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Carmen is stuck in an abusive relationship and can't seem to escape and is starting to lose all hope. Until one night she meets a stranger who changes everything. Everyone fears him, he's fucking ruthless but when it comes to her he's different. Since the second he saw her he knew she would be his and he would be hers. He would do anything for her. ________________________________________________________ I'm awful at these little description things but please give my story a chance.

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Carmen Gervais-

19 years old


Carmen is more of an introvert. She prefers to spend her time alone. Sometime she can come off as rude but once you get to know her she’s the sweetest person. She speaks her mind and can be very direct. She’s also annoyingly stubborn.

Greyson Levine ( it’s pronounced leh-vine, not like Adam Levine)-

23 years old


Greyson is an underground fighter, he’s always loved getting into fights, they give him a release. Until he found another outlet, Carmen. He is very protective towards the people he loves and is willing to do anything for them.

Nathaniel Johnson-

25 years old


Nathaniel is one Greyson’s friends, they’ve been friends since kindergarten. Nathaniel is very protective over Grey and his other friends. He’s extremely loyal and would do anything for his loved ones.

Levi Smith-

21 years old


Levi is a very bubbly person, he’s very social and friendly and is determined to make other people happy. Though he is a very happy person he also has his challenges, he struggles with severe anxiety.

Jack Torell-

24 years old


Jack is freakishly tall. Jack is more reserved and likes to keep to himself, definitely the quiet one of the group. He isn’t really close to anyone in the group and no one really knows anything about his past.

Perseus Ayala-

25 years old


Perseus is the mother of the group, it’s simply in his nature to take care of others. Perseus is a doctor and tends to be the person that has to stitch his friends up after a fight.

Thank you for giving my story a chance!

This story does contain sensitive topics, such as abuse, sexual assault, murder, torture, and explicit sexual content.


There’s smut in this story and in case you don’t know what that is, it means sex. Tbh, if you don’t know what smut means, you’re probably to young for this book anyway.

All of the translations are from google translate, if any of them are incorrect please don’t be afraid to correct them.

I also keep mixing up the names in this story, I keep switching up the characters from this story and the characters from my other story. If you see that I fucked up any names please let me know, I keep wanting to call Carmen Melina. Melina is the main character in my other story.

PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS I ASK, at the end of a lot of chapters I ask questions, please answer them. A lot of them are asking your opinions, I ask because I use your responses and I take them into consideration.

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