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Her Choice To Make The Falcon Ridge Series Book 6

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The Falcon Ridge Series Book 6 Her Choice To Make This book runs parallel and in the background of the year between book 4 and book 5. Set in Falcon Ridge and the Old Growth Forest. Grey Andrews: I’m a catch, right? I’m easy on the eyes. I’m fun and love life. I wasn’t looking for my fated, but when I found her I was so stunned by her, I could barely think. I thought, this will be the best mate story, finding my fated during a pack war. I can brag like all these other guys do about their mates. But then she does something I never expected. She ran away. Leaving me with an unfulfilled mate bond. I’m a ticking time bomb. I have to find her soon before I literally go insane and die. Mia Masters: I was just fulfilling my duties to my Alpha when the fighter stood in front of me. I didn’t know what he wanted or why I was feeling the way did. So I ran away. I can’t bring Grey into my world. I’m an obligation to the Alpha and if he ever found Grey, he’d kill him. I want Grey safe in my dreams where I can feel him while outside my mind is being broken and tortured for the Alphas amusement. I know Grey could possibly save me from my nightmare, but I’m doing this for my pack. The pack comes first before my happiness.

Romance / Scifi
M. Mctier
5.0 16 reviews
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Chapter 1

My hand hits the phone as I yawn. I sit up and scrub a hand through my bed head.
6am. A great time to be awake.
I grab my phone and pull up my Playlist. I click one of my favorite songs. ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ by the Clash.
The familiar strum of guitars start and I jump out of bed shaking my behind. I tear off my boxers and grab my white towel. I wrap it around me dancing around my dorm room. I grab my shower kit and my toothbrush.
I tuck my phone in my towel and open the door to my room and head into the hallway.
Shaking my ass down the dorm hallway, I’m rocking it out using my toothbrush as a mic.
People start coming out in towels and other clothes as we all head to the common locker room.
I’m bouncing around all the groggy dorm residents I pass. Singing in their faces as I dance by.
I glide up against some, rubbing my shoulder on them, they push me away.
“Its too damn early, Grey!”
I continue to sing and bounce.
River comes out of his room, giving me a dirty look, so I sing in his face and push him back into his room.
“Asshole!” I hear him yell from inside his room as I shake my ass more down the hallway.
I’m jabbing arms and side bumping people when I pass them. I stop in front of Rick, who’s just coming out of his room and I turn in front of him, sticking my ass out, shaking it. He snaps his towel off my cheek.
I jump forward, holding my ass cheek and look at him. He folds his arms, smirking and shaking his head. I stare for a second, then continue to swing my hips down the hallway.
Then I eye something. A little hot blonde in a towel. I dance slowly up to her, stalking her as she comes out of her room. Mindy. Fuck, the girls smoking. Her big, blue eyes squint at me.
I stop at her door and lean in to her pink, pouty lips “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” I lick my lips.
She pushes me back. “Definitely go.” She smirks, crossing her arms.
I look at her and smile. I shrug and continue rocking it out hard. Bouncing down the hallway.
I bug more people until I stop at a door. I stick my toothbrush in my mouth and place my shower kit between my knees. I pound on the door with both fists like I’m banging on drums. I grab my toothbrush and kit. I dance in the spot while I wait.
The door opens to a face identical to mine except groggy and not having it.
I sing in his face and rub his hair.
“Fuck off, Grey!” He growls.
“Morning, Wesley.” I tease. Making a goofy face.
He scowls and slams the door.
I laugh and head for the coed showers.
In the showers, I’m still singing and dancing even though my phones in my locker.
Wes slides up and starts his shower. He growls. “Grey! You can’t sing! Just stop!” He glares at me.
I lean to him. “You’re just jealous because I got all the good looks and talent and you got the ugly stick.”
He scrubs a hand down his face. “The ugly st….I look exactly like you!”
“Sorry, little bro. I can’t help it if I’m the good looking twin.” I grin.
He grumbles and shakes his head. “I can not believe dad’s making you Alpha.”
“I’m older.” I shrug.
“By like two minutes!” Wes puts out his hand to me.
“You can bitch all you want. Nothings bringing me down today.” I grin, throwing shampoo in my hair.
“Dude, we’re literally going to go fight 9000 Dragons. You’re happy about that?” He throws shampoo in his hair.
“Of course. If you can’t enjoy your job, Wesley, there’s no point in doing it." I spread the soap to my face and wash it with my hands.
“Stop calling me Wesley!” He turns to me.
I lean to his face. “Wesley…” I tease him.
“Ugh.” He shakes his head and goes back to his shower.
We turn the water off and go towel off at our lockers. Of course, my twins locker is right beside mine.
“You’re not the least bit upset that the Dragons decided to wage war during Blue Moon week.” He glances at me as he combs his hair.
I throw on my boxers and pants. “Nope. We’ll have these fuckers dead before the moon peaks. We’ll be drinking and getting laid before you know it.” I give him a goofy grin.
