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Nikola Amorenia has only ever known one thing for certain throughout his entire life - that Hagen Calderon was his. His to own, his to spoil, his to love, and his to control. His. Nikola wants nothing more in life than his other half, but his mate doesn't want him. Hagen Calderon doesn't want Nikola. He doesn't want his affections or his desperate attempts at ownership. He never did and never will. But after all these years, Hagen can't deny that even if he doesn't want Nikola, he is his mate. Now, Nikola's finally of age to claim him, which means Hagen's out of time and excuses. For the first time in their lives, Nikola doesn't have to hold back. Hagen thinks he'll break him, Nikola just might, or maybe...Nik will be the best thing to ever happened to him

Romance / Fantasy
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Author's Note

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hello, to the most wonderful humans on this planet!!!!
Welcome back if you’ve been with me for a while, thanks for coming back and sticking around!! And if you’re new, I welcome you with open arms, and I hope you enjoy my works!

This just contains a few things about the book you should know before you begin reading:


A) This is the third book to The Fated Chronicles. You do not need to read the other books - Rogue and Delicate to understand, BUT, you would probably enjoy this book like 1000% per cent more if you read the snippets of this couple that have been littered throughout all the books.

If you’re too lazy to do that, you can take a quick scan through Chapters 38 and 43 of Rogue and Chapter 38 of Delicate for some base background info.

B) The main characters of this book are gay. This is a book about homosexuals in a series about homosexuals, revolving around a family of homosexuals.

If you have a problem with that, simply step outside and enjoy the hetero stuff.

This book also contains BDSM-themes, just an FYI

C) As many of you may be coming from my other books, I’d just like to give a reminder that romance and relationships aren’t the same for everyone. This couple might not be as outwardly loving or communicative as my other couples, and some of you might find them toxic as hell. But, it’s their relationship, so please don’t compare them to my other characters too much.

This is Hagen and Nikola’s own story.

D) No hate. You might hate the plot, you may hate my characters, and you are completely free to share that. But don’t sit up in my comments, spreading unnecessary hate regarding the book itself.

This is my book, I write it the way I want to write it so it is ultimately up to me, how I fuck over my characters. If you do not like it, then simply leave.

I haven’t had any sort of hate like that for any of my books, so let’s not start here with the one we’ve been waiting ages for.

E) This book will contain errors. I struggle with English, a lot. I do use Grammarly now, and I have transferred to writing on my computer, but I still fuck up a lot.

You guys know this with the way you troll me when I do.
So yeah, there will be typos and mistakes, you have been warned.

F) For info on updates, you can check my Wattpad storyboard or my Insta - Tippy446 and for the songs I use throughout the book, my Spotify is - Tippy446

G) I like comments, I pretty much read them all, so don’t be shy. Comment up.

H) Do not fetishize the gay men in this book. As a hetero woman writing smut, I think people think they can come in here and say shit in the comments they would never say to a homosexual man or woman, or any member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Do not do that shit here.
There’s a difference between enjoying some smut and a love romance, and putting men in a ‘sex box’ by fetishizing them as if they’re not living, breathing people.


Alright, that’s it.

As always, I hope I make you all cry at some point, your pain gives me life hehe. But on a real, I really hope you guys enjoy this storyline and these characters for however long we’ll be following them.

Love you all,

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