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Major themes: man to man, mpreg After seventeen years of living in the darkness, Elijah Harris was finally free and intent on discovering and seeing the world in his own eyes. On the other hand, Devon Slane wanted none other than to cage his jaded heart and trap himself in the darkness after being betrayed by his loved one. One seeks freedom, while the other wants to shut himself from the world. Two people as opposite as the magnetic poles crossed their paths and sparks flew. Will Elijah be the one to save Devon from the shackles the latter willingly put on himself, or will Elijah be thrown again into the darkness as his past began to chase him?

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Just like any other couple, a child is a blessing. Lexus and Anya Harris were over the moon when Elijah, their baby boy was born. The couple already made plans for their beautiful child.

They already imagined Elijah’s first coo, first crawl, first word, first walk, and all of his milestones. The couple was seeing themselves laughing and running around with their son.

However, their plans never came to fruition, and the things they imagined doing with their child, never became a reality.

“You must go, Anya,” Lexus ordered his dearest wife with urgency. They don’t have much time. The enemies are near. Lexus can hear the footfalls a few meters from their home, and the man knows that his family’s safety will be compromised if they waste any more time.

Anya sobbed and pulled Elijah to her chest. “N-no, Lexus. I can’t do this without you. We can’t do this without you,” she pleaded desperately and grabbed her husband’s hand, intent on dragging Lexus with them.

She was scared. Terrified for Eli’s and Lexus’s safety. Anya’s mind is a mess. She doesn’t understand why this is happening to them. Three months ago, she gave birth to their baby boy, but a month later, their safety was compromised.

They had to move to the suburbs because of the threats being delivered to their home almost every day. The bad people wanted to take Elijah away from them, and they will stop at nothing to snatch their child away. The death threats escalated and Anya almost died of worry when Lexus came home with a bullet wound on his left arm.

They moved several times but the people intent on harming them always track their whereabouts. The couple thought that a cabin in the woods, away from civilization, would be the solution, but they were still able to trace their location again.

Lexus swallowed hard and gazed at his sobbing and anxious wife fondly. He took a deep breath and shakily cupped her cheeks, and placed a lingering kiss. His chest tightened when her tears overflowed and his eyes burned.

This is not how he expected their life as a family would turn out. Indescribable fury started to build when a thought came to mind of who could be behind this mess.

His eyes landed on his sleeping boy. Elijah was sleeping soundly, unaware of the things happening in his surroundings. His pulse raced triple time when another round of bullets rained on their home.

“Fuck! They’re here, Anya. Get out of here and take Elijah to safety. I won’t forgive myself if something happened to the both of you!”

Anya shook his head furiously and grabbed the hem of Lexus’s shirt. “No. Come with us. Escape with us. I won’t be able to survive without you!” Anya cried out, and Lexus pulled her against his chest. She can hear his thundering heartbeat and can feel the sense of security provided by her husband’s strong arms.

She lifted her arm and hugged him tight, but after another round of bullets shattered their windows and pierced a hole in their walls, Anya knew that she had to make a decision.

She needs to be rational, but the thought of leaving her beloved is crushing her to bits. She blinked several times and pulled back when she heard Elijah coo. Those baby blues popped open and her heart squeezed painfully when their son smiled and stirred.

Lexus choked a sob and almost broke down when Elijah’s tiny and delicate fingers grabbed his shirt. His baby. Their light and sunshine. It breaks his heart knowing that this might be the last time he will receive his son’s smile or his delicate touch. This will be the last time he will have the chance to stare at those baby blues and red cheeks. This might be the last time he will get to hold and kiss his baby, and Lexus is breaking to pieces.

Anya handed Elijah to Lexus and her chest tightened and both of her hands went to her mouth to muffle her cries when Lexus sobbed and shakily cradled Elijah. They do not deserve this. Elijah does not deserve this.

Lexus was not able to contain himself as he cried painfully. He cried for the things he won’t be able to witness. He won’t be able to see his son grow up and chase his dreams. He won’t be able to hear Elijah call him ‘Dad’, or attend his graduation. He won’t be able to see his son build a family with someone he loves.

A piercing and numbing pain slashed his chest as he gathered his son closer to his trembling body. “I may not be able to see you grow to be an angel, but remember this, baby Eli. Dad loves you very much. He loves you so much, he is willing to lay his life on the line for you. For you and your mom,” Lexus added and pulled his sobbing wife and beloved in a tight embrace.

He placed a lingering kiss on Elijah’s forehead and then Anya’s head. “I love you, sweetheart. Take care of our baby. I know you can do it. Please survive, for Eli and for me,” he begged in a cracked voice and did his best to choke his sobs.

With a final kiss and embrace to his wife and son, Lexus pushed them towards a secret door that will lead them to a car on the highway. Anya can use that to escape from here.

Anya bit her lips and embraced their boy so tight, as she gazed at her husband for the last time. She locked her eyes with Lexus’s glassy and broken blue orbs and burned his existence in her mind and heart.

“I love you so much, Lexus Harris. Please stay alive, for us,” Anya added tearfully and Lexus’s heart twisted excruciatingly. His life is not guaranteed, but for his wife and son, he will do everything for them.

Lexus erased their distance with large strides and kissed Anya with everything he’s got. “I love you too, sweetheart. Stay safe. I’ll be right behind you.”

Anya looked at her husband and another batch of tears sprang and flowed freely because they both knew that Lexus needed a miracle to fulfill his promise. She gritted her teeth when the person responsible for their suffering crossed her mind.

“I will protect Elijah. They won’t be able to take him away from us. I promise to give Eli a peaceful and happy life,” Anya promised and a flicker of hope glimmered on his husband’s blue pools.

Lexus nodded and as his wife stepped further and further from him, his heart pounded painfully and he could hear how his soul broke into shreds. He wanted to follow them and escape together, but he needed to distract their enemies.

He needs to do his best to thin out the enemy forces and buy enough time so his wife can take their son to safety. He tried to endure the pain in the back of his throat and roughly wiped the tears streaming on his cheeks.

He closed the secret door and pulled a tall dresser to cover the entrance. When he heard their door being broken and their furniture and vases being crushed and pulverized, he opened the hidden compartment in their basement wall and grabbed a few pistols, enough supply of ammo, and five grenades.

“The curtain is up, assholes.” Lexus pushed a button and a huge explosion a meter away from their house can be heard.

No one messes with Lexus Harris. Their territory is laden with traps and bombs, so no one should be able to get out of here alive. If they are smart, then he is smarter. Even in the face of death, every fiber of his being is tingling, as bloodlust and rage consumed his senses.

Lexus took a deep breath and with a silent prayer for his family’s safety, he ran to the frontlines.

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