I grab my uniform shirt out of my locker, put it on and pull my dog tags out of the neck.
Tying my boots up, Wes throws on his shirt. “I think this is my year.”
I arch a brow. “Yeah?”
“I feel it. It’s in the air, ya know. This is the year Wes Andrews finds his fated.” He stands tall.
“Good luck, buddy. I’m not even trying. I don’t want it. I’m having too much fun with life.” I toss my kit in my locker and slam the door, locking it.
I stop at the mirrors. Running my fingers through my light brown hair. Flash a charming smile. My blue eyes find my brother’s reflection. He looks just like me, but like I said, I’m cuter.
I flex my large bicep and puff out my chest. “I think I’ve gained two inches.”
Wes rolls his eyes. “Please.” He jabs my arm. “Come on. We have duty call.”
We all gather in the large room. Alpha Fredericks is up front waiting for us all to settle.
He eyes us all. “Ok. Good morning. I trust you’ve all been informed that the Dragons are descending on Black Rock as we speak. Alpha Bastian Cole has requested our help and we are answering that call.
You’ll be divided into units and your team leaders will give you your orders as soon as you arrive at the site. We can’t waste time, ladies and gentlemen. The Dragons are moving fast. We have days to set up and kick some ass.”
The room fills with growls and Yeahs.
I fist bump my brother. “I love spilling Dragon blood in the morning.” I smirk.
Wes shakes his head. “Dude, lay off the Vietnam War movies, Ok?”
“Never.” My mouth ticks up as I fold my arms.
We file out and head for the transports. I climb on the truck and take a seat. Wes is right beside me. “I think this will the best battle yet. It’ll blow the Caledon Battle right out of the water.”
“Grey, it’s not a fucking competition.” Wes scrubs his hand down his face.
“In war, everything’s a competition, Wesley.” I grin and stick my ear buds in my ears. I hit play to ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction' by the Rolling Stones. I start drumming on my knees and bumping Wes as the trucks all pull out.
We get to the site, just outside the border of Black Rock.
Filing out, we stand at attention, waiting for orders.
I ball my fist and pull it into my hip. “Yes!” I say under my breath.
Wes looks at me with an arched brow. “There’s something wrong with you.”
We join Luke and the rest of the hundred soldiers who will be the live fire squad.
Jackson hands out the guns with holsters. “You’ll only deploy when ordered to do so. So keep the guns close by. You’ll be shifted first and called later if needed.”
He hands me my gun. “It must be nice to shoot at something other then drunks and gang members, huh, Jackson.” I smirk.
He rolls his head back and snarls at me. He can’t do anything. I’ve got three inches on him and a lot more muscle.
I fold my arms and stare him down with a cocky face. He shakes his head and moves on.
“Why do you have to be such a dick?” Wes says.
“Like you aren’t?” I arch a brow.
He was about to retort when we were given orders to start setting up.
Last night the moon was a pretty shade of blue. It was happening. But I didn’t care. Even if I missed out, I’m only 22. There’s lots of time for that fated stuff.
Right now, I had blood to spill and I’m excited to spill it.
I was stacking boxes of ammo in our supply tent when the ground started shaking.
Stitching my brows together, I see soldiers running and screaming.
I look with Wes at the forest as it shakes violently and explodes in fucking Dragons.
“What the fuck?!” I say as Bastian runs through the camp.
Both me and Wes run for the field, jumping and tearing through our clothes at the same time.
Our brown wolves are tearing the necks of every Dragon we catch. Within minutes, we’re covered in blood and creating our own stockpile of bodies. They’re everywhere.
9000 wolves descended on us like a tidal wave.
“UNIT 5 AND 6 GET INTO POSITION!” River yells through the link.
I bark at Wes and we run through the rumbling waves of fur and blood to get our positions. They should be calling the gunners soon.
I rip and shred along the way. I don’t know how many I’ve killed at this point, but it’s certainly a lot.
“LUKE! UNIT 7!” Bastian yells through the link.
“Thought you’d never ask.” Luke replies back.
That’s us. Me and Wes shift and run for our guns. We take aim and start clearing the place. Landing silver bullets in the Dragon targets.
“WHOO! Take that assholes!” I yell as I fire round after round.
“Hey, Wes!” I yell to get his attention. He looks.
I fire three shots in rhythm. Bang…..bang…..bang. “Another one bites the dust.” I sing and do it over smiling.
“Quit fucking around! You’re going to get us killed!” Wes growls.
I scowl. “Fine. Dick.” I continue to move on the battle.
I empty my clip and then another one. There’s a hundred of us and it’s like we just can’t make any headway. There’s so many.
“Fucking die, you Dragon bastards!” I yell as my arms move in different directions. Shooting any Dragon that moves.
“THEY’RE RETREATING!” Someone yells through the link.
Sure enough, the Dragons turned tail and ran into the trees from where they came from.
Wes stands beside me as I reload my clip. “What’s going on?” He breathes.
We watch the last of the Dragons run into the trunks.
I shake my head. Cocking and aiming my gun. “A break?”
Wes taps my chest with the back of his hand. “We better get moving.”
I nod and head back to camp to finish setting up.

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