My husband is a CRIMINAL

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18+ Version Moved over from Wattpad as requested by many of you. This book includes curse words, sexual scenes, adult humour and graphical information. "Stop! Just fucking stop it Cindy. Your lies are getting out of hand now. Mac is an accountant. Do you really think that he would be with a solicitor if he was in the underworld? You're delusional!" "At least look it up. I don't want to ruin your marriage and I don't want you to think he's a good man. He's playing you. Your eye has been turned the other way so that he can get his own way. A shipment will arrive at nine o'clock tonight down at the Texican docks. If you have a slight inclination that he's doing it, you will go and see. Don't throw this over your shoulder." Yeah, this is me currently having an argument with my best friend of twenty years about my husband who I've been in a relationship with for over eleven years. She keeps telling me that he's a criminal and I don't believe her, I can't believe her. I guess there's only one way to find out what's true and that's by going to the docks at nine o'clock tonight. Will I catch him doing something illegal or has my friend been lying for all of these years? Tonight will give me all of the answers that I've been looking for.

Romance / Erotica
Ivy White
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Chapter 1-Anger Management

I was asked if I would move this book over from Wattpad as it was originally written for my under 18s audience. Yes, the first couple of chapters are toned down but the more that you do read it, the hotter it will become.

Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1-Anger Management

"Move out of my way!" I exhale heavily staring into the eyes of the bitch who has a problem. Why? Because I won’t listen to anymore of the lies that leave her disgusting mouth. Crossing my arms, I shift all of my weight over to my right foot sighing. She stands in my way not letting me leave her cheap and tacky jewellery store. Why did I even bother coming here to begin with? Oh, I don’t know.

"You took my purse. If you don't give it back to me then I will call the police." She looks me up and down. What does she think that threat will do for her? It certainly will not make me admit to stealing something that I didn’t take in the first place. Nodding my head, I smile. Two can play at this game.

"Go for it. I don't have your stupid purse.” I roll my eyes, my nostrils flaring as I fist my hands. If looks could kill then she would be in the cemetery floor by now.

“Blame me all you fucking want. I did not take it!" I scream in her face. My temper is rising.

"Yes you did!" She yells. I don't get why she can't talk to me like a normal person. That is the reason why I’m screaming at her! You give what you get. I’m more than sure she sits there writing down little stories every night to try and destroy me. Why? What did I do to her?

"Not. Go on. Call them." I whaft my hand watching her pull her phone out of her pocket. I look up at the ceiling. She’s really starting to testing my patience. Dialling the emergency service contact number, she grins at me and I chew my gum in the middle of her jewellery store. Giving her a fake smile, I brush my brown curly blown hair over my shoulders. I thought that the two of us were friends, I guess not.

"What's taking you so long. Jesus woman, you don't half take your time."

Holding my hands out in front of me and stepping back, I glance over at Mac who looks from me to her and back again pushing the doors open. Entering, he checks the time on his black and red watch. He looks frustrated. I am too!
Mac is my husband. We've been together for eleven years, married for two. He works as an accountant at the fairs estate in Texico which he has to get a plane to each day. I stay at home and go to work. I'm a solicitor for a firm called Hostage so I cannot travel with him. I always did want to be a solicitor. It was my dream job and when I landed it, I was over the moon.

"What the fuck is holding you up? We have a flight to catch." Mac pushes his hands inside his blue suit blazer and I shrug my shoulders. We booked to go away this weekend. A nice quiet get away in Trivial Town where his parents live. We are planning on surprising them later on today and the flight only takes three hours to get there so we don’t have to worry about travelling long haul.

"Ask her." I point at Cindy. She was my best friend for twenty years until I got with Mac and then she suddenly distanced herself from me. A couple of weeks ago, she told me the biggest load of my ass bullshit that wasn't true. Apparently. Listen to this, right, it makes me laugh so fucking much, I could cry a river. What she told me was this. Apparently, my husband robbed a bank and has billions sitting in a private bank account. Hah, yeah right. I think I would know if he was to do that. Mac cannot keep secrets and he’s proven that to me previously. He booked a retreat and told me minutes later. Him and secrets don’t connect together like any puzzle and believe me, I know. Genuinely being honest, she's had a problem with Mac ever since the day that the two of them met at a restaurant in town. He said “hi” to her being friendly and she snobbed him out. If that doesn’t tell you how judgemental she is then nothing will. This has been a problem from the beginning, as I mentioned a second ago.

"What's the issue?" He looks at Cindy who pushes the phone inside her pocket, approaching him seconds later.

