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Candy hearts

By Isha All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery

Day 1

Candy’s pov.

“It’s already February can you believe it, the school year is almost over!” Exclaims my best friend Aria, getting out of my yellow Mini Cooper. It’s small but cute.

I give an unlady like snort, “Thank God, I’m so done with highschool.” Aria rolls her big brown doe eyes.

“Aren’t we all Candy.” We walk side by side to our lockers, entering the school building. There are pink and red hearts strung everywhere. I almost barf, ugh Valentine’s day.

Aria squeals, and I cringe away from her, throwing her a glare in return, she just giggles. “It’s February, which means Valentine’s from cute boys.” She waggles her eyebrows and gives me a wink.

I roll my eyes, “You mean just another year where I’m left out with a Valentine.” The words come out more bitterly than I intend them to.

Aria gives me a soft smile. “Can, you never know it is senior year, the year for the impossible.” She says, her eyes wild, arms in the air.

I raise my eyebrow, this woman is crazy I tell you. “Listen Aria, don’t worry about me, if I don’t get anything, I won’t be surprised, it doesn’t bother me that much anyway.”

She gives me a look, ‘Lies, we both know it bothers you beyond hell’. “Seriously.” She doesn’t look completely convinced, but whatever, and honestly it’s true, I’ve been so accustomed to never get a Valentine, it’s natural, I always expect it.

But what I did not expect is what is in my locker. Aria screeches in my ear, causing me to be temporarily deaf. “I told you, I told you!” She yells, dancing around the halls, causing the wandering students to stare at her. They probably think she’s on drugs, she is.

In my locker is a simple candy heart, the one you can only buy during the month of Feburary. It’s ironic really, since my name was Candy, is this a joke? I hope not. It’s February 1st, a Wednesday, why am I getting it today, not the 14th? I’ll admit I’m surprised, and confused. Who would do this?

I pick it up and inspect it, Aria right behind me. It’s a green heart and the word ′purrfect’ engraved on it, with it came a note. That’s what you are to me, perfect. -Your Valentine. I look up, my eyes scanning the halls, trying to see if anyone I knew would have put this in here. How did this guy get my locker number anyway, I hope it was a guy.

“Awwwwww, that’s sooooo cute!” Aria gushes loudly, attracting attention again from other students. I nod silently, this really is sweet. I’m too stunned to say anything, so I pop it in my mouth and suck on it smiling sweetly at a Aria who is shocked.

Her eyes are wide. “Candy, what if it’s drugged!” I roll my eyes, “Oh well, I guess it’ll help me through school.” I say, giving her a cheeky smile and walking away to my first period. Leaving Aria behind to go to her own class.

Huh, I hate to admit this, but maybe Aria was right, senior year was the year for the impossible, maybe Valentine’s day wouldn’t be so bad this year. With that thought, I smile and chew the rest of the heart, breaking it in tiny pieces.

Mmmm. Yummy.

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