Falling for you

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Ethan Carter and Millie Preston met for the very first time when she moved into the apartment opposite to his. She is a cordial, extroverted and free spirited small time singer while Ethan is a smart, kept together and introverted Quantum Physicist, both of them completely opposite to one another. But they become the best of friends and just like every other movie and story, they are the "right person but at the wrong time" person for each other. Are they meant to be? Are they end game? Will they find their "happily ever after" if it exists? Read on to find out.

Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Did you hear what happened to John?” Daniel Morris asked looking at his 4 friends Alexander Lewis, Henry Cruz and Ethan Carter while they waited in the elevator. The others shake their head so he continues.

“He was cheating on his wife with one of his students so she filed for a divorce and now the money she earned is with her and he is broke,” he completed and everyone laughed.

“Are you serious?” Ethan asked. They reached their floor, the 6th floor of the apartment complex and saw new boxes around the hallway. The apartment complex was small so there were only two apartments on each floor.

“Looks like old Barry finally moved out,” Ethan, a resident in the apartment complex commented.

“Hopefully the new tenant doesn’t make as much noise as the old man,” Daniel commented and the others agreed. They were standing in the hallway as their new neighbor walked out.

They were expecting a middle aged person but there stood a 22 year old woman with dark brown hair and striking ocean blue eyes, tan skin with a height of 5 feet 6 inches and an amazing body. She was incredibly attractive.

She was moving things into her apartment with headphones in her ear so she couldn’t hear the boys. Her back was turned to them, so she didn’t see them either. She was humming some tunes as she picked up a large box and it slipped out of her hands, spilling all of her things on the floor. She immediately bent down to pick it up and Ethan went to help her.

“Oh hi! I am sorry I didn’t see you there,” she said noticing Ethan as he put her things in the box and stood up. She removed her headphones and smiled at the boys who looked shy.

“Hi, I am Amelia Preston, Millie,” she said in her Minnesota accent looking at Ethan and he smiled.

“I am Ethan Carter and I live opposite to you,” he said and Millie smiled widely.

“This is Alex, Daniel and Henry,” Ethan said introducing them to Millie and she smiled at them.

“Hello Ethan, Alex, Daniel and Henry,” she said and the boys beamed at her.

“Come on in,” she said inviting them in and they silently entered her apartment. They looked around and found her apartment full of color and life. The walls were white, just like every other apartment in the block, the couch was coral and everything else looked very colorful.

“Can I get you guys something? Water? Maybe some beer?” she asked going over to her refrigerator to grab them something as they sat on the couch and chairs.

“I have made some ‘sex on the beach’ if you guys want,” she asked looking at them but they all looked at each other.

“Millie, some fruit juice would be fine, thank you,” Ethan answered on behalf of all of them and she nods pouring them into a glass and handed it to them. The other didn’t seem to answer her so she was a bit taken back.

“So guys what do you all do?” she asked sipping on her drink and sat on the singular chair nearby.

“I am a Quantum Physicist, Alex is a Computer Hardware Engineer, Daniel is an Anthropologist and Henry is a theoretical physicist,” Ethan replied and Millie’s eyes go wild.

“Wow! That is so interesting. Should I call you all doctors then?” she asked laughing and Ethan joined her, the boys just smiled.

“Do you guys not like me or something? None of you except Ethan have spoken to me,” Millie asked and the boys looked again stared at each other.

“You see Millie, it’s not normal for girls, especially such pretty and social ones like you talk to one of us unless they have some trouble in their work so we are a bit shy. It’s not like we hate you, it’s just surprising to us that you want to talk to us,” Ethan replied and Millie touched his knee.

“Guys, come on. You guys are fun. You have nothing to worry about,” she said softly and they all smiled back in response.

“So Millie, what do you do?” Ethan asked and she looked at him. His heart was still racing from her touching his knee briefly but he tried not to show it.

“Oh, I moved from Minnesota to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of being a singer,” she said dramatically and the boys were now wide eyed. They chatted for a little bit and they got close.

“So do all of you stay here?” she asked curiously.

