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Prison Love [+18]

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The Perfect Recipe For Love: One imprisoned Mafia Don, Two spoonfuls of Sexiness, A pinch of Cockiness, And a pair of Handcuffs. All served with a healthy side of Sex.

Romance / Action
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"What do you mean she can't fucking come? She's got two fucking legs so why the fuck can't she walk?" Carlo growled into the phone, annoyed with his best friend Luca.

"She said she's not up for it, Carlo. I can't drag her by the hair towards you. I'll get fucked for it," Luca ran a hand through his hair, frustration clear in his voice.

"Fix this shit, Luca. It's been a week," Carlo sighed, tired.

Carlo wasn't going to sleep with blue balls tonight. He needed a release. A quick release that's all and nobody could get that right for him. His hand wasn't enough anymore.

He sighed as he heard Luca groan on the other side.

"I'm trying, fucker. It ain't my fault that no girl wants to fuck someone in prison," Luca said and Carlo rolled his eyes hearing the phone beep signalling that he has a minute left.

He should have called him from his own phone. Stupid fucking brain.

"Listen, I don't give two shits if she's a prostitute and she wants ten thousand dollars. Send her here," Carlo told him, his voice holding the finality to it.

"I'll try my best. I've got to go now. Emily is here," Luca chuckled from the other end of the phone and Carlo cursed under his breath as he hung up.

He should have had Emily. He would have fucked her into oblivious and she would have loved every second of him pounding into her from behind.

Don't think about it. He reminded himself, as he let out another frustrated sigh.

"You done?" Carlo heard someone say and he turned around to see Paul standing there in his police outfit, the door wide open behind him.

"Get me out of here, and get me something to drink. I need a fucking cold shower," Carlo mumbled as he walked out of the calling room, Paul behind him.

"You know I can't do that. I can't get you anything to drink. They'll fire me," Paul said to Carlo as they walked back to his cell.

"Fuck," Carlo muttered his favourite word over and over again until he walked into his cell.

"Just go away," Carlo told Paul and he walked away from his cell after locking the gate.

Carlo looks around, letting out a sigh, at his single bed in the corner. Carlo never wanted to decorate his room with things he could buy with the stupid money he earned while working here. No ducking way. He would be getting out of this shit hole one day and what was the point of decorating a cell? Everyone around him was stupid for decorating their cells. All Carlo had in it was his bed, and a toilet and sink. That's all he needed.

He couldn't wait to get of this place.

Carlo walked to the hard bed and laid down on it. He was going to wait until Luca called again telling him a girl was going to come over. He needed to let off some tension. It was hard being in a fucking prison and not fucking anyone unless the other fuckers in here. Carlo was never going to down that road.

Carlo laid an arm over his eyes, trying to shut out the light and the noise outside his cell. People around him were fucking each other. Horny motherfuckers couldn't pay extra to shove their dick in a warm pussy.

He remembered when one of the fuckers tried it on him. He ended up with a broken arm and a broken leg. Carlo wasn't into that shit and he wasn't going to let anyone touch him like that. Nobody knew about that. Not even Luca and nobody was going to find out. That shit was embarrassing as it was, he was glad no one saw it. He always made sure to lock the shower room.

Sleep was what Carlo needed right now to distract his mind. Only a few months. That's all he had to spend in this shit hole.


Carlo wasn't embarrassed when he came so quickly into the girl that laid in front of him. His thrusts got sloppy as he came off his high. He groaned into her ear as her walls tightened around his dick. Fuck sake.

"15 minutes left!" Paul's voice rang from outside of the door as he knocked on it.

"Fuck off," Carlo called back as he pulled out of the girl. He wasn't done. He only had 30 minutes every week.

"Turn around," he grabbed a hold of her hips, and turned her around on the table. Carlo placed a hand under her stomach and lifted her hips up, as she pushed her ass out.

Carlo smirked. He was going to heaven tonight.

"Hold onto the table tightly," he ordered, his voice deeper than usual. He watched as the girl tightened her hands on table, and he leaned closer to her, leveling himself with her entrance.

She was soaking wet. He loved it.

Without waiting any second longer, he pushed inside of her in one single thrust. Hard. Deep. Fast. That's what he was going for.

She moaned out loud and he smirked as he pulled back out, and slammed back into her, deeper than ever.

She was going to go home limping out of this shit hole. He was going to make sure of it.

He thrusted into her harder, yanking on her hair tightly as his other hand trailed the side of her soft skin leading up to her big breasts. Fake tits but he was fine with it. Anything for him to touch as he pounded into her from behind.

His groans filled the room, as she moaned louder. Her breasts were shaking with every thrust and Carlo loved it. He squeezed the left breast again, his thumb twirling around the nipple.

"...Ahhh," The girl moaned louder as his thrusts got deeper. She was loving every second of this as she pushed her ass out more.

She wanted to be in control though. She smiled to herself as she felt her walls tighten around him. He groaned on her skin, his thrusts getting faster and faster. His hand came down on one of her ass cheeks as he spanked her, watching as her ass rippled. He was fucking in love.

"Fuck," Carlo muttered on her back as he felt her clench around him. He knew he was close. He wasn't going to cum inside of her though.

Carlo pulled out of her, and she looked behind her, confused. He placed his hands on her hips and turned her around again.

"Get on your knees. Now," Carlo ordered again, his voice full of desire. He was so close he needed that release.

"Anything for you," She smirked up at him as she got off the table and knelt down before him.

"Suck," he muttered one word, before he felt her lips around him. Her tongue swirled around his tip, before she took him most of the way in. No gag reflex. Fuck.

Carlo grabbed a hold of her hair, and thrusted his hips a little, making her take all of it. This bitch was fucking amazing. She was going to come next week as well. Every fucking week.

Carlo felt her massage his sack as her head bobbed faster. He was groaning. He couldn't help himself as his hands tightened in her hair and thrusted his hips with every bob from her.

He was definitely in heaven.

"Fuck," he groaned as he felt himself come closer to the edge.

"2 minutes left!" Paul's voice rang from the behind the door.

"Fuck off asshole!" Carlo cursed out loud as the girl in front of him sucked him off harder. He groaned. Each thrust was bringing him closer until he exploded into her mouth.

He felt her swallow every single drop of cum, before she looked up at him with those innocent fucking eyes as she licked the tip of his cock. He only had two minutes but he wanted to fuck her so hard again just because of those eyes.

"It was a pleasure being here," She whispered in her seductive voice as she stood up. She leaned closer to Carlo, placing a quick kiss on his lips.

"Call me again. I charge double though for a second round," She whispered into his ear, as he looked at her.

"Get out," He told her and she rolled her eyes, as she picked up her skirt and walked out of the room. He saw Paul looking away from her naked body as she quickly got changed.

He was definitely paying double next week.


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