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Love is of self, love of family and friends, romantic love--even love for what you’s all twisted and tied up into a neat little knot... The Omega, Eito and his Alpha, Haru are finally together again and thinking of tying the knot---no more fighting against destiny. But just when one obstacle is removed, another pops up. Haru's father trying to arrange a more suitable mate, a rival trying to upstage Eito, who's still recklessly trying to help Omegas in trouble and a plot to bring Haru and AO Corporation down. What else could go wrong? A blast from the past and forgotten memories.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Trapped in the Past

Knot Plot by Afroluv

Copyright April 2022

Trigger warning: Perverted and violent sexual fantasies.

“I hear you haven’t been cooperating, Number 324.”

“I won’t cause any more trouble. I just want to go home,” Eito whined.

He hadn’t expected to be taken. According to intel, it was a long shot that he would be considered the type of Omega they had been looking for. He needed to find out as much as he could about how this group operates, so he made a lot of complaints and asked too many questions to distract them from the other members of his team who carried out the real investigation.

Well, look who we have here: Mr. Legend-of-Tartan. Eito’s condescending inner snark gave him the illusion of bravery he needed to get through these emotionally charged situations--according to a therapist/friend’s analysis.

He looked down his nose as he considered his captor. The thin, two-piece, beige and white plaid-polyester disaster he wore tie-less was actually a tribute to the air of arrogance with which he wore it. He was classically handsome--dark brown eyes, night-black hair that fell in short waves around his head--an exotic beauty of mixed race. No doubt he’d thought his looks could carry the suit. Epic fail, buddy, Eito concluded.

“You may be here against your will, but surely you can see the benefit of making the most of the experience. You are being treated and fed well.”

“Is this what they call a hard sell tactic?” Eito let out all the sarcasm he’d been holding back in that question.

“Look, I’m sure they feed the pigs and cows well before the slaughter too so you can save the ‘live in the present’ speech. I don’t know why I’m even here. My mate was an upright citizen and so am I. Neither of us gambled nor do we owe anyone anything and we don’t have any enemies who would do this,” Eito tried ‘righteous anger’ knowing it wouldn’t work. “I was tricked into thinking I won an all-expenses-paid trip to a health and beauty resort. I didn’t sign up for this.”

“I assure you, you’re not being drugged or poisoned. The foods you were served earlier were part of a special diet that is easy on the stomach and --pardon my bluntness--makes vomit smell less...putrid, I’m told.” He waved his hand over the bottle. “Even these things are exactly what they seem, just like the brochure. This is just a harmless sports drink with electrolytes and added psyllium husk powder. We can’t have our product dehydrated can we?” He licked his lips and picked up the capsule.

“And this is a time-release multi-vitamin we had specially designed with higher than normal doses of potassium, magnesium, and sodium.” He held up a hand to stall Eito’s complaint.

“The higher dosage is safe and is there to offset the nutrients your body loses from regurgitation.” To prove his point, he picked up the pill meant for Eito and chugged it down with the doctored Powerade.

“Ahh.” He let out an exaggerated sigh of refreshment. “No worries. As you can see, I’m fine.” He smiled as he eased back in his chair.

Eito shrugged. Now I wish it had been poisoned, he thought. He took in his surroundings in seemingly nervous glances about the room. The floors and walls of his cell were roughly hewn stone and mortar, probably medieval European construction. Maybe they took him to Germany?

“You will live longer if you just cooperate. Who knows? Maybe one of our clients will take a liking to you and take you away from this place.”

Eito pursed his lips and looked at the floor. As if! I’d never go home with one of those sickos and get along. Fuck! I’m just a regular person, how did I end up here? I’m just a computer geek with cash and a little too much time on his hands. I’m not a field agent nor, sadly, the fashion police. He closed his eyes and took a breath. If I were Kenta, I’d have been out of these cuffs, beaten this guy with his own chair and have added some class to that damn suit.

Mr. Fugly Suit grabbed his chin and forced Eito to face him. Eito stubbornly focused his eyes on a point past his ear out of sheer spite. “Three hundred and twenty-four, they don’t last long, you know, the ones who refuse the good foods, vitamins, and fluids we give them. Eventually, their hearts give out--not from the despair of losing their bonded mate. No, the real reason is far from romantic. They die from the strain the process puts on their bodies. Imagine it. Slowly, painfully, starving to death. There isn’t much we can do with them but turn them into cum dumps for our less...sophisticated clients.”

Eito groaned inwardly. I just need to hold on for 48 -72 hours. It would take my guys twenty-four hours at most to figure out they took me as bait and another twenty-four to do the GPS trace. His tongue caressed the GPS chip he had designed to look like a crowned tooth. Maybe two more hours for the task force to get me out of here--assuming my captors didn’t keep moving me around. How long have I been here? Eito didn’t know so he started to count the seconds. I just need to hold on for forty-eight hours.