“No, Ethan stays here. We all live nearby but we always come here because we like it here,” Alex replied and she nods. They all had started talking to her and she was happy about it.

“Guys, I am tired from moving everything here. So I might go out to a club. Want to join me?” she asked and the boys all got red again.

“Uh, we don’t know Millie,” Ethan said and she stood up. She persuaded them.

“Come on guys. It’ll be fun,” she said and they eventually agreed. She went to get changed and came out in a short tight red dress with spaghetti straps and high red heels. She had left her hair open and did some minimal makeup.

Her sweet perfume filled the apartment and she came out and grabbed her phone and her purse. The boys were just staring at her because she did look good. She drowned her drink and walked over to the door.

“Coming?” she asked and they all got out. She locked her door and they took the elevator and chatted. They walked to the nearby bar and there was a long line.

“It is packed here Millie. We won’t get in,” Henry said but Millie just smiled and walked to the bouncer and looked at him, flirtingly.

“Hey there handsome,” she said looking at him and the boys just stood behind her looking at her do whatever she was doing.

“Is it possible for you to let my friends and I in? I’m sure you would let us in because come on, you look like you are someone with so much power and plus you look hot,” she asked and all the boys thought how if they were the bouncer, they would’ve let her go in.

“Sure,” he grinned opening the door for her and Millie smiled.

“You are such a sweet guy. Thank you,” she said giving him a peck and the boys followed her in. They couldn’t believe they had got in at all.

“It’s cool huh?” she asked and they nod. They went to get some drinks and Millie took some shots as the boys took light beer because they had work the next day. They began dancing and were enjoying.

“What are you doing here losers?” Millie heard someone say and she turned around to see the guys surrounded by taller and stronger men. She immediately went over because she sensed trouble.

“Excuse me, they are with me,” she said looking at the leader who was a foot taller than her with brown eyes and brown hair and big muscles.

“Ooo. A pretty girl?” he said moving closer to her and she got uncomfortable so she moved back.

“Babe, you are supposed to be with us, not with some losers like them. You are way too pretty for them,” he said and Millie crossed her arms over her chest.

“And you are way too ugly for me,” she fired back and the boys snickered at the back, causing the big man and to get angry. He was visibly very angry at them.

“What are you laughing about nerds?” he asked holding Ethan by his collar. Ethan was a bit shorter than the big guy and looked more innocent than him with his glasses.

“Back off you douche,” she said pushing him away and a crowd was formed around them. The big guy was very angry. She just angered him even more.

“You-,” he said getting closer to her but he got kicked in his nuts very hard. Everyone around applauded for Millie because she just kicked a man twice her size and weight.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said and the boys walked out proudly behind her.

“That was amazing!” they exclaimed and she gave them a huge smile. It was cold outside so Ethan took off his coat and gave it to her. She took it thankfully and wrapped it around her shoulder.

“See I told you that you have nothing to worry about,” she said as they walked back to the apartment complex. The boys left to go their own house so Millie and Ethan walked up to the elevator. They were talking about some random things as they reached their floor.

“So Millie, how come you beat the big guy up?” he asked and she looked at him.

“I have had my fair share of experiences with those kinds of guys maybe in pubs, or parties or just my hook ups or boyfriends,” she said and he nods. He realized that Millie was a party and social animal unlike him and his friends.

“Alright Ethan, here we are,” she said as they reached their floor and he came over to drop her off.

“Thank you for today Millie,” he said and she smiled at him.

“No problem Ethan. Also thank you for today,” she said and hugged him. He was caught off guard because he hadn’t expected it but he hugged her back eventually. She almost went in but she turned around and gave him back his jacket.

“Good night Ethan,” she said and he was still red from their earlier encounter but he managed to give her a reply. She gave him a peck on the cheek and opened her door.

“Good night to you too Millie,” he said and she closed the door. He immediately brought his jacket to his face and he smelled the sweet fragrance of her. He liked it. He smiled at her door and walked to his own.

He was smiling from ear to ear because he was happy.

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