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A struggling headstrong young woman who seeks to make a name for herself in the fashion industry finally got an opportunity when Mrs. Daniels of Francis Fashion House calls to offer her, the chance of a lifetime. Jamie has been commission to do a shoot for GUNS, their leading men's underwear line. Unaware that the model she hired through a modelling agency cancel at the last minute. Jamie welcome a well dressed hunk whom she assumes to be the model and immediately set out to get the shoot started. Logan Gray as the model introduced himself was easy on the eyes and made Jamie's photoshoot much easier than she thought possible, especially when he displayed a sensual smirk in all of the photos.. This is Jamie's first time doing such a shoot with having only previously done weddings and children's parties. but she was satisfied with all that she accomplished at the shoot until she open her phone to see the multiple miss calls and messages from the Modelling Agency stating that the model was unavailable because he had a unfinished shoot to complete. Panicking Jamie rushed out but couldn't find Logan Gray anywhere in sight! How would she submit photos to Mrs. Daniels of a mysterious man who wasn't the model? Dejected, Jamie realized that she lost an opportunity before it even started!

Romance / Drama
Sabry Singh
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Chapter One

He's Perfect is an Original Novel by Sabry Singh!

It is copyright protected!

Jamie's POV

This is it!

Today's the day I get to prove myself by doing a photoshoot for GUNS, the leading brand name for the men's underwear line of Francis Fashions.

I am still blown away by the sudden call I got from Mrs. Daniels, the wife of Mr. Francis Daniels himself.

I couldn't contain my excitement and even though we still have three hours before the shoot, I couldn't wait to get to the studio Mrs. Daniels booked for me to use.

"Jerome, it's late!" I shout out, shaking my wrists as I eagerly wait for my brother whose in his first year of college to join me.

Chuckling, my younger brother joins me while sipping a cup of coffee and extending one for me.

"Jamie we have lots of time, just drink this and relax." He smirks.

He might be younger than me by two years but with the untimely death of our parents, while our younger sister and I, started falling apart with the sudden changes in our lives, Jer stood up strong and have been holding Jessy and I together.

"Jer, I have to be there before the model gets there and I have to go through the stuff he will be modeling." I reminded my brother.

Chuckling at my description of the items the model would be wearing, "it's called men's briefs Jamie and you'd better try getting accustomed to it, especially if the guy is packing, you would definitely been seeing more than you bargain for." Jerome's raw description of the job ahead of me, had me growing crimson.

Stamping my feet, I glare at my brother. "Urg," I exclaimed before walking out of the corridor where we were standing towards the kitchen.

Having never seen a guy other than my brother in boxers before shouldn't be difficult for an aspiring photographer like myself but still I was nervous about it.

Jerome joined me in the kitchen where I was buttering a slice of loaf hoping it stays down in my nervous stomach.

"Come on Jamie I am just kidding plus you need to lighten up if you want to excel at what you're doing today." Jerome reminds me of my gig which would open doors for me.

Photography may not be my number one goal but it is all that I could fall back on without my degree.

Jer used my father's old pickup truck to pack the equipment we will be using at the shoot.

Some of the equipment is rented and with that additional bill, I hope to get the gig.

"We're early," Jer sang we carried the equipment into the studio of Francis Fashions.

"You can set up there and," the security led us towards a table with three boxes and some pieces of fabric that's folded neatly. "Mrs. Daniels left these backdrops for you to go through," the security explain.

Pointing to the three boxes, "these here are the items the model will be promoting." He continued with his explanation.

Jer mischievously lifted one of the boxers which was made of a black silk fabric.

"This must feel really cool and comfortable," Jer winks at me, encouraging the security to chuckle lightly at my crimson cheeks.

I know we haven't started yet but I can't wait for this shoot to be over with.

"Can you help me select items for the model to wear?" I ask my brother for his assistance since he is a guy he would know what works and what doesn't.

Jer joined me at the table, "let's select backdrops first and since it's men's underwear we should start with bedroom and bathroom scenes." Jer commented while opening the fabrics Mrs. Daniels left for me.

"Jer you know I won't be able to do this without you right?" I had to remind my brother that he is my strength right now.

Gripping my shoulders firmly, "Jamie, you got this opportunity because Mrs. Daniels must have seen your work out there so get a grip and be positive." My baby brother reminds me.

Nodding I took a deep breath and turned at the sound of approaching footsteps.

"Good morning, Ms. Scott?" The light chuckle and the smirk on the face of the man in front of me threw me off.

Nodding stupidly, I wonder when have I ever seen a guy this gorgeous before.

When I couldn't answer, my brother whose always in control stepped up.

"Yes, this is my sister Jamie Scott and I am Jerome Scott." Jer place a hand behind my back urging me forward to meet the model the agency sent me.

Releasing the table I was clutching to, I smiled awkwardly.

"Hi I'm Jamie, Jamie Scott," I actually got my name out without stammering.

The gorgeous model grasp my outstretched hand and smiled curiously at me.

Flustered, "and you are the model the agency sent over," I said turning to Jer.

"I didn't think gorgeous guys like him actually existed." I blurted out to my brother, while the model still held my hand.

Embarrassment flooded over me when Jer and the guy started laughing.

Pulling my hand away from his, "I said that out loud, didn't I?" I whispered and by the smiles on the my brother and the model's face, I realize I did.

I turned back to the box of underwears, "um.. these are the clothing you would be using," I tried to sound more professional as I tried occupying myself, so I won't stare. "My brother and I were trying to decide what colors would best suit you." I shifted as the model joined me at the table.

"What have you chosen so far?" He asks standing a bit too close.

"Uh.." I turned to face him, getting tongue tied at the deep blue eyes that stared intensely at me.


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