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When Two Worlds Collide (Book 1)

By Kay All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


They say fate fights to right itself. So why do we fall in love, if we're not supposed to? Why do we fight, if we're just going to lose? When a country is on the brink of destruction, families are torn apart, friendships broken, and relationships put on hold. In the midst of it all magic builds and destroys. Could an estranged princess save her country and find her families and friends again? Would it take the Assassin's heart to stop the war? Will love survive through it all? This book is the first installment of the series. WARNING: Story may contain explicit violence scenes, Same-sex relationship (and also straight relationships), strong languages, and/or other mature themes


There was something about the way her eyes sparkled that night. My hand in hers, running through the fields of green green grass. Back then she was taller than me and ran faster that I stumbled a little causing her to turn back to look at me.

‘Come on Cloud, it’s almost time!’ She whispers excitedly, just loud enough for me to hear. Catching up my breath, I start to pick up my pace trying desperately to match hers. She realizes and slows hers a bit to match mine even though she was urging me to be faster. She thought I didn’t notice, but I did. I always do.

We hiked uphill and found our spot under the single tree that grows right in the middle of the field. The bark covered with childish scrawls carved from whichever sharp stone we would find whenever we hang out there. She lets go of my hand and stand a few steps away looking up at the clear sky. I leaned against the tree right beside the most meaningful word on our tree.


I caressed the word smiling slightly before I walked over to her looking up at the sky. I gasp softly. The moon hung lowly in the sea of stars casting its soft glow shedding light to the darkness.

‘Beautiful isn’t it?’ She turns to look at me. There’s a twinkle in her eyes that I couldn’t understand back then. For a second I wondered if it was because of the moon and the stars and if I had it too. She didn’t wait for my answer and looked back to the sky instead. But my eyes, they were glued to the side of her face. Memorizing the lines and contours of her nose and her lips, the beautiful sky long forgotten.

‘It’s starting!’ She yelps excitedly.

Hesitant, I finally took my eyes off of her to look back at the sky as the first torrents of light start showing. Hundreds, maybe thousands of shooting stars are making their way towards wherever their destination is. They say that if you manage to repeat your wish three times before the shooting stars are gone, it will be granted. That night I wondered how many wishes she had as I once again stared at her face. Eyes focused, she looks determined as if trying either to recall each and every one of her wishes or to do it fast enough to get all of them granted.

Seeing that she believed the myth so much, I looked up the sky seeing that there are less and less stars to wish upon. So I closed my eyes tight and wished for us to be able to be together forever. I whispered my single wish once, twice. I opened my eyes to check if I could make it. And as I whispered my last word, the darkness settles.

And that was the last time I saw her.

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