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Crimson Knight (the Prequel)

By Uracil All Rights Reserved ©



Cecelia Rusakova's transfer to Mortem Academy, in the dreary part of Luzcar, turns out to be the most frightening decision her parents ever made for her. Once she meets Zarlach Sivortsova her life she once thought she knew, drastically changes. Until now, Zarlach and Cecelia's parents managed to keep their secret for sixteen years of Cecelia's life but when things take a turn for the worst. Cecelia's true heritage unfolds. In this epic installment, Crimson Knight captures the secrets and dangers that comes with protecting your loved ones.

0. Prelude

IT WAS INEVITABLE, that we grew weary in a form that was able to mimic the genetic makeup of any and every species—it was a technique that allowed us to survive for so long. I took down one mortuss and watched it rise again. He approached me each step daunting, each step, frightening. As he dragged the hammer behind himself, it was a large dark grey hammer one that looked threatening. I saw it before I heard it, the grinding of the metal against the tarmac of the city streets. I knew then and there—I was in trouble. As the pale skinned monster shone against the light of the blistering yellow sky, I saw he was ready to swing and to my sudden surprise I was too stunned to move. And because of this, I knew I wouldn’t be able to move in time, as I was certain beyond any reasonable doubt, that that metal he carried wasn’t of Earth.

As the hammer dropped behind him, with his taught muscles ready to strike me down. I watched in horror as a vampiere leapt through my vision, and had seen the vampiere’s teeth dig into the shattering skin of the mortuss that threatened to destroy me. The vampiere latched onto the neck of the mortuss before releasing. I heard the sound of its gargling scream before I noted its foaming mouth. I had perceived the sight of the large vampiere leaping from the mortuss almost as if it had stung it, not before long, I saw the vampiere clawing at its tongue desperate to remove the acid from its tongue. Blood pooled and squirted everywhere and I unexpectedly fear he’d bleed out. He trilled and I watched as the wound on the mortuss healed as did the vampiere. The mortuss and vampiere locked onto each other and within a heartbeat, they leapt towards each other as I remained glued to the sidelines, frozen in shock.

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