“String him up and teach him a lesson.”Eito guessed Mr. NotBurberry was done with his overused sales pitch. He left the room without a glance back.

Thirty-seven--’get-me-outta-here’, thirty-eight--’get-me-outta-here’….” He counted with a fervor of a Catholic with a rosary after confession.

A pulley raised his cuffed hands over his head and continued pulling Eito up and up until his feet were swinging a half a meter off the floor. He panicked and spiraled around in the chains.

He felt large hands reach out and up. They steadied him from behind, gripping him just above his waist. As they gently guided his body counterclockwise to unravel the chains, those same calloused hands reached under his shirt and caressed his nipples roughly. The perpetrator kept his head down. The room still whirled about Eito woozily so he shut his eyes against it.

“We serve a clientele with special needs.” The whisper of a new voice sounded in his ear. Deep, soft, chillingly seductive.

“They enjoy bringing a bonded Omega to the height of pleasure until they are begging for sex-- even if that comes from someone who is not their Alpha.” He continued to caress, pinch, and tug at Eito’s chest until the nubs were hard and swollen. Eito tried and failed to flinch away. “They say ‘sex without pain is like food without taste’...and our clients like things...spicy.” Eito could almost hear the smirk in his voice and he turned his head reflexively.

A five-fingered vise snatched Eito’s chin and roughly turned it forward. “No, you face straight ahead and stay very still or I’ll leave you to spin round and round all night.” The newcomer dropped the seductive tone and went straight for stern and firm.

“Please, stop. Let me go.” Eito hoped this room wasn’t reinforced concrete or underground. He hoped the signal from the tracker was reaching his people. Three hundred fifty-five.

“Imagine it.” The speaker ignored him. “Your mouth suddenly begins to salivate in anticipation of your body rejecting those unfamiliar pheromones. All the while you’re so turned on, you get wet and sticky down here. Even while the stomach acid churns.” The person behind those shameless words grabbed Eito’s ass and ground it against something hot and hard. “It’s adorable really.”

His hands were large but skilled, quickly working through the buttons and zipper one-handed while keeping Eito steady with the other. He left Eito’s unfastened pants on, but it was of little comfort as he snaked his hand under the thin fabric of his briefs to stroke him.

“S-stop, I don’t want this.” F-four hundred and thirty-one. “Please.”

“Shush, be a good boy now and just listen or--” A finger crept down the crease of his ass and rubbed the outside of Eito’s hole with sinister intent.” Eito froze. F-four hundred and...four hundred-

The voice no longer spoke softly into his ear. The unseen man leaned away from him, his manner all business and matter-of-fact. Eito, on the other hand, was concentrating on just breathing evenly and pulling his heart back into his chest. His snarky inner voice was speechless.

Alpha pheromones were released in a toxic fume. It smelled moldy, like sweaty socks and ammonia. Ugh! Eito buried his nose and mouth into his shoulder to escape it. Four hundred and fifty-two? Yeah, let’s go with that--four hundred and fifty-two.

“Some of the people who offer services for us do so willingly. Like the brochure says, they can get away from it all, lose weight, and...exercise. Most of our clients are not into rape. Many of them are recluses; embarrassed about their kinks yet unable to suppress them. Me? I am not one of them. I will rape you if that is what it takes to break you into a product we can use. You can cry for your Alpha to save you all you want but in the end, you’ll cling to me like a scared little boy because I am the only one who will be there. You understand what I’m saying, right?”

“Y-yes. Please don’t hurt me.” Eito wasn’t faking the trembling in his voice. The vibe from this guy was just wrong. Eito could only feel his hands, his body heat and the vague outline of his body behind him; hear his disembodied voice worming its way into his ears.

That guy was in control. His whole approach made it crystal clear. Eito was helpless against him, bound as he was. Eito understood that calling his body his own was an illusion this man was ready to dispel in the most violent means possible.

“Here, have a sip.” He opened the pill bottle and emptied one out into his palm then cupped it over Eito’s mouth. He reached around him with his free hand to grab the blue drink on the table and held it up to his lips. Eito swallowed. Five hundred.

“It’s a shame I didn’t get to mark you. I’d have devoured all that fire and independence...I have quite a few exes that ended up here when they got too clingy with me. Omegas are so shameless, wanting to be an Alpha’s only one and manipulating our desire to possess.” The empty cup was placed back on the table.

“The truth is Omegas aren’t made for one single Alpha or Beta. It is for men at large that nature created them, so I have no problems sharing the toys that no longer entertain me, that’s how I became a pimp back in the day…”

Eito didn’t have 48-72 hours. He only had as long as the inhibitors in his system would allow. Eito did not doubt that the pill or the drink, or hell, both were laced with something that would induce his heat. He absolutely could not let that happen. Eito thought, If they find out I’m not paired, there is no telling how much I would suffer. One of them enslaving me with a bond under the right conditions would be just the beginning of my torment.

