Her Wicked Heart

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Eva Edwards has had a crush on Jay Miller for as long as she can remember. Jay is a high school heartthrob and a bad boy. After going through some ups and downs, a game of truth and dare will bring them together. But soon, their love story takes an unknown turn when Jay's half-brother Roy walks into their lives! She is not the kind of girl who sleeps around with random guys. And especially if that guy is her boyfriend's half-brother, it's a big NO! Then why does her heart say otherwise? Why does it desire something it shouldn't? She is trying hard not to fall for Roy but still helplessly falling. And she's falling hard and fast. Roy's mysteries and secrets are drawing her to him. And there's nothing she can do but fall in love with him even if it's against the rules. Her Wicked Heart wants what it wants.

Swapna B
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1 | Back to School

His soft lips skimmed through my throat, awakening the wild desires in my heart. Then he moved further down my body and stopped just over my stomach. His warm breath tickled my bare skin. He undid the knot on my pajama bottoms and planted a soft kiss just under my belly button, sending dark chills up my spine and my core clenched.

Butterflies rampaged inside my stomach. They flew upwards, threatening to strangle me on their way out through my mouth. My heart was hammering so violently against my chest that I could feel the vibrations throughout my body. A few more of those kisses, and I’d have my orgasm within seconds.

He was slowly moving downwards, making his way to the most sensitive part of my body. My heart swelled with anticipation. After a long boring summer, this was the best thing happening to me. With my eyes clenched, I waited for him to do what my heart really desired. I waited and waited, but nothing happened.

And before I could make sense of anything, something hit my face hard. Way too hard!

I woke up with a jolt and found Lori’s big intimidating gray eyes staring at me and her lips moving in slow motion. She was saying something that I couldn’t figure out. Leaning over me, she looked like a giantess. At first, I thought it was some sort of dream, so I pulled the covers over my head and tried to go back to sleep. But then the blankets were pulled down, and I was struck with a pillow again, bringing me back to the real world.

“EVA!” Lori screeched like a banshee.

“Oww! What are you doing?”

“Turn the damn thing off!” She grumbled.


“Your alarm! Turn it off; it’s been driving me crazy for the last 15 minutes!”

Puzzled, I searched for the cellphone on the bed and found it under my butt.

Hmm! How could she hear it, and I couldn’t? And how did it get there?

Turning the damn thing off, I checked the time-

“Shit, 7:15.”

Damn it! It was the first day of school, and I didn’t want to be late.

Ignoring Lori’s howling, I jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. No matter how intimating she wanted to be, I was still the big sister and the boss here. And soon enough, I was going to remind her that. Her teenage hormones were turning her into a witch.

After a quick shower, I got out and started getting ready for school. I picked up a mascara but then, after a beat, put it back. I didn’t want my big brown eyes to look more prominent. They sometimes felt too big for my small face. Tying my hair back in a high ponytail, giving myself a last glance in the full-sized mirror, I headed downstairs.

As soon as I stepped into the hallway, the delicious smell of bacon filled my nostrils, making my stomach grumble as if I’d been starving for weeks. My mom was a great cook, a talent that Lori inherited and I didn’t. Dad could cook too. Leaving myself be the only black sheep in the house. It just wasn’t something that I ever showed interest in, and when you had everyone in the house who loved cooking, why bother?

Lori sat in one of the dining chairs like the queen she thought she was, and mom made coffee on the island. She looked as stunning as ever, with her hair tied back in a messy bun. She was in her late thirties, but these days she looked older. There was so much on her plate right now, with Dad not being around much lately. She had been handling her work and home with two teenage girls on her own. So for me, she was the Wonder Woman of our lives.

“Morning, Mom!”

“Good Morning, sweetie. Do you have everything you need?”

“Yep!” rounding the table, I planted a soft kiss on her cheek. I picked up two bacon pieces on a paper napkin and shoved one in my mouth as I walked toward the door.

“Why can’t you eat like a civilized person, Eva?” Mom called behind me. When I glanced back, she was standing with her hands up in the air, looking all annoyed and cute.

“Because she’s a cow!” Lori threw in, and I stuck out my tongue at her. “Eww, don’t do that while eating, you cow!”

“Shut up!” I scowled at Lori and then diverted my attention to my mom. “I need to get to school early; I need extra time with Robin before class starts; she hasn’t called me for a week! Plus, I like eating while I am walking.” directing the last lines at Lori. Putting the other piece in my mouth, I headed towards the door. Lori muttered something under her breath, and I ignored her.

“Tell Robin; I asked about her,” I heard my mom calling behind me.

“Will do!” I shouted back

Getting out of the house, I lifted my face, letting the late August sunshine dance across my skin. Then inhaling into the earthy air, I started walking towards the school. This year summer felt too warm in Emberville. Even though we had huge Oak trees all around the town, somehow, the humid air from Galveston bay invaded the city like crazy. At least we were better than Houston. Hah!

Most people drove to school or rode a bike, but I preferred walking. Or I’d say that was the only option I had! I didn’t know how to drive a car, and the bike wasn’t my thing! I was too scared to ride one. Learning to drive was on my list, but I wasn’t sure when I’d be booking my test. All my friends had their dads to teach them how to drive, and my dad, well... Another story!

After walking for 10 minutes, I finally reached school, And while I was putting my stuff in the lockers, a familiar voice brought a broad smile to my face.

