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The Mafia's Little

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Major Themes: man to man, mpreg, ddlb "No. I don't want a bodyguard." "Of course you do. I can't let you roam around the streets unguarded. Evil lurks in the dark." Jesse huffed and creased his forehead, then folded his arms over his chest. "For the nth time, Mister-whoever-you-are, I don't need a bodyguard and stop following me! Are you my stalker?" Trevor can't help but be fascinated by the boy's annoyed expression, despite the boy's sharp glare and pursed lips. Trevor let out a small smirk. "I can't believe you're already owning me. Sure. I'm 'your' stalker. At your service, mi amor." ***** Jesse Anderson is a university student, top of the class, majoring in Accounting while attending a class in Interior Design and Events Organizing. Everything is perfect. His academics are good, he has friends, and his parents love him, according to an outsider's perspective. Trevor Hathaway is the next in line for their family. At twenty-five, he has so many responsibilities on his shoulders. People are scared of him because of his infamous reputation. He might not admit it, but he has been searching for the person he will spoil and love endlessly. One day, two people from opposite worlds met. Emotions overflowed. Worlds collide. Love blooms. Can the two hold on, amidst the brewing war, the painful secrets, and fate that is insistent on breaking them apart?

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The Morelli crime family is one of the most infamous organized crime groups in Italy. The group was established even before the first world war and has gained over ten thousand soldiers since then. The beginnings of the group were nothing shy of illegal: drug smuggling, human trafficking, assassination jobs, and providing support to terrorists and the government.

However, the organization’s directives took a sudden turn in the 1990s with the creation of Il Protettore, an organization aimed to serve and protect the carriers—the male species blessed with the capability to bear a child. Alberto Morelli, the third don of the Morelli clan, witnessed how his closest confidant gets killed in front of his eyes, just because the man was a carrier. That man was Rupert Salvatore, the first-ever carrier of the Salvatore Clan.

The Morelli clan has two mottos: Protect your family, and kill every threat. Loyalty in the family is upheld in every way, and turning against the oath you took means death. You can never get out once you enter. The only way to escape the Morelli clan is to give up your life.

A few decades later, the Morelli clan is now about to have a new successor; the youngest one to be named as the new head of the family. The responsibility, the expectations, and the pressure—these are all part and parcel when a successor accepts the title of the Don of the Morelli family.

The underground world is shaking. If the previous head was strict and cruel, then the next head is more than that. At an early age, he took an interest in the family business. At age nine, he witnessed how his personal bodyguard expelled his last breath in the hands of their Executioners because he attempted to disclose confidential information. The young master just shook his head in disappointment and ordered everything to be over.

By twelve, the young master was already an expert in martial arts, short and long-range combats, torture, and interrogation. However, what fascinated the young master the most was chemistry. He enjoyed and loved concocting new formulas that will bring about a new level of pain for their enemies; a natural sadist, in short.

At age fifteen, the young master was able to refine his new serum that when applied to another person, through injection, ingestion, and through blades, will make them feel a whole new level of torture and excruciating pain. He called the serum Avici. The news spread all throughout the underground organizations, instilling a new level of fear for the clan.

The young master grew up to be ruthless and was groomed to be the perfect leader for the new generation of Morellis. His hands had already been tainted by blood, and in their world, the weak dies. Despite this, the young master wanted to spend time with his two childhood friends, but most importantly, protect them from the war that is silently brewing in the darkest depths of the underground world.

In the guise of being a bodyguard for Stefan Alexandrei, the young master, along with their other childhood friend, Devon Slane, made Stefan’s safety their priority, though Stefan is not clear as to why his two friends applied to be his bodyguard.

The young master is now twenty-five. He will assume the position as the new head of the Morelli family on his birthday, but it’s only ceremonial. He has already taken over the family when he was twenty, silently observing in the sidelines, offering strategic attacks, keeping the branch families in line, and punishing those who went overboard.

However, the young master needed to find his partner before his birthday. It is much safer for his other half because their enemies will not be expecting that he will be the one to break the tradition. After all, the young master doesn’t want his loved one dead. It has been a tradition that the succession ceremony will also be an engagement ceremony with the selected partner by the successor himself, making the event an easy target for the ignorant groups.

The young master has four months before the succession ceremony. With his bodyguard duties, leading the family behind the scenes, and purging the laboratories intent of experimenting on carriers, his hands are full.

The cold-hearted and cruel soon-to-be-master of the Morelli family is in a dilemma. The partner he is looking for is special. After all, Alessio Hathaway-Morelli, also known as Trevor Hathaway, is gay and a daddy dom, and he is in a quest to find his perfect little.


Who’s excited about this book? I am too! Because I don’t know how this book will go. All I can promise is that I won’t disappoint you. :)

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