Strings of Fate

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Chp 4

Chp 4

Jeremiah still wasn’t there yet and she would feel silly if she went back in so she started to walk in the pitch dark fuming at her mother. Shayla or not I deserve respect too! She knows I can’t take all my stuff with me or I would have already.

She glanced behind her at the empty streets. Walking in the middle of a storm was not the best idea you’ve ever had Aisha McHallan!

The trees that once represented the playfulness of autumn were now foreboding and the fallen leaves swirling in the wind created a scary atmosphere. All this needs is a killer and you’ve got a great horror movie. Silly girl walking in pitch dark? Check. Scary atmosphere? Check. Rain? Check? Feelings of being followed?

Aisha stopped in the middle of the street and turned her head. Out of her peripheral, she spotted a slow-moving car headed her way. It’s probably just passing by and going slow because of the storm. Nothing to worry about.

The car slowed down further worrying Aisha who picked up her pace. So did the car. Double-check! I am being followed! Just when she was about to bust into running a familiar voice called to her.

“Aisha!”Jeremiah was hanging out of his car door with a worried look on his face.

Aisha made to get into the small jeep but then she remembered. She glanced down at her gold string, tears bursting forth finally. “You knew, didn’t you? How could you not tell me! We’ve been friends since kindergarten!” she screamed.

Jeremiah ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “I’m sorry A but I couldn’t tell you. I was forbidden to. These strings come with their own responsibilities and that’s one of them. It isn’t easy knowing such things. I wanted to tell you a while ago but…”

Aisha glared, hair dripping. The rain continued to fall in a steady thrum mimicking her broken heart. “You should have...maybe then I wouldn’t have done what I did. Now it’s…” she gulped down the agonizing words. It’s far too late.

Sighing Aisha opened the car door and sat in the warm interior the same words repeating in her head over and over again. Jeremiah drove the fifteen minutes to her small apartment. Aisha opened the gate for him and he parked where she would have if she had a car. Though mom bought Shayla a car even if she didn’t need to.

The rain had paused and both walked up to her apartment. Aisha opened the door and headed for her love seat while Jeremiah headed for the couch.

“You know some people can see the strings on their own. We call them seers. They’re rare.”

“Am I one of these now then?”

He shook his head. “No. You can only see the soulbond threads. I’m not sure what you are but I guess it won’t hurt to show you how the strings work in case you do become able to use them as a guardian. It’s a precautionary measure mostly,” he yawned, tossing one cushion up in the air and catching it.

“Stop that,” Aisha muttered barely able to contain herself awake. It had been a long day. First finding out about strings, then finding her soulmate had been involuntarily given away to her sister by herself.

Jeremiah grew serious and straightened up on the couch. “What do you plan to do?”

Aisha took a breath calming her shivers and facing Jeremiah. “I don’t know. I want my sister’s happiness but I found my soulmate…”

Jeremiah rubbed his eyes. “And he’s taken and happy. If you plan to fight for him then do so. I’d be happy to help, but if you don’t then stay far away from him. Now that one of you knows about the bond, the raw need to be nearer to each other will be far stronger.”

“Why?” she asked, tugging on her hair.

“I don’t get why but it will be. Though I‘d be completely down for it if two soulmates come together,” he said.

“You would?”

“Yes, it’s my job to see to it that nothing gets in the way of the bonds. Nothing. If you decide to fight against the bond, I have to go against you. As much as you want Shayla’s happiness, I think you should push for your own.”

She glared at him. “She’s my sister and I caused the mess unknowingly.”

He raised his hands. “Just saying. I’m warning you now. You’re on your own in this.”

Aisha nodded. “I’m warned. Are you staying or leaving?”

“Leaving but I’ll leave you the car. It’s going to rain tomorrow and you’ll likely be sick,” he said as he stood from the couch and stretched yawning.

“How are you going to…”

He smirked and disappeared from view as fast as a blink. She sat eyes wide, hands fisted. Did he just teleport?

She leaned in but he was gone. It was too much for one day, she fainted.

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