“Good, good. Right thinking is rewarded as quickly as wrong thinking is punished.” He lifted Eito’s shirt and planted slow kisses down the center of his back.

“Life should be like sex; a perfect balance of pleasure and pain. Without that symmetry, it all becomes routine rather than indulgence.” He was done quoting a long-dead philosopher, so he sighed and stood.

Gross. This guy’s love of debased, de Sade ideology is so…‘extra’. Eito shivered reflexively. Five hundred and sixty-five.

He didn’t need to be bonded with Haru to be disgusted by what this goon was doing to him. Haru...what was he doing right now? Eito pictured him in his mind until he could almost smell his scent. Tall, strong, kind. Eito felt safe with him, loved…No, I can’t afford to think of him right now, I need to focus on Mr. Affably Evil here. Five hundred ninety-two.

“Unfortunately for you, since your mate is dead, no one will come looking for you. You’re a perfect escort, except for the fact that you’re on the thin side, so we need to fatten you up a bit. Our clients like Omegas with more roundness. So, no more skipping meals.” He fleshed out a pill and grabbed the drink off the table.

“We just want you to stay healthy while you’re in our care. Just drink your vitamin down and stay hydrated, okay?” His hand found its way back to Eito’s penis. He squeezed down along the shaft.

Eito couldn’t speak so he nodded. “Uhng.”

“Hmm, you’re not getting hard at all, but that is okay, I like a challenge now and then...Eventually, all you Omegas just keep begging for it right up to the moment when I enter you.”

This sick bastard was getting off. Six-hundred and thirty-seven. The smell, the stuffy room, the soreness in my wrists, arms, and shoulders. I hate all of this. Eito closed his eyes and tried to block out the distractions.

The nerves under Eito’s flesh crawled like cockroaches skittering away from the light when his assailant licked over the fake skin graft of a bite mark on Eito’s nape.

“That’s the best part. You’ll gulp in air just before your diaphragm contracts in short, rhythmic pulses. Your stomach muscles will compress, squeezing to create pressure. It feels absolutely the best being inside you when that happens, you know.” He smacked his lips as if he savoured something delicious. “I don’t even have to thrust in and out. It’s already so tight. So searing and slick. All I have to do is grind in deep and wait until the body beneath me starts to heave uncontrollably. The pulsating feeling of your insides milking my cock is gonna feel like pure heaven.”

Eito had a sudden urge to scream. He shut his eyes and held it back. The inside of his lids was burning and tears were ready to leak out. Seven hundred sixty-five.

“I. Can’t. Wait.” He bit Eito’s ear roughly before he pulled away again. “Be good, now. Or better yet, be bad. Either way, I’ll be back soon with an enema and training will begin.” He shut off the lights and Eito heard the click of the door behind him.

Seven hundred-eighty. Eito let out the breath that he was holding and spat out the pill.

Fuck back-up, I’m getting out of here. Eito used the darkness to his advantage and scissored his legs behind him to grab the chair between his ankles. He needed to stand on something firm. Chin to chest, he used his tongue to pull his neck chain into his mouth, the clasp on it was perfect for picking the lock on the cuffs.

He hadn’t quite finished before he heard the mechanical click of the doorknob in front of him.

Eito was out of time.


Author’s Note (A/N)

Hey there! Thanks for reading! This book picks up where Fated Mates…End of the Chase left off, though I’ve done my best to make each book of my Best Mate’s series stand on its own. I did not include a prologue this time with an explanation of how Omegaverse works but you can check any of the other three for the in-depth explanation.

In short, in this world there are Omegas, Betas and Alphas but it’s NOT a shifter story. Alphas are at the top of a classist society--they’re physically stronger, more intelligent, more dominant, have a higher charisma, stamina, etc. They make up about 10% of population. Alphas can consciously emit pheromones that act as an intimidating aura that dominate weaker Alphas, Betas and especially Omegas. Betas are normal humans, nothing special but they make up about 80% of the population. Omegas make up about 10% of the population and are at the bottom of society because they go through something called an estrus cycle that interferes with school and work giving them fewer options for a decent education and better jobs. Pheromones unconsciously produced by Omegas attract Alphas and can make them go into a state of sexual rut and mate with the Omega whether either party really wants that or not. Alphas will instinctually claim an Omega in estrus through a bite along the Omega’s pheromone glands in their neck. Marking an Omega in this way forever binds them to their Alpha sexually, however Alphas can claim more than one Omega if they choose. There are expensive, suppressant medications out there that reduce the effects of estrus so they can live normally, if they can afford them. Since both male and female Omegas can get pregnant easily, society sees them as breeders so they don’t get a lot of respect. Fated matings, where soulmates find their other half can only happen to an Alpha and Omega who find themselves compatible on a DNA level.

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