....ummm.....Aulia aren't you gonna to ring the thing?"Someone snapped me out of my day dream. I turned to look at him and his smile was........heart warming.

Sebastian is the boy I was talking about, he is a mass server and my best friend. We've been friends since we were born like literally, we were born in the same hospital, on the same day but he came out three hours before me, and we were put in the same nursery in the hospital. We started to talk as baby friends and since then we grew up together. In highschool he really changed he became quiet, he became a Catholic and physically he changed. After highschool I went to another college and so did he, I lost his number and I couldn't contact him. After college I flew back home in search of him but I couldn't find him until I became a mass server.
To be truthful the first time I saw him after college I couldn't recognize him. His dark blue eyes as blue as the strong tidal waves that move in the sea. His well structured nose and chiselled jawline. His pink lips so luscious and soft that I wouldn't mind kissing it while running my fingers through that thick black hair. Till date it still surprises me how his normal childish fat turned to a well toned and chiselled chest.

"AULIA!!!!" he whisper shouted and also nudged me.

"Oh yeah!!!!" I whispered and stood up to do my part. The Reverend father already glaring daggers at me and other mass servers butchering me with their eyes but only him gave me his signature smile.

I stared at the floor thinking and also reflecting on what Aulia did during mass. I noticed some thing during mass. On a normal day she's beautiful, sexy and cute but today she was sexy, alluring and extra cute. To be truthful I couldn't take my mind off her, and it was making me think of crazy things. About to stand up I felt someone soft fingers on my shoulder. I looked up and she said

"Hey!!" She sat beside me


"So whats wrong??" She dropped it hard and fast.

"Nothing no need to be worried." I replied

"How did you know I was worried??" Silly girl, doesn't she know those light brown eyes of hers give of every single information that she tries to hide from me. Her eyes clashes well with those plump ombre lips. She was blessed with long wavy dark brown hair.

"Your eyes." I finally answered.

"Okaay.........soooooo........ " we sat in silence which to her was a little awkward but to me it wasn't. I was lost in my thought.

The way her lips opened as she sucked on the lollipop while thinking. It turned me on, I just wanted to crash my lips on hers...I can't and I won't. It's not like I don't want to show her the love I've been keeping away from her. I want to tell her that I- I- I-I got some serious feelings for her that makes me wanna...........wanna kiss her uncounsious and do all sort of nasty things to her but.....I......I......I can't.

"Look can we talk later? I have some really important things to do."

"Yer sure." I could see the hurt in her eyes as she stood up and left.

When I got home I tried to sleep but I couldn't. I was twisting and turning thinking of what was bordering him until..

BZZZZZZZ!!!!!! My phone buzzed and it was Sebastian

Ian : Hey!!!

Me: Hi 😁

Ian : Are you free???

Me: No!!

Ian: why???

Me: Cause its late.

Ian: How about we meet at the front of your house??

Me: Yer sure, When??

Ian : Now!!!

Me: Now😮😮

Ian: Yep.

Me: Omw!!!

I felt what he was going to say was important. Maybe he'll tell me he loves me, or will he kiss me. I came outside in my nighties alone, no bra. I wore a baggy shirt that reached the half of my thigh. With a nice baggy short underneath.

"Look I have to tell you something very serious. Its been bugging me since I first saw you after college." His eyes glistening with fear and pain as he said

"By next week I'm gonna become a reverend father."

"What??why??!!" I shouted.

"Since my mother died in highschool its been very hard for me. She died because of a disease which the doctors did not know and it had no cure, we took her to the hospital and prayed but nothing worked. She died. Two years later my dad died for the same thing, I prayed, fasted, did every thing I could do hoping for him to stay but he didn't. That same year on my birthday the exact hour I was born by eleven o'clock in the morning my brother died for the exact same disease and it still had no cure, I flew him everywhere, took him to all the world's best doctors but none ......NONE!!!!! NOT EVEN ONE OF THEM ...." I held his shoulder to calm him down as he continued.

"He died. I lost faith in this so called God and I was ready to become an atheist but my dad's last wish was for me to be a reverend father on the year I was gonna turn 24 and that's this year. I don't want to be a reverend father. I want to be a boy who enjoys life, sex and everything but now.............I can't. To be truthful I wanted to have sex with you. I wanted to be the man to take your virginity but guess I can't. So I decided to let off everything today and tell you the truth. I LOVE YOU, I love you so much it hurts so bad to become a reverend father. If it was any other girl it wouldn't hurt me but it's you ...." he couldn't complete his statement cause something was obstructing his lips from moving freely and that thing was my lips. I crashed my lips on his and our tongues fought for dominance. I circled my hands round his neck while he circled his round my waist. He moved his hands up and down my curve until it entered my shirt and he immediately stopped and broke the kiss. We both tried to catch our breaths, while he was catching his breath he said

"I can't.........I might........I don't know if I should go for my dad or for my heart." And with that he left.

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