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Lust and Love

By CryCrystal All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


A short novel about two characters, who are seemingly wrong for each other. But they fall in love anyway.


Carmela was sound asleep, when she was awoken by the sound of ringing. With her eyes still closed, Carmela reached her hand out to grab the phone. Instead, her hand hit the corner of her computer monitor.

Carmela surprised by the handful of monitor, opened her eyes, once they adjusted to the light she looked around and realized she was at work. She saw her cubicle, was surrounded by her co-worker’s cubicles, in the gray office she dreaded going into every day.

“Shoot” she said aloud to herself.

The phone was still ringing, Carmela picked it up and answered “Hello.”

“Hello, is this Carmela Deyonte?” The voice on the other line asked.

“Yes, this is, may I ask who is speaking?” Carmela returned.

“This is Angela from Nicole and Associates.” The caller identified herself.

“Oh hi, how are you?” Carmela answered.

She had previously gone to a job interview with Nicole and associates, and was hoping to get a job with them. As of right now she was working as an accountant for the government of Ottawa, while it offered her secure employment she was starting to get bored of it. Carmela was tired of living in the same place, going to the same office, and never faltering from her routine.

This job would be in a private office so she would get paid more, since the office was in Toronto she would have to move to a new city. So, she was excited and nervous to hear back from them.

“I am doing very well. and yourself?” Angela asked.

“I am doing well too.” Carmela responded.

“Well now that the pleasantries are over, the reason I called was to tell you that after a considerable amount of time deliberating, thinking, after weighing our options, and after considerable consideration.” Angela stopped to pause.

Carmela’s heart was racing, she needed to know if she got the job. Suddenly she felt as though she was on a reality show with Angela pausing for so long for dramatic effect. Soon she thought what if she feels bad giving her bad news and that is why she was not saying whether they had decided to hire her. She took a deep defeated breath in.

Angela continued “We want you to join our team here in Toronto.”

“Oh really, thank you so much” Carmela answered excitedly through her released breath.

“We know you have some loose ends to tie up so we won’t expect you for another two weeks, is that enough time for you to do everything you need to?” Angela asked.

“Oh yes, that is plenty of time, thank you again. Thank you so much.” Carmela responded.

“Your very welcome we look forward to seeing you. We will send you an e-mail further detailing the job and we will have an offer letter ready for you when you arrive. Have a good day.” Angela said.

“Thank you, you too.” With that Angela hung up the phone. Carmela stayed sitting there with the phone to her ea until the beeping eventually got to her and she hung the phone up.

Carmela could not wait until she could leave, and start her new career However she had to tie up the loose ends Angela was talking about. She had to resign from her current position, then she had to tell her parents that she was leaving, and she had to go through her apartment to decide what she would keep and what she would give away.

She was dreading telling her parents that she would be moving. She knew the distance from Toronto to Ottawa was not too bad, but she had always lived in very proximity to them, and she knew they would be sad to see her move so far away. Still, she felt better knowing that her little brother Roger Jr. was still in Ottawa, going to school for business.

First thing was first, she opened her letter of resignation, on her desktop that she had already drafted knowing that she would be leaving, and she printed it out. She folded it neatly and brought it to her boss’s office. She knocked on his door.

“Who is it?” He asked aggressively.

Carmela had always hated him, he had no patience, did not know how to deal with people, was rude, abrasive, and he was always unkind.

“It is Carmela.” She responded.

Carmela stood waiting for a response, when the door abruptly opened.

Standing in front of her, staring right at her he demanded to know “What do you want?”

Carmela was so happy to deliver her letter of resignation to him, especially now, but she knew the value of not burning bridges.

So, Carmela very politely stated “I just received a call from Nicole and associates, and they informed me that they were offering me a position within their organization. Although I have had a great experience working with you, and I have learnt a lot here, I feel as though I need to spread wings so I accepted the position. So, it is with a heavy heart that I am handing in my two-week resignation.”

Carmela handed him the letter she carefully wrote, and neatly folded.

He took it roughly from her then said “No need for two weeks’ notice, clear out your desk today. Fly away little bird.”

“Umm OK.” Carmela answered surprised, more surprised that she was surprised.

