Strings of Fate

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Chp 7

Michael blinked and shook his head mussing his hair more. He stood, eyes glazed for a minute before turning to her, a strange glint appearing in his eyes as he stared at her. Something fundamental had changed within him. He knew it, felt the shift within him.

A memory of the first time he saw Aisha ran through his mind’s eye then. She had been a few years younger than him but he remembered thinking of her as beautiful even then. A light to outshine every other.

Gazing at her now, her beauty was still there only it had matured into an independent woman’s beauty. A lioness ready to fight for her cause, and why couldn’t he stop thinking about the first time they met, or her beauty or just simply her? Despite it all, Shayla stuck on his mind and heart, and he was able to see past the strange fog of Aisha.

“Sh-Shall we go?” he asked.

Aisha nodded and they walked to Divinny’s making sure not to brush at all.

From the shadows, green eyes watched and waited.

Aisha was currently looking through different rings when the bell rang and in walked Clyde surprising her. He was as prim and proper as always. Easy on the eyes. Flashes of the night with the strange Chinese man came to her. It all happened because Clyde left me alone and broken-hearted!

“Clyde? What are you doing here?”

“I work here. What are you doing here?” He said walking behind the counter.

“I’m helping my sister’s boyfriend find a ring for my sister. It’s supposed to be a surprise for her.”

“You just can’t stop ruining people’s happiness, can you? I bet you’re pretty amorous with him too. Does your sister know about your ways with men?” he said snidely leaving her with an open mouth and dripping eyes. She didn’t have words to say to him. Wasn’t he right? She could potentially harm her sister’s happiness. Almost had. Even now she felt the bond acting on her behalf.

Clyde laughed. “Pathetic,” he said brushing her hair back gently. All her frustration and confusion mounted into a solid smack across his face. It resonated around the store, gaining the attention of everyone.

“You don’t have the right to touch me after you abandoned me in a lone field, at night, with no jacket,” she said, making sure to punctuate every word. Turning she left the store.

Michael’s eyes had been trailing after Aisha’s form the whole time they had been in the store. He’d managed to rip his gaze away when the other guy came in but now they went right back to Aisha. She had just smacked that guy across the face pretty hard for touching her and had left.

He had heard her every word. Shayla had told him about having to pick up her sister a few days ago but she skimmed the details as always. She was a fast talker and sometimes all you could do was nod to keep up. It annoyed him. He left the store and followed the path up to a few benches where she was sitting with a hand to her eyes, shoulders shuddering slightly.

“Aisha,” he muttered, sitting beside her and scooping her small form against his. She clung to him for a minute before backing away. “No, I can’t!” She said, wiping her tears and trying to get as far from him as possible. He grabbed her and felt that same connection revitalize within him. He wanted to kiss her. Instead, he held her hysterical form to him.

“Shh,” he soothed, passing a hand from her neck and down her back before repeating the motion. One he knew would calm her instantly just as he knew that her hysterics had something to do with something more than whatever that dweeb had said. He felt it. He’d always known when she was troubled as she did with him.

“I was just made for your mother, son,” his dad had said once.

He and his mom had been the same. Always knew what the other wanted even finishing each other’s sentences. That was creepy and at least he and Aisha weren’t like that but pretty close.

Aisha hiccupped a bit and simply hugged him.

“Sorry we couldn’t find any rings today,” she muttered through his shirt.

He chuckled. “Tomorrow will be better,” he said and she nodded absentmindedly for a moment before sniffling. “Tomorrow?”

He nodded. “We can go to the mall and look there. You did say you’d help me find a ring.”

She tilted her head back and glared at him. “For today. It was one day, Michael. I have a lot of homework to start on.”

Grey eyes pleaded with her until she made an exasperated noise in the back of her throat and he whooped like a kid although whether he was cheering for the help or the company was debatable.

Aisha opened her apartment door and found Jeremiah sitting in her loveseat grinning.

“Don’t even ask,” she sighed walking past him and lying on her couch blushing. Not only had she had contact with Michael, but she had also had an emotional moment with him, which she supposed, didn’t help things.

She turned to Jeremiah who was still grinning like mad. “Was that the bond acting when we met eyes in Subway? She asked remembering the connection she felt.

“Yes and no,” said Jeremiah shrugging.

She threw a pillow at him. “Can I get a clear answer before I combust from all my questions!”

Jeremiah laughed. “Alright. Partly but do you know how fast a human falls in love?” he asked using air quotes around the word love.

“What do you mean?” She asked leaning forward.

Jeremiah sighed. “It takes us four minutes to fall in love. The rest is testing the waters with the person and experiencing that love. That’s what you felt. There is such a thing as love at first sight you know.”

“But I…”

“The bond will become even more powerful now that it knows it has a chance. It will do everything to drive you two together,” he said bringing his two index fingers together and linking them.

“It’ll try and merge the both of you together as one being like you are meant to be. Don’t underestimate it! From today your dreams will change, everything will change. For him as well. I told you to be careful! Now you have an eons bond against your decision. Good luck trying to remain innocent with him tomorrow.”

“All I have to do is remain steadfast to my sister and my promise.”

“Yeah. He’ll kiss you and you’ll be like, Shayla who? But this is great for you. An opportunity to gain your soulmate! There is still time to stop the bond but after tomorrow it won’t be so easy.”

“I’m already giving him up! I’m looking for a fucking engagement ring for my sister! Isn’t that proof enough? That I don’t want him?”

Jeremiah scoffed. “Who are you trying to convince, me or yourself? The bond won’t care about your sacrifice. Only that the two it’s meant to tie together are in close proximity, and it will do whatever to make ends meet. So will I.”

“Jeremiah, you or the bond can’t come between a sister’s love.”

“It’s your choice but don’t come crying to me when you ruin your sister’s happiness.” He blinked out and Aisha was left once more with those words, happiness. She was forsaking hers to guarantee her sister’s happiness but could such a thing ever be guaranteed?

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