I wasn’t even fully turned before she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me from the side.


Robin Green! My best friend and my soul sister. We had been best friends since our freshman year of high school. She was tall with long legs. She looked like one of those fashion models from Victoria’s Secret ads. Her almond-shaped beautiful green eyes did perfect justice to her last name. Ah, she was too perfect. And I loved her!

“Oh, God. I missed you,” I said, pulling away, “How was LA? And when did you get back?”

I was so happy to see Robin after two months. She’d been in LA at her aunt’s place the whole summer learning about fashion. Even though we face-timed every other day and gave each other updates about our lives, I still wanted to hear everything from her again. She’d always been into the fashion stuff, and you could see that in her dressing style. Even in a plain top and pair of jeans, she would look fashionable.

“I landed last night. And it was awesome! I assisted Amanda at a couple of shooting sites. You know she’s getting married in November. She will be setting a date soon. I am so excited for her.” She chirped excitedly.

Amanda was Robin’s cousin and role model. She also lived in LA, and she was the person Robin spent most of her time with when we visited Los Angeles. Amanda was a celebrity fashion designer in downtown LA and was very popular in her field. She had designed clothes for most celebrities in Hollywood.

“Wow! Tell her I said congrats!”

“Will do!” She grinned, and then she suddenly realized something. “Oh, and you won’t believe who I saw last weekend!”


Raising an eyebrow, she pulled her phone out of her back pocket. She unlocked it and flashed it before my eyes, showing me her Instagram post.

Ruined for life!
Last week in LA, or is it just the beginning?

#LeonardoDiCaprio #LADiaries #lifeisbeautiful #fashion #Hollywood #selfiewithcrush #lovelovelove #RobinLovesLeo

And there was a photo of her’s with Leonardo DiCaprio. And the best part, the picture had like from the God himself! Okay, by God, I meant - Leonardo!

“No way!”

“Yes, way!”


“Amanda took me to this party last weekend. He was there. There were other celebrities too! But who cares about others when your heart desires only one! I was literally frozen in place for minutes when he shook my hand. I didn’t wash it for days.”

“Eww!” I screwed up my face in disgust.

This girl was crazy! I could literally see her eyes turning into hearts. Robin and I had watched Leo’s every single movie. And we watched Titanic so many times that we’d now lost the count. Leonardo DiCaprio was Robin’s first love. I told her he was too old for her, but she said she liked older men better.

One of her eyebrows shot up in question. “How did you not see this on my Instagram? I posted it like a week ago?”

“Well, you know!” I wrinkled my nose. “I haven’t checked my social media for a while.”

“I sometimes feel you’ve been born in the wrong century, you know!”

“I know!”

“Anyway! That’s enough about me! Tell me, how was your summer?”

What about me? Well, I spent the whole two months doing nothing and nothing. Dad was always away on his tours, and Mom had too much on her plate, so we couldn’t afford to go on any holidays. I sometimes did wish that Dad took us to see other states with him, but he never did. My life was limited to Emberville or, at max, to Texas.

I released a soft sigh. “It was okay! Not as thrilling as yours. I already told you when we talked over the phone and face-time!”

She shrugged one of her shoulders, “Well, then I told you all about my trip as well; you still asked,”

“Valid point,” I said, and we burst into giggles.

“Why don’t you ever let me drive it? It’s not just your car; it’s mine too” we turned our heads together when we heard Ellie’s riotous voice.

“Because I am a better driver than you are! Simple!” Anna said matter-of-factly.

“How’s it fair? If you never let me drive, I’d never get better at it” Ellie snapped her locker door shut angrily.

“Guess what? I don’t give a fuck!”

Anna and Ellie were non-identical twins, both brunettes and tall. You wouldn’t even say that they were sisters the way they treated each other. All the siblings had their arguments and fights, but Anna and Ellie were at a different levels. Nothing in the world wouldn’t cause friction between these two, just a tiny spark, and both of them would scorch like a gasoline tank.

Robin and I watched them patiently, knowing exactly how it would end. They’d argue for a bit, then curse each other. One of them would storm off and end up in the toilet crying for hours. And everyone knew who that one would be.

“Fuck you, witch!” Ellie screamed and stormed off to the toilets.

“Fuck you!” Anna repeated, imitating Ellie’s voice. And I rolled my eyes.

“Well, I guess some things never change! I’ll go check on her!” Robin shook her head as she followed Ellie

“What?” Anna snapped when she found me staring at her.

I raised both my hands in surrender. “I didn’t say anything!”

She gave me an aggravated look and stormed off too!

I knew there wasn’t any point in meddling between the twins, so I always kept myself at bay. But Robin! She just liked solving everyone’s problems—a peacemaker. And besides, Robin and the twins were friends before she came into my life. They lived in the same area and have known each other since they were kids. Since kindergarten, Ellie and Robin had been best friends, so I expected her to follow her anyway!

I headed to the class. Everything looked pretty much the same, same faces, same old corridors. When I left home, I was excited, and it wasn’t just because of Robin. There was something else that made me excited. Or someone else!

I was lost in my thoughts when someone crashed into me with full force, and things from my hand flew in the air and landed on the floor. And before I could join them, two firm hands encircled my waist, gripping me tightly, saving me from falling.

“What the-”

I froze when I looked into those beautiful ocean blue eyes, and so did the words in my mouth.

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