She went back to her desk and packed away all her things, said goodbye to her co-workers then drove home. She had begun felt to feel elated as she was driving home. Carmela decided she would go to Toronto earlier, because her boss had told her that her job was over she decided there was no need to drag it out. She packed her stuff, and rented a moving truck. She took her parents out for dinner along with her little brother to tell them the news, and to say goodbye. They were sad to see her move away, but were happy for her to advance in her career and start a new life.

The next day Carmela had the moving truck all packed up, when she started on her trip to Toronto. She said goodbye to her parents, brother, and friends who all came to her apartment to say goodbye. After she had hugged everybody she got in the truck and started to drive she kept an eye in the mirror looking back at all the people she loved waving good bye until they were out of sight.

In the Vancouver offices of GYR Financial Luke was sitting at his desk, when he got a page from his boss.

He answered the buzz “Yes Steve?”

“I need to see you in my office.” Steve demanded.

“Alright, just one second.” Luke hung up the phone.

He finished the task he was in the middle of when Steve had paged him, then went to Steve’s office.

The door was open it always was, Luke tapped lightly on the door. Steve looked up, he was on the phone, he gestured for Luke to go into his office. Once Luke was in the office Steve pointed to the chair for Luke to sit down. Luke sat down and waited patiently while Steve finished up his conversation with whoever he was on the phone with.

After about 10 minutes Steve finally hung up, Luke smiled at him.

“Wife.” Steve said to explain why he was on the phone for so long.

Luke chuckled “Oh”

“Anyway, Charles is retiring.” Steven stated.

“Oh really, wow.” Luke responded.

Luke was genuinely surprised he had only met Charles a few times but he always thought he would die at his desk. He had loved to work, he had lived to work.

“Yea he wants to retire to spend time with his family. His oldest just had his first grandchild.” Steve explained.

“Oh wow, so he wants to be with his family.” Luke reiterated trying to understand it, being so distant from his own it was hard for him to grasp.

“Yea, in his exact words ‘I do not have much time left, what little time I do have I want to spend with my family’. So now his job is vacant.” Steve said.

Luke raised an eyebrow surprised and answered “OK, I don’t get the family thing but if it is what he wants.”

Steve laughed “What? That is not why I called you in here. The point is that there is a vacancy for the CFO position, and we want you take it.”

“Oh! Really wow. Are you sure?” Luke responded confused in disbelief.

“Yea. You are well versed in our business, you are next in line as Financial Director, and you don’t care about your family which means you will be focused on just the work.” Steve responded.

“Flattering” Luke muttered.

“Of course, we would expect you to move to the head office in Toronto. It is a big decision so take all the time you need to decide whether you’ll take it.” Steve said.

“I don’t need any time I know now that I will take the promotion, and I presume salary increase.” Luke responded.

“Of course, we will have a plane ticket for Friday ready for you. You will resign as Financial Director and sign on as the new CFO. If you need anything brought over like furniture or clothes we will pay for those accommodations. As well there will be a hotel for you until you find your own place.” Steve told Luke.

“OK it all sounds good, I will just be bringing my clothes I can buy everything new when I get there.” Luke responded.

“OK it’s a done deal. Toronto can be a little overwhelming though, it is a busier city than ours here.” Steve said trying to prepare Luke for his move to the big city.

“Thanks, but my dad lives in Toronto, and I have been back and forth throughout my whole childhood.” Luke responded.

“OK then, you should be fine.” Steve responded.

“I hope so.” Luke said joking.

Luke got up shook Steve’s hand and went back to his office. He went through all his work finished it up. Before he left for home he got an e-mail telling him that they had already hired someone for his position and until week’s end he would be training him. ‘Great’ he thought to himself, he hated training people when he had plenty of time to do so, but to have to train someone and wrap up all he was doing in one week was going to be tortuous.

As he had expected the week training Zack was hell, but he had gotten through it and managed to wrap all his work up. He had to stay late into the night to do so, but it was worth it to feel that sense of accomplishment. Before he headed to the airport he called his mother and step-father to let them know that he was leaving for Toronto. Their conversation was brief, Luke was not one for talking or showing his emotions. He tended to get straight to the point which meant most of his conversations were short.

Luke took a cab to the airport, checked in, checked his luggage, then, was soon seated on the plane. As they lifted off the tarmac, he looked out the window as the city he spent most of his life in got smaller, and smaller, than vanished completely.

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