I Hate you but I can't

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Hard life is something we all go through even if your famous . Even if you think your better than any one because you have money doesn't mean anything . Plus having a mafia boyfriend is hardest thing ever . More when he gets jealous easily and get mad . Gigi has gone though too much that maybe she will need someone like him but will he really be good for her or not . Find out and see. hope you like it love you all >3

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Chapter 1 - maybe not today

-Gigi Rankin - pov-

I’m at my stepsisters birthday we don’t live together anymore plus she’s treat me like shit sometimes and my dad takes care of her like if she was his blood .

“oh sister how are you I missed you” she said with one of the fakes smiles in the world . I just look at her .

“Happy birthday Anna ” I said with a look that made my papa mad . “why you look like that it’s your sisters birthday . ”

I just looked down thinking of everything . when he yells. I try not to cry but I look up and let everything come out .

“no eres su papa eres mi papa ...” I look down ” Yo soy tu princesa... why are you like this after all I’m your blood child she’s not even a little .. plus you never throw me a birthday party like this dad NEVER! WHY Why why dad .. you paid for everything she has her car , her home what she eats where to wants to go . BUT I DAD I WORKED FOR MY SHI-” Slap

He slap me . My dad slap me . I touched my cheek .

“what going on ” a guy says I look behind me and see this tall guy with a black suit on . I get up and walk pass him when he ask “what happen daring ” .. “nothing baby ” my sister says “Not you Anna I’m asking this pretty girl beside me like I was saying daring what happen ?“I look down and move my hand from his hold “LET GO! ”

“Jess be nice his in the mafia ”Dad says “plus his trying to be nice to you .”

I look at him and he pulls me out of the Casa and and opens his car and sat’s and I just look at him and he pulls me in his car on his lap .

“your the one I been looking for. My name is Leonardo but look at me and TELL ME WHO DARE TO HIT YOU babe . ” I look at him and somehow I feel safe in his hold so I just looked at him and hug his neck and cry he hugs me tight and says cute things in my little ears and then says things in Italy .

We were like that for 16 minutes . But than his phone ringed and I looked at him. He was asleep so I answered for him . “hey are you coming today I really miss your BIG DICK ” she said like if she was touching herself . I don’t know why but I was mad . Maybe because I felt good here like he was meant for me . I open his car door and and got up I throw his phone .

I was hurt -- I’m in pain I thought he was different but look at me . I’m a dumb 16 year old with long black hair with a pretty face but a flat body no boobs or ass . Not like my sister pretty body.

I closed his care door and I took my phone out and played my favorite song .

Amor Fugaz de Los Del Limit - DEL Records 2021

I wrote you a thousand letters and you never answered

Te escribí mil cartas y nunca contestaste

I sang love songs to make you fall in love

Canté canciones de amor para enamorarte

I followed the wave that reached my destiny

Seguí la ola que llegaba mi destino

On my way your name was not written

En mi camino tu nombre no estaba escrito

How to continue loving if you’re not with me

Como poder seguir queriendo si no estás conmigo

How to love another person if it’s always the same

Como amar otra persona si siempre es lo mismo

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