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My gaze travels down to her lips. I leaned in towards her and pressed my lips softly against hers. She was tense at first, but she relaxed as she continued to kiss me. She closed the box and stood up. She puts it on my dresser and I looked at her in confusion. “You thought that I was going to put it on right now?” She asked. “Mhm,” I nodded. “Sam, I don’t feel like going anywhere right now considering how you just got home. I just want you all to myself,” She explained. My face split into a broad grin. “What do you want to do?” I asked. “Cuddle with you,” She answered. “That’ll be fun considering how I’ve missed my human pillow,” I joked. “If that’s how you think of me then I’ll just cuddle with Dave,” She said. I walked over and hoisted her over my shoulder. I carried her up to my bed and set her down gently. She laughed and I got onto bed with her.

Romance / Drama
Maia Black
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I am usually the girl you’ll find in the back of the library with a book of maybe two hundred to three hundred pages long with a bottle of water in front of me and some fruit or left over food from last night’s dinner that I cooked. I am also the girl who will glare at you silently for a few seconds for disturbing the peace of the library like the idiot you are. But that’s just me. Peace and quiet is all I need not loud and rowdy. I hate places that are too crowded with a lot of loud and rowdy people and I also hate places where people feel the need to goof off every second. That’s why I come to the library. To get away from the outside world’s stupidity and just read a good book either by Becca Fitzpatrick or Jane Austen which ever seems interesting to me. My love of reading and silence has led me to not having any friends throughout the years and I didn’t care at all if I made friends or not. All I need is my books and silence. That’s all.

“Daphne, sweetie,” I heard the soft voice of librarian Mrs. Peters. She was a kind old woman that loved reading as much as me, or more than me, and whenever I came here she’d always suggest a certain list of books for me to read. She didn’t like the loud and stupid people who came in here every day to wreak havoc. She held a disdain for those like that which is why she’s probably so fond of me.

“Alright, Mrs. Peters,” I yawned a little and stretched.

“Before you go I have a stack of books waiting for you at the desk. I thought you’d might like them,” She said.

“Oh. Thank you, Mrs. Peters. I appreciate it,” I smiled.

“You’re welcome, dear. Also tomorrow I need someone to fill in for me because Juliette quit last week and I have no one else,” She explained.

“I’ll be glad to do it,” I assured her.

“You sure?” She asked.

“I’m positive,” I nodded.

“Oh alright. Thank you, dear,” She went behind the desk and checked the books out for me. I grabbed them and then left after saying goodbye to her. I walked out to my black 1963 Chevrolet Corvette that received for my birthday from my dad before he died. I drove out of the parking lot of the library. When I checked the time at a red light my phone read eleven o’clock. I drove home to my two story townhouse. I grabbed the stacks of books and then I struggled my way to my front door where I struggled to get inside my home. I set the books down on my coffee table which was cleared except for the decorative clear case of fake lilacs. I then trudged upstairs after putting my things away. I went to my bathroom and showered. When I finished I got out and then put on a large band t-shirt and underwear. Once my head hit that soft, comfy pillow I was out like a light.

The next day, I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I groaned loudly and struggled trying to pick it up off of my nightstand. I grew frustrated and just sat up in irritation. I pressed accept after noticing that it was my mother.

“Hello?” I said.

“Daphne, wake up. We need to meet for lunch,” She answered.

“Lunch? It’s morning,” I tell her.

“Daphne Audrey Marilyn Gaines, it is 12 pm. I know you did not stay up late like some slob. Kate’s daughter doesn’t sleep in like you do and she’s married-“ I held the phone away from my ear as she started going on and about Kate’s daughter and her being a married woman with two kids already, a nice house, and a husband who loves her and what not. Put it back to my ear when I was sure that she was done.

“Look, Mom. I’m sorry. I’ll be there as soon as possible,” I sighed.

“You better be here at the country club by 12:40,” She hissed.

“Okay,” I hung up the phone before she could respond. I get out of bed and then I head straight to my bathroom. Cristian, my puppy, lifted his head then got up to follow me while stretching. I turned on the shower then I grabbed a towel and facecloth from my linen closet. I stepped into the shower with my facecloth.

After my shower, I started my hygienic routine then I got dressed in a light gray cowl neck sweater, skinny jeans, a pair of pale pink heels, and silver accessories to match. I decided to take Cristian outside to use the bathroom before I left.

When I arrived at the country club, I get out when the valet comes up to my car. I handed him my keys before going inside. The maître d’hôtel sees me.

“Hi. I’m looking for Diana Chambray,” I tell him. He nods and leads me over to my mother. I thanked him before sitting down at a table across from her.

“It’s 12:56. You’re sixteen minutes late,” She frowned.

“Sorry, but I had to take Cristian out and I had to feed him as well,” I informed. Her frown turned into a grimace.

“I don’t know why you even bothered to buy a mutt,” She said with disgust in her voice.

“What did you need to meet for, Mother?” I asked.

“I wanted to meet you because a friend of mine has a son who is around age. I felt that you two would hit it off quite well,” She said.

“Are you serious, Mother? I asked.

“Yes I am, Daphne. Sidney’s engaged and the rest of your siblings are already married with kids,” She tells me.

“See? I had a feeling that something like this would happen,” I said as I stood up.

“Sit down. They’re already here,” She hissed. I rolled my eyes and sat back down across from her.

“Diana,” A woman said. I looked to see a woman with pale skin, blond hair, and brown eyes with a slender body walking towards our table with her son. The woman’s son was tall maybe six foot three and he had blond hair just like his mother with low cheekbones, small lips, and a straight nose. He seemed kind of muscular almost like a swimmer, plus he was kind of good looking. Mother stood up and so did I. She hugged the woman and greeted her with a smile.

“Kate, this is my daughter Daphne. Daphne, this is Kate and her son Caine,” Mother tells me.

“Nice to meet you,” I smiled.

“When you said that she was beautiful, Diana, you were lying,” Kate said and I frowned a little,” She’s gorgeous. Look at those curves and those hips too. I bet all the boys just attract to her like bees to the honey.” Kate chuckled and so did Mother. After greeting each other, we all sat down. This time I sat next to Caine while our mothers sat across from us.

“So, Daphne. I heard that you were a freelance writer for Cosmopolitan,” Caine tried to break the ice.

“Yeah I am,” I nodded.

“That must get annoying writing for single women around your age who have nothing better to do than stuff their faces,” He scoffed. I mentally rolled my eyes at his comment. His true colors have come out I see.

“Is that so?” I asked.

“Yes,” He nods,” What’s the point in giving beauty tips to women who look nothing short of a fat troll?”

“Beauty is more on the inside than out,” I responded clenching my teeth.

“That’s what they tell ugly women just so they won’t feel bad,” He murmured.

“Well then what do you think of me?” I questioned.

“You’re pretty for a girl your size, but you aren’t my type. Maybe you can be unless you lose a few pounds, or maybe a lot,” He answered honestly. The waiter finally comes over to our table and I took that as my chance to grab the pitcher of water and poured it over that asshole’s head.

“Daphne!” Mother gasped.

“You bigoted, fat shaming bastard. Guys like you don’t deserve to be called men at all. You worthless piece of shit,” I hissed. I get up and leave the vicinity. This is the last time I ever do something like this. The guy was complete jerk and a total fat shaming loser. Ugh! I can’t stand boys like him at all. My mother is always setting me up with these rich, egotistical, know-it-all jerks who believe that they know everything and think that they are the shit.

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