What's Right, For Both of Us

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Brandon is someone who is unsure of what he's looking for in life, but all that changes when he encounters Belle, a girl who is different from him in all possible definitions of the word. Brandon is a young man who has it all in life, everything from his education to his love life is going perfectly for him, but despite all that, he still thinks that there is something fundamental missing from his life. Not sure of what it is yet, all that changes one day when he comes across Belle, a girl who entrances him in their first meeting. This meeting will be an eye opener for both of them, and change their outlooks on life drastically.

Romance / Humor
Krian Strawhat Ikki
4.7 3 reviews
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Brandon is a young man who has everything in life going well for him. His education is going perfectly, his love life has been quite stable and perfect for a long time, and he has a best friend who he can trust with anything. But despite that, it doesn’t seem as if life hasn’t exactly finished having its way with him.

Belle is a young woman who, is fresh from her first relationship, and is intending to focus on what she really wants in life, along with having fun in her own way.

How will a meeting between these two change both their lives in ways they did not imagine?

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