"She robbed my purse." Cindy points at me. Once again she's lying through her teeth. I roll my eyes and blow a bubble with my gum before sliding my tongue across my teeth. This girl is going to beat a bitch in a sweet minute. She’s not only giving Mac false information, but she’s also putting my Jon on the line here. I’m a solicitor! My job didn’t just get given to me on a plate and some days I do wish that it did.

"Why would she do that?" Mac crosses his arms and raises his eyebrows waiting for a straightforward answer from her. Mac is in his blue suit, baby blue shirt, striped tie and black shoes. He looks good in it. I've always said that since I met him. Blue is definitely his colour. He had a meeting that he had to go to this morning at five. How he could get up at that time, I couldn’t tell you, but he did and with a smile on his face too. Weird. Speaking of meeting, we bumped into each other in town. I was buying cupcakes that day. I carried them down the road and nearly walked into his door when he opened it. He caught me before I did and the rest of it is history. Now we stand here together arguing with the girl I called my friend. Yeah, not anymore.

"Because my ring is in there and she wants it." She snarls at me again. If she does that one last time then I will snap. I'm not playing games now.

"She's got a ring on her finger. I'm sure she doesn't need it." Mac tells her and I nod my head in agreement. That is definitely one hundred percent true.

"She took it!" Mac walks over to me and wraps his arm around my back guiding me out of the store. I turn around and force my way out of his arms. Grabbing me, he twists me around forcing me out of the store.

"I hate her!" I tell him and he nods his head understanding my frustration. "I have to fly out. I need to see Jeff because something has gone wrong with his accounts. Order yourself a takeout and I'll see you when I get back." He tells me looking down with a precious smile on his face. You wouldn't think that butter would melt in his mouth, he's that much of a good man.

Fisting my hands, I get ready to enter the store when Mac grabs my blazer. “Leave it. Think about your job babe.” Fine!
Nodding my head, I smile as he kisses my forehead. A quick change of plan doesn't cause me any bother. I'm sure he'll reschedule the getaway for another weekend. Blushing, I brush my hair behind my ear and double check my cherry dress wiping it down. I watch silently. Mac walks over to the black cab, climbs inside it and slams the door before he waves and blows kisses at me. I giggle. The cab drives away and I turn around glaring at the jewellery store. Well, I won't be buying anything from there in the future. I was trying to help a friend out but she decided to start with her bullshit lies again. I thought that was all in the past but I guess not. An argument broke out between us and that's where you picked up my story. I wish she would stop lying. Speaking of her, here she is!

Walking past her, I make my way to the crossing when she grabs my sleeve.

"I was checking to see if he would do something.” Do something? What does she mean when she says do something?

“ I'm telling you Lisha, he's lying to you. That man is in something way deeper than you could possibly ever imagine. Please, you need to believe me." Cindy chases behind me and I carry on walking quickly to my Jeep. Crossing the road, I glance over my shoulder and find that she’s following me. Throwing the door open, I twist myself around holding my hand up.

"Stop! Just fucking stop it Cindy. Your lies are getting out of hand now. Mac is an accountant. Do you really think that he would be with a solicitor if he was in the underworld? You're delusional!" I shake my head twisting my keys around my index finger. Cindy sighs and extends her hand. She holds a white card.

"At least look it up. I don't want to ruin your marriage and I certainly do not want you to think that your husband is a good man. He's playing you. Your eye has been turned the other way so that he can get his own way. A shipment will arrive at nine o'clock tonight down at the Texican docks. If you have a slight inclination that he's fucking you over, you will go and see. Don't throw this over your shoulder." How would she know that if it was true? My face scrunches up as I take the card from her.

"Don't ask questions. A friend of mine told me." She smiles and I give her a confident nod.

"I'll think about it." Opening the door even more, I slide in the drivers seat and slam it behind me. Cindy whacks her hands off my window and I don't bother to look up. Instead, I lock the doors off and throw my head back closing my eyes.

"Please just do this. I don't want you to get hurt. Lisha. Please." She shouts whacking her hands off my window. I switch the stereo on and turn it up trying to wash her noise out with it. She finally gives up and walks away. Exhaling a deep breath, I brush all of my long brown hair back before laying my head down on the steering wheel.

I don't believe her but the thought that what she's saying could be true is weighing me down. How would she know those exact details? I feel heavy. It's as if I'm carrying the weight of the world on top of my shoulders right now and as much as I don’t want to believe her, I need to prove to myself that she’s just going insane.
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