Strings of Fate

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Chp 6

Michael looked around at the decor. Shayla had things in muted browns and creams. Personally, he liked a little color and couldn’t help but admire the orange wall. It combined perfectly with everything else. He noticed the Van Gogh painting of Starry night hanging from the orange wall and under it was a long white couch with orange cushions. To the left were a brown loveseat and a small table piled high with sketchbooks. A few pencils were scattered here and there.

Jeremiah came out of her room and went out the door to pick up more boxes. He started for her room and laid the duffle down on the bed. It was the color of her eyes. A rare and strange color that he was instantly drawn to. I shouldn’t think like that. I’m with Shayla but there isn’t anything wrong with me taking notice of strange eyes right?

There was no desk instead there was an easel in the corner by the wall. A small bookcase was by her bed as a night table and it was stuffed with sketchbooks and drawings of all sorts. On the second shelf, were spiral notebooks that were labeled by subject and material, and the last shelf was taken by three binders called project one, two, and three. I wonder what those could be?

He left her room and helped Jeremiah bring in the last box which was heavier than the others.

“What’s in here?” he asked as they set it down in her living room.

“That would probably be my electronic stuff like my printer and computer. I need that. My laptop is inefficient with some programs. Hopefully, it wasn’t damaged by the water last night. I don’t have a desk. I’ll have to remodel my space to fit it in, possibly buy a small desk and put it in the living room,” she muttered, rubbing her chin while thinking. Michael smirked. She looks like she’s rubbing a non-existent beard there.

He took a look at his watch and his eyes widened. “I have to go. I have to get ready for that meeting.”

She smirked. “What? They don’t accept sweaty men?”


“Old stooges. Go. Thanks for helping me today. I’ll tell Shayla to be extra nice,” she said, winking and walking over to Jeremiah.

“Aisha let the guy bathe he smells like …” began Jeremiah and Aisha whacked him in the head.

Michael smiled at her antics and walked out the door.

Aisha relaxed slightly as he left and Jeremiah muttered, “Told ya. Don’t think I didn’t see you two holding hands by the cars” he said sitting on the loveseat.

Aisha twisted around fuming. “Where were you? You left me alone with Michael and you yourself said that was bad! I saw you what? Two times in that house helping with boxes?” she yelled, pressing the tips of her fingers to her temples to staunch the pounding headache behind her eyes. My blood pressure must be shot to hell!

Jeremiah pulled his ponytail free from the rubber band and let it hang in front of his face as listless as his expression was.. “I warned you yesterday. It’s my job to see that soulbonds aren’t impeded. My job A. I don’t like the situation any more than you but those are the rules. Right now I’m against you. I already told you to fight for your happiness.”

Aisha grit her teeth and balled her hands into fists. “ No! I made this mess! I pushed Shayla and Michael together in the beginning! I won’t be the thing that tears them apart! Ca- Can’t you help me shop on Saturday at least?”

Leaning over his knees, he sighed and glared at her. “You’re going shopping with him after I warned you not to be alone with him? Neither of you will be able to stop yourselves especially if the pull is this strong.”

“That’s why I need your help!”

Jeremiah raked his long hair back and stood. “I’m sorry but no. You’re on your own.” He teleported out of her apartment and she screamed. What am I going to do? Can I make it a whole day with Michael and not ruin what he and Shayla have?

Chp 7

Aisha was nervous. She had a string guardian gunning for her choice in being with her soulmate and today she was going ring shopping with Michael. Remember, this is all for Shayla. You are not to get too close to Michael!

The trip shouldn’t take them long as Michael had probably spent hours scouring the jewelry stores already with Shayla. She loved jewelry. This time he was looking for something specific in mind.

She had chosen something casual to wear. Jeans and a nice shirt with a painted lion on it. Her astrological sign. She didn’t wear too much makeup. Just lipgloss and eyeliner. Her usual. She had her hair in a long braid.

That was the only real difference and while she preferred it down, something told her to wear it up today. A knock sounded and she moved to answer her door and there he stood in casual clothes and a jacket which reminded her to grab her own.

“How much money do you have?” She asked as they entered his car.

“Money isn’t a problem as long as we stay under four thousand.”

“Four thousand! You really saved up for this huh?”

“Yeah,” he slid into the driver’s seat and pulled out of the parking space while she buckled the seatbelt. Then they were off to the first jeweler in town. After thirty minutes they exited empty-handed and moved to another jeweler. By noon they had seen two stores and nothing.

“Don’t worry. This will take time.” She said biting into her meatball sandwich. They had stopped at Subway for lunch. They were outside due to the lunch rush and every seat being taken inside. He nodded and took a bite of his BLT. Grey eyes watched as she nibbled at her food before taking a big bite and getting sauce on her face. He chuckled and handed her a napkin.

“For the mess,” he said, pointing to her face.

She blushed and cleaned the mess of sauce off her face before once more taking a bite of her sandwich.

Aisha swallowed. “So which Jeweler are we hitting next? Franko’s or DiVinny’s?”

Michael cocked his head to the side.“Do you think we should hit another store today or wait for tomorrow?”

“I have time to hit another store,” she replied, cleaning her fingers off with her napkin as she finished her sandwich.

“We could take DiVinny’s store then. It’s better than Franco’s.” Michael said munching on the last of his sandwich.

“I happen to like Franco’s better actually,” she said, picking at her nails.

“Really? It’s a tattoo parlor, ” He said, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yeah, but if you want to try DiVinny’s first then let’s go,” she said clearing her trash and standing from her chair across from his. She held her jacket close to her as a cold gust of wind rushed over her. It was getting colder and the days were getting shorter. A strong arm wrapped around her and she leaned into Michael’s warm body heat. He’s being nice. That’s all!


“Yeah. So DiVinny’s right?” She stared into his grey eyes. He stared back and she felt the world stop. For a few minutes, they just gazed at one another, lost. She felt the world spin away and a connection to this man she couldn’t describe beginning.

It began from her toes and ended at her heart, joining her to him. She could almost picture a gold thread encasing them in their own little world heart to heart. She leaned closer. Nothing seemed to register until something shoved her away brusquely and the connection was broken. She turned around but no one was there.

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